4th EC in CP & 8th WC of CP - Germsn Team Pictures

Germany - Tobias Koch Germany - Markus Scheuermann
Tobias Koch Markus Scheuermann
Germany - Max Kossidowski
Max Kossidowski

4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Day 3

Friday, 28th August 2015

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8th European and 5th Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships: Final Day



Their smiles reflect the entire Championships!


4th EC in CP & 8th WC of CP - Franch Team Pictures

France - Cedric Veiga Rios France - Guillaume Bernier
Cedric Veiga Rios Guillaume Bernier
France - Julien Guiho
Julien Guiho

4th EC in CP & 8th WC of CP - Danish Team Pictures

Denmark - Rene Hansen Denmark - Martin Halfer
René Steen Hansen Martin Halfer
Denmark - Christian Weber Jensen
Christian Weber Jensen

4th EC in CP & 8th WC of CP - Czech Republic Team Pictures

Czech - Jan Roub Czech Republic - Jiri Blaska
Jan Roub Jiri Blaska
Czech Republic - Mark Rahbani Czech Republic - Michal Prochazka
Mark Rahbani Michal Prochazka
Czech Republic - Petr Mestak Czech Republic - Zbynek Zivny
Petr Mestak Zbynek Zivny

4th EC in CP & 8th WC of CP -Columbian Team Pictures

Colombia - Andres Alarcon Colombia - Milton Pachon
Andres Alarcon Morales Milton Pachon
Columbia - Jaime Tristancho
Jaime David Tristancho Sanchez

4th EC in CP & 8th WC of CP - Canadian Team Pictures

Canada - Chris Day Canada - Serge Blouin
Chris Day Serge Blouin

4th EC in CP & 8th WC of CP - Belgium Team Pictures

Belgium - Fabrice Laudin Belgium - Grim Swinnen
Fabrice Laudin Grim Swinnen
Belgium - Pieter Wittevrongel
Pieter Wittevrongle

4th EC in CP & 8th WC of CP - Austia Team Pictures

Austria - Paul Alexandrow
Paul Alexandrow

4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Day 2

Thursday 27th August 2015

Follow these links for more information/coverage/results from the competition:

CSPA Facebook Live Results from this Competition

ThursdayArrived for 8.0 am start this morning to low cloud and swirling winds so on hold for 1 hour,  Follow the link to watch the great video created by Karine Provost for the opening ceremony:

Video from the Opening Ceremony

9.00 am

Martin Lemay does a trial jump to test the upper winds and general conditions - he stayed dry.   The Meet Director called a release until 2.00 p.m. - meanwhile a Competitors Meeting with the CP Committee members who are present was called for 9.30 am. 

A questionaire on several rules issues had been circulated to all competitors and the results would be presented at the meeting.  A long and very interesting meeting took place and gave the committee members present, Greg Windmiller, Ian Bobo, Marylou Laughlin, Philip Schorno and Bjorn Korth plenty of clearly defined wishes from the competitors - reached after quite detailed discussion.  Buzz reported on the results he had received from the questionnaire which had been handed out to all 76 competitors.  He had received 61 replies, which is a very good percentage.  The discussion started with the desire to allow future organisers to pick from a selection of possible events in their bid for future FCE's.  It seemed that the feeling from the floor was for more carved events, but they gave plenty for the committee to work on.Competitors meeting

They then moved to a long discussion regarding Marker Strikes and whether or not to reinstate the penalty as defined in the previous rules - and to what penalty should be applied.  Again this was a long but fruitful discussion.  There was agreement from all present to move to positive values only on the Accuracy course - and that the maximum wind speed for Zone Accuracy, from any direction, should be set at 5m/s.  There was also a total rejection by competitors of the proposed Gate 6 on the 70m distance course.

There was also a wish from all competitors to have the ability for competitors to request a video review - the committee will work on the parameters.  Finally, again after much discussion, no change to the weight table, but a request that more competitors be weighed, particularly those leading the competition.

The meeting lasted over 2 hours and managed to positively use some of the "released until 2.00" time.  At 2.00 the winds were still unsuitable for the competition to continue and everyone was "released" until 16.00 hrs when a final decision for the day will be made.  At least the sun has come out.


We almost got caught out by a sucker hole at 15.30 and hopes were raised that we would be able to jump finally today - but the rain clouds moved back in so we were all stood down for the day.  So - wheels off 7.30 tomorrow for round 1 of Zone Accuracy (if the conditions allow).Physiotherapists at work

NouveleAir think of everything - with time to spare the physios are in high demand.