6th World Canopy Piloting Championships, Farnham, Canada, Aug 20-27 - Bulletin 2

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Registration Reminder - Mondial

Mondial2016Roll up ! Roll up ! for the Greatest Parachuting Event in 2016

Only you need to hurry as the registration deadline is 1st August 2016.

All the earlier problems with banking and registration details have been resolved - so to ensure participation all NAC's need to follow the entry guide given in the linked web-site.

Don't delay - let us make this something to remember for everyone who can participate.

Test Event in Canopy Piloting for next year's World Games - Results

Cornelia Mihai UAE 2logo-world-games-2017


Canopy Piloting is the Parachuting element of the World Games 2017 - so this year a test event is being held on site - testing the pond, set up and rules.

Congratulations to Cornelia Mihai who not only won the Overall competition, but also came first in all three disciplines - a truely wonderful performance.  Canada here she comes!!UAE - Cornelia Mihai

Follow this link for the live results

Workshop and Test Events Ahead of The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw

WG2017 pre group 2

A three day workshop took place this week in Wroclaw, Poland, as part of the preparation for the World Games 2017. The attendees included the Event Directors and Officials of the three disciplines selected to the World Games 2017, FAI Member Representatives from France and Hungary, the Director of the Wroclaw Aeroclub and FAI Head Office staff. 


1st FAI World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships & 1st FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying - Z'hillls, USA, 3-10 November - Bulletin 1

wingsuit FCE

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HandiFly - the French Initiative - Bulletin 2

All 3
Following the  previouse announcement, BULLETIN #2, the OFFICIAL ENTRY Form, the ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE Form and HFEC COMPETITION RULES are all available on this website : menu heading; Documents - Events - Handifly or on this link


The arrival period is flexible (between September 21st and 23rd) to allow a maximum number of countries to send a delegation.

If you do not have disabled persons to register for the competition, your country is welcome to attend with tandem instructors, videographers or disabled persons (non competing).

Official registration is open until July 10th, 2016.

Contact us quickly and join the event!

Jérôme DAVID   

vr4france@hotmail.com or ffp@ffp.asso.fr


Directeur Technique National Adjoint

Fédération Française de Parachutisme

Mondial Registration - Good News - Back online

Mondial2016The on-line registration is now back "on-line" as confirmed by the Organiser:


'Registration for the 2016 Mondial is online with a secure payment system in place. If paying registration fees with a credit card this can be done during the registration process. For those paying via wire/bank transfer, the organizer asks that the Head of Delegation request wire transfer details directly through email. The link for registration and additional details can be found at the event website:wpc2016.com.'

2nd World Cup in Indoor Skydiving, Warsaw, 11-16 October 2016 Bulletin 1

logo-wcis 2016The 1st Bulletin is now available on this web site.

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IBD/05 Wingsuit Flying Performance and Acro FCE's at Zephyrhills 2016

2016 New IPC Bureau

Different interpretations of the documentation in the Agenda and the Minutes of the Plenary Meeting 2016, with regard to the scheduling of the FCE's in Wingsuit Performance Flying and Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying has led to a new Interim Bureau Decision.


The full details are available on this link - IBD/05

Pre World Games Wroclove Cup, 27 June - 3 July 2016, Poland - Bulletin 1


There is to be a Pre World Games competition in CP called the Wroclove Cup held at the site of the 2017 World Games.

27 June - 3 July 2016 at Szymanow Airfield, Wroclove, Poland.

Bulletin No. 1 is now available on this web site, under Document, Events, or follow the link.


World Games Poland

6th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships, Canada, 2016 - Bulletin No. 1



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