1st FAI WISC, Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24 October 2015 - Pictures from the Opening Ceremony

French girls Agree - Dynamic competitors OC - judges 1
French 4-Way Female Team Dynamic Competitors FS Judges
Graeme Truda Elizabeth Ragen Dynamic briefing FS Judges
IPC President + Jury  + Regan Dynamic Briefing FS Judges
Jiri Blaska Meet Director FS dive pool Graeme speech
Jiri Blaska - Meed Director Studying the FS Draw IPC President welcomes everyone
 Graeme and Truda  Sarka  Tunnel Manager  CJ FS
 IPC President - Jury President  Tunnel Manager - Meet Manager  Chief Judge - Formation Skydiving
 technical briefing  Ron CJ Artistic Events  Graeme Opening
 Technical Briefing  Chief Judge - Artistic Events  Graeme Windsor Opens the Meet

1st FAI WISC, Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24 October 2015 - 1st Day

Friday 23rd October, Day 1 of competition

LIVE Results on this link

The following links will take you to the Video created from Day 1 Training and Registration Day  and the Live Streaming of the flying:



1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships - Prague, Czech Republic - 21 - 24 October 2015 - Arrival and Training

22 October 2015

LIVE Results on this link

Today is the day everyone arrives and the start of official training, which for many teams is a question of trying the tunnel for the first time and determining what speed they want.

The great thing about a tunnel competition is that it runs to a timetable so everyone knows what their time slots are. Tonight is the Opening Ceremony and welcome party - although with the first Formation Skydiving 4-Way teams (Open, Female and Junior!) due in the tunnel at 8.00 a.m., they probably won't be partying too hard.

The tunnel complex is buzzing - and even though it is large, the organisation has arranged accommodation for some of their sponsors as well as an area for creeping and chilling out for the teams, in two large marquees opposite the tunnel building.

The organisation is really proud to welcome so many to this First World Championships: 23 Countries from 5 Continents representing in total 207 senior athletes and 15 juniors. There are a total of 35 Formation Skydiving teams, 23 Dynamic teams and 11 Freestyle athletes PLUS 6 Junior Freestyle athletes and 2 Junior Dynamic teams. One of the "conditions" of the Dynamic competitiors was a wish to be judged by their peers - so a great deal of effort has been made by people to bring these Dynamic competitors into the judging community of the FAI, so that the competition could be run under the same conditions as other First Category Events.

Hurricane Factory, the owners of the tunnel and the organisation behind this competition have worked really hard to provide the best possible conditions for judges and competitors, all with a bright smile and a ready preparedness to help.