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Flying high: final FAI World Air Games medals awarded

airshow-end-wagsTwelve sets of medals were awarded at the Closing Ceremony of the FAI World Air Games in Dubai, as the sun set on the two-week event celebrating air sports from around the world.


Medals galore! FAI World Air Games champions crowned


23694521165 1895c40d42_kDozens of medals were presented at the first of two ceremonies taking place at the Palm Dropzone today (December 12).

Mounting the podium this time; microlight and gyrocopter pilots, formation parachutists and speed skydivers.


Medals galore! FAI World Air Games champions crowned


23694521165 1895c40d42_kDozens of medals were presented at the first of two ceremonies taking place at the Palm Dropzone today (December 12).

Mounting the podium this time; microlight and gyrocopter pilots, formation parachutists and speed skydivers.


Marco Wiederkehr flies to Gold at 533km/h

23609679081 7de51e106d_kMarco Wiederkehr is officially the world’s fastest skydiver. He won the Speed Skydiving event here at the FAI World Air Games and set a new world record while doing it.

“I set the new world record on my first jump,” he said after the competition was over. “I hit 533km/h. That’s 140 metres a second, or a kilometre in 6.5 seconds.”

He added: “There are only six people in the world who have gone faster than 500km/h in speed skydiving and they are all here.”


WAG 2015 - Day 12

Saturday, 12th December


Formation skydiving and the 90-minute turnaround

23588283171 ae1ed5d6f1_k_copyBriton Simon Guest only has 90 minutes. That's the turnaround time between jumps in the FAI World Air Games 4-way Formation Skydiving competition.

Along with teammates Mike Hayes, Pete Mather and Ady King, they have just completed one of ten 35-second runs in which they managed 18 points.


Skydiving for beginners: at introduction to Parachuting disciplines

22919348623 e4f52377e1_kThink skydivers just jump out of a plane, freefall for a bit then float down to the ground? Here at the FAI World Games, there's a lot more to it than that.

There are about 20 parachuting gold medals up for grabs (several of which have already been claimed for the Canopy Piloting event), spread across six disciplines. Here's our five-minute guide to the various competitions taking place.


WAG 2015 - Day 11

Friday, 11th December

>LIVE Results on this link VIDEOS on this link




WAG 2015 - Day 10

Thursday, 10th December

LIVE Results on this link

 Foot placement

The early bus is now part of the daily routine as we go to the Horse Race DZ for a decisive day – the real competition is underway, although for the Freestyle competitors this morning will be their first time in the air.  At the same time the Accuracy Landing guys made their way to Palm DZ for the boat ride to the Beach DZ to watch the Widi load and then continue with their discipline.  At the end of the day they had completed 5 rounds before they too went on a Wind hold.   Mastafanov Dmitry, Russia is in first place of the Male Accuracy with 0.00 cms, whilst Tabor Hynek, Czech Republic and Sladetic Damir, Croatia are tied in second place on 0.01 cms.

In the Female event the three Chinese girls are tied on 0.03 cms., Han QiuLi, Zhang YunFei and Zhao TianTian.  There are only 4 Junior Males in that event with a spread of scores, currently being led by Yanan He, China with 0.05 cm.  The Female Junior Zhang Ling, China is tied with Maris Diana–Andrea, Romania on 0.07 cm.

Ride back from the Beach DZ

Speed Skydiving have just one more round to jump before they go into their cuts for the semi-final and final rounds at the Palm DZ tomorrow. The Top 10 will go onto round 7 and then the top 5 to round 8. The speeds these guys are doing are amazing – they are the fastest “non-powered” speed makers on the planet. Marco Wiederker is in first place and is consistently fast, he was overtaken after 3 rounds by the ‘new’ boy Dmitry Gmyzin but Dimitry then tried too hard and had three OB (out of bounds) jumps taking him into last place on the scoresheet. So Speed is not only about going fast, it is doing it under control.

The event that is causing all the excitement today is the Formation Skydiving 4-Way both Open and Female – with Air Speed, USA head to head with Hyabusa, Belgium and tied after4 rounds on 114 and in the last round they both did 36 points and the freeze frame was identical and in the fifth round both scored 28 points clean – this could go down to the wire – check out the tie break rules! Interestingly so far they have both scored 142 points each, with Hyabusa 100% clean and Air Speed with 1 bust.

SoClose Rd 4
The Freezeframes for the 4th round

* click on the pictutre for a larger image.

Not to be outdone the girls are also having a very tight competition.

At the moment the French 4-Way Female team is leading the USA Golden Knights by 3 points – they have both scored the same number of points over 5 rounds, but the USA has had 5 busts and the French only 2.   This is really a question of who can keep their nerve.

Equipe en Aerodyne USA Female 4-way
France 4-Way Female USA 4-Way Female

Artistc Events Freestyle; at the end of round 3 France is leading with a 3.4 margin over Russia who has a score of 23.5 points, and the USA have increased their lead over Finland and are sitting with .2 behind Russia. As the next two rounds are also free rounds it will be interesting to see if the USA improve their scores – as both France and Russia had identical scores for their first two free rounds.

Canopy Formations 2-Way made the cut at the end of round 6 and all 6 teams have jumped the semi-final round 7. France have a huge lead on Russia of 20 points. Whereas in 4-Way Rotations there is only 1 point between 3rd and 4th, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

At 14.00 we were all put on a wind-hold as the winds went above the limits for skydiving – 11 m/sec

Check out the IPC judged videos channel as I shall be loading the judged videos from the competition as my internet connection allows. THE WAG2015 Playlists are currently being populated with the FS videos.

WAG 2015 - Day 9

Wednesday, 9th December

LIVE Results on this link

Golden Knights dirtdiving opr

This morning we woke to blue skies, sunshine and moderate winds and it was the start of a very busy day for all (or nearly all) the skydivers.  At the Horse DZ the 8-Way Formation Skydiving and VFS were able to make their first competition jumps, as were the Canopy Formations 2-Way Sequential teams.  The Freefly artistic jumpers continued their event whilst the Speed Skydivers got on with going fast.

The draw for the second round of the 8-Way had world record promise about it.  The 8-Way Formation Skydiving record of 31 points in the 50 seconds working time was set at the first FAI World Air Games in Turkey, 1997 by the Golden Knights and had been broken by them earlier this year at the US Nationals, could they break it again?

I took this picture of them creeping the round.  They then went up and gave us a NEW WORLD RECORD of 33 points.  The draw was F=L=D=G=P.

At the end of the day, and the completion of round 5 there was a quite a spread between the top 3 teams in the 8-way with USA on 111 points, Russia on 93 and France on 83.  In the VFS again after 5 rounds it is Canada, 90 - France 93 - and Belgium 68.

It was announced by the Great Britain team that they were withdrawing from both Canopy Formations events due to the injury to their Camera flyer.  The 2-Way Sequential also made their first competitive jumps today - at  the end of the day they also completed 5 rounds and France have 107 points, Russia, 91 and Sweden 82.

Artistic Events Freefly completed 6 rounds today, the last round is still being judged so check out the Live Results link above to get the latest scores.

Speed Skydiving continued to go fast - or at least their competitors did, with Marco Wiederkehr consolidating his lead after 5 rounds with 1467.62

Out at the Beach DZ Accuracy Landings continue and the conditions today began to divide the field. 

At the end of the day and the end of Round 4 we had only 2 competitors with 0.00 scores, 4 with 0.01 and 4 with 0.02 - with both Russia and Czech Republic jumpers tied in 1st place with the Belarusian, Italian, Czech Republican and Croatian competitors 0.01 cm behind.  For the female event we have three Chinese girls with a tied score of 0.02 cms.

It has been a good day, everyone is glad to be back in the sky and it is nice when a team does well, as everyone congratulated the USA Golden Knights 8-Way team on their new World Record.  Regan Tetlow was there with the TV crew - obviously pre-warned of the possibility - you can see it on the Live-Stream TV going out from Skydive Dubai.  The link is on the World Air Games web-site - reached from the link at the top of the page.