Mondial - Final bits

End Mondial

The Party is Over

The majority of competitors, officials, judges, supporters and friends who travelled to Skydive Chicago for this magnificent event are back in their home countries by now reflecting on an amazing 10 days of intense competition.



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Goodbye Skydive Chicargo



I will attempt to highlight below some of the major results from this combination of World Championships:


5 New World Records were achieved - which also become Continental Records (if applied for) in addition we have 3 further Continental records that I know of and at least 16 National Records (each country has its own 'rules' for National Records) that I have been informed about.  Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all our record breakers.

Both the World and Continental Records are awaiting ratification by the FAI.  It is hoped that the new procedure set up by IPC Bureau earlier this year with regard to Competition World Records will speed this process.  (See IBD 2016/4)

Discipline Event Round Country Record
Canopy Formation 4-Way Rotations 1 France 23 points
Speed Henrik Raimer 5 Sweden 601 k/h
Canopy Formation 4-Way Sequential 6 Qatar 15 points
Canopy Formation 4-Way Sequential 8 Qatar 16 points

Freefall Style and Accuracy


Female Style 1-5 Russia

lowest score

over 5 rounds

36.00 total



Patrick de Gayardon Trophy

PdeG Trophy

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total Points


3 6 4 50


3 4 1 36


2 1 6 28






Belarus 1 1 2 14
Germany 2  8


1 1 8


1  6


1 6
Czech Republic 1 6
Slovenia 1 6


1 6
Canada 1 4
Great Britain 2 4
Switzerland 1 4


1 2
Total 18 18 18 216


"All disciplines included in the Mondial are taken into consideration, except that medals won for Overall Results (Style and Accuracy and Canopy Piloting) and Team results (Accuracy) receive no points.     Gold=6, Silver=4, Bronze=2"  IPC Internal Regulations

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Medal Winners and their Nations - and to those who did not win medals, CONGRATULATIONS on being there, competing and making this possible.

CONGRATULATIONS to those athletes from countries, either new to an FCE or have been away from the family for some time - WELCOME we look forward to meeting you again.



Gold Coast

The IPC Plenary meeting, taking place in Faro, Portugal, 28-29 January 2017 will decide the venue for the next World Championships in Formations Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Artistic Events and Speed, 2018, between Australia and Russia.  Their full bids will be available in the Agenda, the publication of which will be announced on this Web site.    For Frefall Style and Accuracy Landing the 2018 World Championships will be in Montana, Bulgaria 18-25 August.  Of course the World Cups and European Championships in these events will happen in Saarlouis, Germany 7-12 August 2017 with the  Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing taking place in Podgorica, Montenegro 24-31 August 2017.

A visit during the Mondial to the Australian tent  left no doubt of their enthusiasm to be the venue of choice for 2018.  Russia was a little more circumspect.


Each delegation page from the list of A-Z Delegation has an additional page of photographs of that delegation taken during the competition.  I apolgise if yours is not there, it was difficult to capture everyone, if you have some and want them to be added just let me know.

Following the Banquet on Sunday evening, the organiser had arranged an amazing fire-work display and Skydive-TV have put together a supurb video of this and the various Prize Giving presentations held during the Mondial.  These are positioned at the foot of this page.  Compulsory viewing.

Finally all the videos used to judge this Mondial, Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Artistic Events and Style are available on the IPC YouTube Channel :  ipcwcresultsvideos - do visit and watch.

Coming Soon - the next report will be from the 2nd FIA World Cup of Indoor Skydiving at Warsaw, Poland, 11-16 October.