6th FAI Junior & 9th FAI EC in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing in Podgorica, MNE, 2017 - Day 5

Flags in_wind

Flags blowing in the wind

Wednesday, 30th August 2017 - Day 5

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(European Championships)

17.50 pm   Manifest announces that once Round 6 Male Accuracy is complete all jumpers are released for the day.  The buses will arrive at the DZ at 19.00 to go to the Hotels.  Tomorrow morning, Team Leaders' Meeting in front of the Manifest at 7.00 am.     By the end of jumping we still have some rejumps to complete Male Accuracy Round 6.


2nd WISC, Laval, Canada, 2017 - Bulletin 2



Bulletin 2 is now published on this web site.

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