Mondial - Day 7 of Competition

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S  to all today's  Champions


Womens Senior Gold 

Nataliya NIKITSIUK, Belarus


Sebastian Graser Austria Gold Junior 

Sebastian GRASER, Austria


Uros Ban

Uros BAN, Slovenia

 2nd World Champions today : FEMALE JUNIOR ACCURACY LANDING

Qiuli HAN

Qiuli Han, China

 1 st World Champions today :  CHINA FEMALE ACCURACY TEAM LANDING

China Female Team Accuracy - Gold

Binchuan Gao - Qiuli Han - Yufeng He - Yangmei Zhang - Tiantian Zhao





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D a y  7 - 18 September 2016 

Accuracy pit

Beautiful morning for Accuracy until 15.15

Waving off

Wave-off for winds over the limits

19.00  We still have a tie-break for the third place in Male Accuracy Landing, all the other disciplines are finalised.  Now the light is against us, so the tie break will have to take place tomorrow between the two competitors.

18.30  It is a fight to the end, we have three more tie-breaker jumps for both Junior Male Accuracy (3), and for the Female Accuracy (2) and Male Accuracy (3).

17.00  On completion of the 10th Round in Senior Female Accuracy and Junior Male Accuracy we have two tie breaks for 1st position : 3 on 14 cm - Sebastian GRASER, Austria, Anton NIKITSIUK, Belarus and Yanan HE, China and in the Senior Female Accuracy we have a tie break for 3rd place Maja SAJOVIC, Slovenia and Liubov EKSHIKEEVA, Russia.

However we do have a result for Female Junior Accuracy and China has its second World Champion of this competition with Qiuli HAN, China   C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

None of these results are Official until signed off by the Chief Judge and the 2 hours Protest time has passed.

Meanwile the organisation has brought forward the Banquet that had been planned for Tuesday to this evening - but already they have had to put it back by 1 hour whilst the Accuracy completes.  They are also hoping to be able to declare the Competion finished and award the final medals.

15.15   With 11 competitors left to complete Round 9 in the Male Accuracy event a sudden and vicious "dust devil" came through.  The five competitors in the air at the time have been awarded rejumps and the aircraft landed with the other competitors on board.  By 15.45 the conditions were back to good accuracy weather!

14.30  Junior Female Accuracy is really exciting - at the end of round 9 we have Darja SHASTAKOVICH, Belarus and Tiantian ZHAO, China still tied on total 13 cm but Leocadie OLLIVIER DE PURY, France scored a dead centre 0 and is now tied again in third place with Ling ZHANG of China on total 19 cm.

Junior Male Accuracy is equally exciting, as Sebastian GRASER, Austria continues to hold his 1st place position with 11cms,  but close on his heels are Anton NIKITSIUK, Belarus and his colleague Anton KUZMENKA with 12 and 13 cms respectively, with just one round to go!

The results for round 9 Female Accuracy have just arrived: Qiuli HAN, China  obviously can stand the pressure, as she scored a dead centre 0 leaving her total at 8cms, Nataliya NIKITSIUK, Belarus on 10 cm and there is still a tie for third between Maja SAJOVIC, Slovenia and Liubov EKSHIKEEVA, Russia on 11 cms.

12.00hrs:  Junior Female Accuracy has also completed Round 8 and we still have a tie for first place between Darja Shastakovi of Belarus and Tiantian Zhao of China with 12 cms total.  Ling Zhang is on 17 cms total and Leocadie Ollivier de Pury scored 7 cm dropping her into 4th position with 19 cm total.   Also the Junior Male Accuracy having completed Round 8 has been cut to 10 competitors for the semi-final round.   Sebastian Graser, Austria and Anton Nikitsiuk, Belarus still tie in first position, both on 10cm total.  Yanan He, China is tied in third position with Pavol Urban of Slovakia on 12 cm.  Anton Kuzmenka is behind them with a 13 cm total.  A nervious 9th round for our six top juniors.


11.30hrs:  Female Accuracy Round 8 is now complete.  Their Team event is over.  China are in first place with a total of 41 cm : Russia in second 54 cm total and Belarusthird 66 cm total.  After the Chief Judge has confirmed the scores they will take the Individual scores and the top 25% (minimum 10) will go through to the 9th (Semi-final) round.  11 competitors go through to Round 9 and the top 5 placings are really close.  Qiuli Han (China) is still in first place, but her score of 3 cms in round 9 gives her only a 1 cm lead over Nataliya Nikitsiuk of Belarus on 9 cm total, 1 cm ahead of Liubov Ekshikeev of Russia on 10cm - but behind them sits Maja Sajovic, Slovenia and Anna Bokavaya, Belarus both with 11 cm.


10.30 hrs:  We now have the results for Round 7 Male Accuracy Team;  Solvenia hold on to their lead with a total for the round of 0.2 cm = 20 cm total.  Russia remain in second place with 4 cm = total 26; Belarus remain in third position with 5 cm = 28   One more round to go.

09.20hrs: The weather is behaving itself for the accuracy jumpers, so at the end of Round 7 in Female Junior Accuracy the same girls as in Round 6 remain tied in first place, each having scored 1cm in this round, bringing their totals to 12cms. The Male Junior Accuracy boys have also completed Round 7 and Anton Nikitsiuk (BLR) holds onto his 1st place with 8cms, whilst Sebastian Graser (AUT) and Anton Kuzmenka (BLR) are now jointly tied in 2nd place, just 2cms behind. In Female Team Accuracy in Round 7 we have China in 1st place with a total of 35cms, followed by Russia (50cms) and Belaraus (62cms) in 3rd place with just one round left to jump. In the Female Senior Accuracy China's Qiuli Han holds onto 1st place with 5cms, with 2nd and 3rd positions being held by Nataliya Nikitsiuk of Belarus and Liubov Ekshikeev of Russia.

07.45hrs:   At the end of Round 6 the Male Junior Accuracy positions are Anton Nikitsiuk, Belarus, first with 7 cms, Anton Kuzmenka, Belarus, 9 cms and Sebastian Graser, Austria in third on 10 cms.  Female Junior Accuracy has a three way tie for first place:  Darja Shastakovi, Belarus : Tiantian Zhao, China : Leocadie Ollivier de Pury, France all with 11 cms.   For the Female Senior Team event with have China on 28 cms total, Russia with 43 cms total and Belarus with 56 cms total.

07.00hrs:   A beautiful Accuracy morning.  Blue skies, no clouds, little wind, already we have completed Round 6 of Female Accuracy.  Team Accuracy is completed at Round 8, we then move into the Semi-Final and Final of the Individual after the cut is made.  There is a real change in atmosphere on the drop zone and hangar as all the emphasis moves to the Pit.