Mondial - Day 3 of Competition

USA 4-way VFS

USA Formation Skydiving VFS 4-way our new World Champions - C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S


GK and Skydive-TV


USA Formation Skydiving 8-way our new World Champions - C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

 Formation Skydiving VFS : the final result at the end of 8 rounds was USA 168 points giving them an average of 21.00 per round.  Second was Canada with 151 points, average 18.88 and France in third place with 148 points, averaging 18.50.  The competition between the rest of the teams was also very tight with 3 points seperating 4 teams.

Formation Skydiving 8-Way : the final result at the end of 10 rounds was USA 215 points, average 23.89.  Second was France 179 points, average 19.89 and 3rd Russia with 171, average 19.00. 



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D a y  3 - 14 September 2016 

20.45  A Golden Day today - a New World Record in Speed and the USA collect Gold in the Formation Skydiving 4-Way VFS and 8-Way

19.30 The results are coming in fast now.  Speed Skydiving has completed its 6th Round and made the cut for the Semi-Final round of the top 10 competitors.  None of the USA competitors have made it - it is an all  European final with Henrik Raimer (SWE) in first position, Marco Wiederkehr (SUI) in second and Charles Hurd (GB) third.

Canopy Formations 4-Way Sequential has completed their 2nd round and Qatar and France both turned the same number as their first round, i.e. 12 each.  Russia improved on their first round 9 by 1 point in third place.

Artistic Events have also done one more round of Freestyle, so have made the cut at the end of the 5th round with the top 8 going forward to the semi-final.  Currently France 2 and 1 and in first and second place with the USA in third.  Slovakia is still close behind in 4th.  Great Britain 2, Canada, USA 2 and both Australian treams have not made the cut.

Meanwhile our classic events are producing interesting results.  Senior Male Accuracy at the end of 4 rounds have 5 competitors tying for first place on 2 cms.

Stefan Wiesner (GER), Giuseppe Trisold (ITA), Bin Ge (CHN), Matej Bechan (SLO) and Uros Ban (SLO). 

Freefall Style  has also completed 3 rounds :  Senior Male 1st Elischa Webber (GER), 2nd Demitrii Maksimov (RUS) and 3rd Jiri Gecnuk (CZE)

Junior Male 1st Honglin Jin (CHN), 2nd Yanan He (CHN) and 3rd Anton Nikitsivk (BLR) : 

However, Senior and Junior Female Freefall Style has only completed 2 rounds - Senior, 1st Olga Lepezina (RUS), 2nd Olga Kravchenko (RUS) and 3rd Qiuili Han (CHN) and Junior, 1st  Leocadie Ollivier De Pury (FRA) 2nd Ling Zhang (CHN) and 3rd Tiantian Zhao (CHN). 

19.00  Canopy Formation 2-way Sequential Round 6 has finally been completed and France 1 has consolidated their lead over their compatriots by a total of 32 points, with Russia in 3rd place 8 points behind.

Formation Skydiving 8-Way have completed Round 9 with USA on track for their 2nd Gold of this Mondial with 215 points, France in second place with 179 points and 3rd place going to Russia on 171 points.

Formation Skydiving 4-Way Female where we have a repeat of the battle at the last world meet for the 1st position between the USA and France.  At the end of round 7 USA is one point ahead of France with Great Britain in third and Canada 4th.

17.00  The last jumps from Round 8 Formation Skydiving VFS are being judged at the moment, and the Canopy Formation 2-Way Sequential rejumps from Round 5 are being downloaded at the dubbing station.  That will then complete Round 5: Sweden 1 then have to make their re-jump for Round 6 and that will complete Round 6 as well.

Round 5 of Male Accuracy has completed and they have finished for the day.

dubbing station

15.00   Female Style has been called and the Meet Director tells us he intends to go with the last load of Formation Skydiving VFS then 8-Way to complete those disciplines and also Artistic Events Freestyle.  Those disciplines are his priority because when they are complete he will no longer have competitors competing in two events.  The weather is improving all the time.

13.00  Aircraft are back in the air and Male Accuracy continues with Round 3 and the skies promise of  clearer weather to come.  Bigger bits of blue.

The Artistic events have worked hard this morning and we now have the results of Freeflying to Round 5 and the cut.  So the top 8 teams go onto round 6.  Russia 1 is 1.1 points ahead of France 2 with France 1 0.2 of a point behind. The competition is over for Italy, Russia 2, Australia 1 and 2, USA 2, Germany and Austria.

Freestyle has completed 4 rounds and France 2 has a 3.4 point lead over France 1 with USA 1 only 0.5 of a point ahead of Slovakia.

Games PhonePingPong 1
Competitors kill time As do Judges

11.20  Low clouds are back, so everything is 'ON HOLD' for the time being.    Round 2 Male Accuracy is complete and Round 3 was almost complete before the weather closed in.  The Girls have yet to jump Accuracy, this morning they were on hold for Female Style which is why the were not called for Accuracy.  Some of the girls who are only doing Accuracy have yet to jump in this Mondial.

Yesterday the decision had been made to move to another Landing area, close to the DZ for Style - to free up airspace for the other disciplines.

4-way Female GB

Great Britain 4-Way Female Team over the DZ

10.00  We still have cloud, but no wind, so the Accuracy is back underway to complete Round 2.

Last night at the end of Round 7 Formation Skydiving VFS had the USA with a commanding lead going into the last round with 146 total points, Canada second on 133, 3 points ahead of France on 130.  The aircraft took off with the teams for the last round, but after 4 had jumped it was too dark and the aircraft was brought down without completing the round.  That is scheduled for later this morning.  The top three teams were judged and the positions remained the same - once the total round is jumped and judged we will be able to declare the World Champions.  At the end of the round, the USA team had 168 points, Canada 151 and France 148.


The Swedish delegation have reason to celebrate this morning - their Speed Skydiver competitor, Henrik Raimer is the new World Champion having broken Marco Wiederkehr's existing record in his Round 5 jump with a speed of 601.26 km/h.  CONGRATULATIONS to our SECOND WORLD RECORD at this Mondial 2016 in Chicago.

9.00  The full story on the Speed Skydiving record breaking round is interesting.  Marco Wiederkher - until then the existing World Record holder with a run of 533.02 beat his own record with a run of 538.94 to be overtaken by Henrik with his run of 601.26 - do we now have a 600 club I ask the Speed Skydivers? Yes, of course is the answer.  Arnold, Chief Judge said he always thought it was possible.

Henrik Raimer - res skydive-tv
Henrik Raimer - World Record Holder - Speed Skydiving Arnold Hohenegger, CJ Speed Skydiving, Henrik, Beau Riebe, Skydive-TV

We have an exciting day ahead of us - hopefully the clouds will disperse as forecast and the sun will appear.  Meanwile the judges are catching up with Canopy Formations 2-way sequential as they have two rounds in the can to judge.  You can watch the judging live on skydive-tv if you want.  Henrik is being interviewed by Skydive-TV on their live morning show at 9.00 am (CDT)

Yesterday evening there were two protests received by the Jury from both Qatar Canopy Formation 2-Way and 4-Way sequential and USA Canopy Formation 2-Way and 4-Way Sequential, both the protests and the Jury's response are posted on the above links.