Sixty-six athletes from three air sports to take part in The World Games 2017, 20-23 July

Athletes TWG17Sixty-six international air sports athletes will compete in three different air sports at the World Games in Poland. Parachuting Canopy Piloting, Glider Aerobatics and Paramotoring will all feature over four days from 20-23 July 2017.


Calling Wingsuit competitors, their NAC's and Delegates

aircraft and_team

It you are planning, thinking about, or hoping to compete at this year's Wingsuit Flying World Cup in Nevada, then now is the time to pre-register - IT DOES NOT COST ANYTHING AT THIS STAGE, but ensures the event and helps the organiser.

The following quote is from the Chair of the Wingsuit Flying Committee - John Smyth

" Please all pre register NOW on the IPC web site  AND confirm as you indicated to me in your E Mails re "intention to participate" under SC5.     No money is required now  BUT if we do not have confirmation of  pre registration this WC is in jeopardy."

The deadline is 31st July - but it does not have to go to the wire!

2017 CF Web Challenge - Launch


Calling all the Canopy Formation (CReW) jumpers out there - today we launch the 2017 Canopy Formation Web Challenge - this is for you!

Full details about the Challenge, how to enter, the draw and judging panel are on the following pages:

Good jumping and good luck to everyone.

2017 CF Web Challenge



The NEW 2017 Web Challenge

Canopy Formation Competitors – This is for you


This International Competition is open to all Canopy Formation competitors/teams who wish to enter 

2-Way Sequential : 4-Way Sequential : 4-Way Rotation : 8-Way Speed


Imagine, a competition with no negatives – here it is:

  • No need to travel away from you home Drop Zone
  • No entry fees
  • No time pressure – 3 months to make 3 competition jumps
  • No 'one off' jump – make as many as you wish and submit the best

The 2017 CF Web Challenge is an International Competition in the above Canopy Formation disciplines.

The Rules are available on this web site : Link here - 2 & 4 Way Sequential and 4 Way Rotations and 8-Way

The competition is run over three months from 15 July 2017 – 10 October 2017.

Practice in your own time on your own drop zone and submit the best video of each round to the Judges for evaluation.

Nothing could be simpler – what is stopping you?

If something is, then let us know – our dream is to have as many competitors as there are in the world taking part in this simple yet challenging competition.



2-way 8-way 2 

2017 CF Web Challenge - Introduction


The CF Web Challenge is designed so that interested teams of competitors and a camera flyer can perform a series of formations (or rotations) as in competition.

The formations in the 2 & 4  Way Sequential and 8-Way Speed events have been drawn by the Challenge Organisers and are published on this site.

The competition consists of three rounds, each of which may be practiced as often as desired and the best performance, in the opinion of the team, uploaded for evaluation by the judges. before the end of the 3 month competition window.

The evaluation will be done by the appointed panel of FAI International Judges:

Judging Panel
Bernard Nicolas France Chief Judge
Pia Berggren Sweden
Rina Gallo Canada
Natasha Higman U.K.
Percy Kristersson Sweden
Julia Sotnikova Russia


2017 CF Web Challenge - Entry

2017 CF Web Challenge

How to register & enter:

To register for the competition please complete the Entry Form, which is available on this link CF Web Challenge Entry Form then forward to:


  • Team Name
  • Country
  • Event
  • Team Members:  Family Name - First Name - Canopy Colour(s)
  • Indicate Team Captain with contact email address, Videographer, Alternate


Once your video is ready - please use WeTransfer to send it to the above e-mail address for judging.  Your entry will be acknowledged and you will be notified of the score for your team.


Good luck and Blue Skies!

2017 CF Web Challenge - Draw

CF2008 3


2 - Way

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3





4-WAY 2



Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
2 N A
12 10 14


8 vitesse


8 - way

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
 B  A  D

2017 CF Web Challenge - About the Judges

Bernard copy



Bernard Nicolas


I joined the world of skydiving nearly 33 years ago.   First as a simple skydiver, then as a competitor and now more than 20 years as a national judge and FAI judge, in multi disciplines.

I had to stop jumping. I then decided to lend my support to the development of our sport. To do this I spent several qualifications of FAI judge. I attended several World Cups, World Championships, Mondial of skydiving as a judge or event judge and chief judge. Specialising in Canopy Formation, I participated in the first edition of the CF Web Challenge and I'm very involved in the renewal of this project again. 

I hope that the discipline of canopy formation can continue its development and am very happy to be able to judge 8-Way Sequential.

I wish good luck to the CF Web Challenge.



 Pia Berggren_SWE

 Pia Berggren

I started to judge in 1989.

My first rating was FS. In 1999 I received my FAI IPC Judge rating in CF. I’ve served as a Principal Judge, Event Judge and Chief Judge.

I enjoy judging, the excitement at competitions and the people and friendships.

It is fantastic to follow developments in our sports, the skilled participants and their amazing achievements.


 Rina Gallo2

 Rina Gallo


I began skydiving in 1987. I enjoy all aspects of skydiving and find fascination in all disciplines as each one is so unique. My enjoyment of the sport led me to judging and I began my judging career in 1995 as a provincial and national judge in my home country of Canada and attended my first international event as an FAI Judge in 1999 in Corowa, Australia. 

Since then, I have attended numerous World Cups and World Championships in the capacity of either a Panel Judge, Event Judge, or Chief Judge. I am FAI rated in all disciplines except for AE.

I am looking forward to this Web Challenge as I believe the non-traditional format will encourage more CF jumpers to participate. I am also hoping that CF jumpers who have never experienced 8-way speed will opt to try it and enjoy the challenge of it.



 Natasha (Tash) Higman

I started jumping 20 years ago and initially focussed on Big-Way Formation Skydiving.  In 2007 I started to learn CF and started competing in 2-way in 2008.  While living away from a CF dropzone, I started to train as a judge keeping up with the CF competitive scene.  I have British and American National judge ratings, am an FAI judge in Canopy Formation and still compete in 2-way CF in the UK. 

Although I am unlikely to compete as GB1 or GB2 at a World Championship for a long time, I am pleased to have been able to judge at the Mondial last year and will be judging at the World Cup in Germany this year as well as the Web Challenge throughout the summer. 

The Web Challenge is exciting for competitors at my level, providing the opportunity to have performances judged by a panel of FAI judges alongside the National Champions.


 Min bild_130525

 Percy Kristersson


I started jumping in 1982 and still do it. In 1985 I did my first but not last CReW jump. 1990 I visited the WPC in CReW at Chang Mai Thailand. 1997 I was in the swedish CReW team C4 and won the Finish nationals in rotation. In 1998 I did a training judge course in Eloy, USA and left as a FAI judge in CF ( the new name for CReW ) and have been to every WPC, WC and Mondial in CF since then. I’m also a proud member of the World Record CF team since 2003.

Looking forward to the CF Web Challenge again and wish all the teams good luck and clear air.



 Julia Sotnikova


I started judging CF at the Russian Nationals back in 2003, and got my first FAI judging rating in CF in 2006 during the Mondial in Stupino, Russia, from Barry McAuley. Later on I also received FAI judges ratings in FS and CP, but CF as the true love “never fades”.

I’ve been judging CF at numerous National and 1st category events as a panel judge and event judge, and am thrilled and honoured to be the CF Chief Judge at the World Cup in Saarlois in August this year.

I was a judge at the first Web Challenge and I am happy to have been selected for the re-launched Web Challenge this year. I believe it to be a wonderful opportunity for the teams and judges to develop our sport further, give young teams a spirit of a real first-class competition and increase a number of CF events during the year.

Don't miss this deadline! 20th July 2017

montenegro 2017

Bulletin 2  :  List of pre-registration entries - Annex 1 : Official Registration and Hotel Room Share Application - Annex 2

All now available on this web-site - just follow the link

Registration deadline is 20th July 2017



Breaking News - FCEs in Saarlouis, August 2017

SaarlouisThe organiser has now issued an annex to Bulletin 2 (Link Here).

This shows a very healthy provisional participation committments from  23 nations representing a total of 411 competitors.

FS with 30 4-way, 6 Female 4-way, 6 VFS and 7 8-way

AE has 8 freefly teams and 12 Freestyle

CF 7 2-way teams

and Speed 27 competitors.

Although, as you would expect, the majority of NACs are European, there are 4 from other parts of the world - making a competition covering 4 continents!

Looking forward with pleasure and excitement to a stunning world meet - both World Cups and European Championships.

See you in Saarlouis!

6th FAI Junior & 9th FAI EC in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing in Podgorica, MNE, 2017 - Bulletin 1 CHANGES

montenegro 2017


Futher errors were found in the e-mail addresses as posted in the Bulletin 1 on this website.

These have now been corrected again - please follow this link

They are also given here:


 The Preliminary Registration Form must be submitted to the Organizing Committee before 20th June 2017.     registration.ECP@yahoo.com

 The Final Registration Form and Document must be submitted to the Organizing Committee before 20th July 2017. info.ECP@yahoo.com

 The Room sharing plan and arrival details must be submitted to the  Organizing Committee before 20th July 2017. org.ECP@yahoo.com

 Note 1: For registration please use the files available for download  from the Website:  registration.ECP@yahoo.com or here and send them to us in the same format