1st World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships & 1st World Cup in Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying - Z'Hills, Florida, 3-9 Nov. 2016 Delegation List

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Zephyrhills, Florida, USA

Performance 3 - 9 November 2016

Acrobatic 7 - 9 November 2016

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 Australia Canada
 Cyprus   Performance Flying  Denmark   Performance Flying
 Cyprus  Denmark

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Acrobatic Flying

 Germany    Performance Flying
Finland  Germany
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 India flag   Performance Flying
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 Italy Moldovia
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 Monaco  Netherlands
 New Zealand   Performance Flying  Norway   Performance Flying
 New Zealand Norway

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 Singapore   Performance Flying
Russia  Singapore
 Slovenia   Performance Flying  South Africa

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 Slovenia  South Aftica

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 Switzerland  USA

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1st World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships - Registration and Countdown

Jackie Scorpion-articleAs Wingsuit performance flyers start to arrive at Zephyrhills all is ready for the 1st FAI World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships to start.  This link will take you to the latest Registration picture, although this is subject to change up until the competition is declared open at the opening ceremony to take place on 3rd November 2016.

Currently there are 23 Nations registered for the Wingsuit Flying FCE's - 1 solely for the World Cup in Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying due to start on the 7th November + 5 other nations entering both events - in short 22 entries for the 1st World WPF Champiionships and 6 for the World Cup in WAF - 7 teams in all (but this may change).

That gives us a total of 63 competitors in Wingsuit Performance Flying from all 5 Continents and we welcome both Moldovia and Iran who are represented for the first time at a 21st Century FCE.  Also it is great to see competiors from both Singapore and India for the second FCE this year.  I will try and establish who has travelled the furtherest to attend this historic event in IPC's callender of amazing events this year.

Espen Fadnes from Norway is registered, hoping to repeat his Gold Medal performance of last year and become the first World Champion in Wingsuit Performance Flying, but as both silver and bronze medalists from 2015 are also here we are set for a great competition.

You can follow the results as they happen - keep up with the news with Skydive-tv - I will be reporting on this web-page and also posting regularly on the IPC Facebook page - and the organiser's web site is also available.wingsuit FCE

WCIS - 2016, Awards and Prize Giving




 Marcin Kwiatosz, Secretary General of Aeroklub Polski

started the proceedings by thanking the host, organiser and all competitiors for such an outstanding competition.  He said he was proud to attend the first FCE Parachuting event ever hosted in Poland and congratulated all.


WCIS - 2016, Day 4


Saturday 15th October

07.59hrs:  Here we are on Day 4 which is the final day of the World Cup, when the podium places will be decided. For most teams it is still a nail biting competition and whilst we wait for the tunnel start up, the Junior 4-Way teams are lining up to take their turn. Of course, a clean tunnel is an efficient one, so the staff were busy first thing cleaning every nook and cranny.


WCIS - 2016, Day 3


Friday 14th October

Yesterday afternoon we were treated to some great flying from the Dynamic 2-Way teams and by the end of the day were able to complete all three qualifying rounds. Here's a shot of some of the Dynamic Judges - clearly deep in discussion! As we've seen, the audience is a great barometer of performance and their enthusiasm is contagious. The addition of the free round added another measure to the already exciting flying.


WCIS - 2016, Jury Notices

These links will take you to the Jury Notices issued at this FCE.


Jury Notice 1

Jury Notice 2

WCIS - 2016, Day 2

RSA 1st-comps


Thursday 13 October

08.05hrs: We're up and running!  The competition started dead on 08.00hrs - with the Republic of South Africa's 4-Way team 'Jazz Republic' first into the tunnel (pic above!).


WCIS - 2016, Formation Skydiving Draws

Event Rd.  Draw Event Rd. Draw
4-Way Open & Female 1 15 - 11 - 6 4-Way Junior 1 6 - 22
2  7 - 2 - A 2  21 - P - B
3  J - B - 18 -5 3  4 - 20
4  E - 19 - Q - 3 4  14 - M - N
5  8 - P -21 5  K - 15 - C
6  12 - L- O -C 6  19 - L - 7
7  G -20 -F -16 7  O - 2 - H
8  10 - D - 22 8  J - A - 18
9  N - 9 - K - 4 JO  9 - E - Q
10 14 - M - 17
JO  H - E - P -17

VFS 1 13 - 14 - 7
2 A - B - 8 - M
3 L - 11 - G - F
4 1 - K - H -17
5 10 - 4 - 15
6 12 - 3 - 6
7 16 - E - I - N
8 D -C - 9 - 5
JO J - 2 - 5