Mondial - Competition End


So where are the FAI flags?

Yesterday afternoon we had the presentation of the Accuracy Medal Winners and the Combined events.  Follow the full details on the Presentation page.

All the raw videos judged at this Mondial will be posted on the IPC Youtube channel over the next few days - all Canopy Formation are up now - Formation Skydiving are on their way.  We will also be loading all the Artistic Event jumps and for the first time, Style.  Visit Youtube.com and then IPCwcresultsvideos.



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D a y  9 - 20 September 2016 

These were followed by the presentation of the Patrick de Gayardon Trophy, created in 2003 by France in memory of Patrick de Gayardon and his influence on the progression of our sport.  This trophy is presented at each Mondial to the Nation which gains the most points for the medals won during the whole of the Mondial.  France with 50 points in total (Gold=6, Silver=4, Bronze=2), won for the third time in a row.Patrick de Gayardon trophy

Before formally closing the Mondial, Dr. Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle, IPC Presedent, spoke about the tradition of the FUN flag, which appears and disappears during world meets to reappear at the next; but the two FAI flags at this competition have disappeared without appearing again.  He appealed to whoever had taken them to leave them behind at the centre, as it was he is unable to formally hand on the flag to the next host of the next First Category Event, Poland where the World Indoor Skydiving Championships start on 11th October in Warsaw.

He thanked Rook Nelson of Skydive Chicargo and all his staff for the work they had done in making the Mondial a success, and formally declared it over.

This Mondial will be remembered for lots of good reasons - certainly for the number of records that have been set - in total 5 World Records, 4 Continental Records and countless National Records in all Disciplines.

It will also be remembered for the superb work of the Meet Director Bill Wenger, in completing all disciplines and making the best use of the good weather whenever he could, organising the move back from Cushing Field and absorbing those disciplines at Skydive Chicago and then arranging for the new Style drop zone to fee airspace for other disciplines. 

We will remember the Opening Ceremony with all the athletes from the 38 countries taking part, marching behind their national flags in front of a packed stand before the flags of the host nation USA, the host Drop Zone, Skydive Chicago and the FAI flag were flown into the arena - followed by the aircraft flypast.

We will certainly remember the excellent medal presentation ceremonies conducted in the meal tent with lights music and Beau Rieve of Skydive-tv as our Master of Ceremonies.  Not to forget the final banquet and the subsequent firework explosive display and the Mondial sign going up in flames - fantistic finale.

For us, Fay Kimble and myself as Webmaster, we would like to give a huge thank you to OmniSkoreHD, Ted and Roy Wagner and Arnold Hohenegger for providing us with all the results electronically directly to www.ipc-wcresults.org.uk enabling us to bring you the results as they happened (we did have a few problems at the beginning - but everyone worked to resolve them).  In that thanks I include all the Event Chief Judges, Marylou Loughlin, Assistant to the Chief Judges and Gillian Rainer, FAI Executive Officer and FAI Controller, for working with us as well to ensure we could provide the information needed for this Web page.  And last, but not least Sammy, Iva and Beau of Skydive-tv for their hard work to maximise the presentation and exposure and working with us as Media Partners bringing the Mondial to the world.

We will be publishing the number of "hits" they received in the final final page.

All the Presentations of Medals will be given in a page dedicated to each Discipline and their World Championship.

Thank you to all the photographers who so generously donated their pictures to help with the compilation of these articles - including Randy Connel for this gorgous sunset - another wonderful memory from Mondial 2016

Mondial Sunset

 Goodbye Chicago - T H A N K   Y O U