Mondial - Day 6 of Competition

Yet another World Record - Female Style, Russia, Olga Lepezina

The lowest score over 5 rounds = 36.00 total

Olga Lepezina - Style World Record


Qatar collect their first Parachuting Gold Medal ever and 2 World Records




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D a y  6 - 17 September 2016 

18.00 hrs.  Finished for the day - another early start tomorrow morning.  First call 6.15.

17.30 hrs:  Those Female Accuracy competitors who have jumped their Round 6 are released for the day, but China and Russia and the male and female junior teams are still here on Stand By. 


16.00 hrs:  It's just been announced that Male Accuracy competitors are released for the day, so now it's the females who have to sit around admiring the rise and fall of the windsock! 


12.30 hrs:  With the completion of Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events, Canopy Formation, Speed and Freefall Style, there is only Accuracy Landing to finish before the Championships draw to a close, but the winds continue to interfere with the completion of Round 6. We remain on a weather hold for the time being. 

Cheryl Stearns CherylBob
Cheryl describing a 'hop 'n pop' from 15,000' Cheryl with Bob King (UK Style & Accuracy Judge)

In the world of accuracy there is one female competitor who has excelled in the sport for in excess of 40 years, continuing to compete in Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing at all levels of competition. Over that period of time Cheryl Stearns has achieved some remarkable milestones, for example:

  • She was twice Women's Overall World Champion in Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing in 1978 and 1994.
  • A total of 30 world records in parachuting.  At one time she held four different world records simultaneously: a feat no other parachutist, man or woman, has matched. 
  • The first female member of the US Army's elite parachuting team, The Golden Knights

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg and she remains the most successful competitive skydiver in the world, having amassed in excesss of 20,450 skydives! Oh and as a professional pilot she has over 20,000 hours of flying time too!



7.00  Female Accuracy boarding for Round 6 but by 7.45 we are on a weather hold.  Yesterday evening we had the second Prize Giving ceremony.

Watching the video

Before each Medal presentation a video of the best performance by each individual or team (except for Speed) was shown.  Here Canopy Formation 4-way Sequential, the Bronze and Silver medal winners join the audience in watching Qatar's World Record breaking jump.  Skydive-tv broadcast the total ceremony live over their Facebook page, at the same time as recording for their broadcast.

Mace-Trophy presentationWe also had the Ceremony for Speed Skydiving last night where our new World Record Holder not only received his Gold Medal, but also is the first recipient of the Tim Mace award, which was presented by his widow Gerda-Maria Klostermann-Mace

There is a story going around the Drop Zone of The German and UK Formation Skydiving 8-way teams. Following a manifest call to the same aircraft, the Germans asked the UK if they wanted to exit first, which they accepted, only for The German Team to add:

" We always wanted to watch BREXIT"