USA Tops the Final Medal Table of the FAI World Air Games

FAI Medal - Small ImageThe United States has finished at the top of the medal table at the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015, with 7 gold medals, 4 silver and 6 bronze. USA led a tight battle with France which just missed the top by 1 gold medal and takes second place with 6 gold, 10 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Russia came third with 6 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze.


IPC Plenary Meeting - Frankfurt 2016 - Day 5

Sunday 24th January Day 2 of the Formal Plenary

2016 General_Meeting_Back

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We commenced the day with the Roll Call of all delegates present conducted by Markus Haggeney.


IPC Plenary Meeting - Frankfurt 2016 - Day 4

Saturday 23rd January 2015 - First Day of the Actual Plenary

Bureau 2015

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The internet problem has meant that instead of delegates receiving the revised documents from the Recording Secretary the office of German Federation have been printing off all the papers - this shows how quickly we have come to accept electronic mail and how bereft we feel when we no longer have it.


IPC Plenary Meeting - Frankfurt 2016 - Day 3

Friday, 22nd January 2016

Today is a hard work day.  This is when the committees meet to finalise their rule changes for presentation to the Plenary, and these have to be with the Recording Secretary by 16.00 hrs today.  So all you see is people hurrying from one meeting to another, and small groups working spread out around the hotel. 


IPC Plenary Meeting, Frankfurt 2016 Day 2


Thursday, 21st January 2016

2016 SA Committee
This morning the open meetings continue.  We have changed the Conference room and everyone is hopeful that the Internet connection will be improved - but for the moment it is being "worked on".  I must give a personal note of thanks to Mohammed Al-Delayel, the Qatar Delegate, for the use of his G4 mobile without which I would not have been able to file the live reports yesterday.  I had to continue with it today, as the problem of an internet connection still exists.


IPC Plenary Meeting, Frankfurt 2016 Day 1

Plenary2016 Arriving 

Today is the start of the open meetings, this is the opportunity the delegates and committees have to work together on decisions that have been under question or discussion during the year to finalise their presentations to the Plenary itself on Saturday and Sunday.


FAI Chief of Judge Training Workshop, Frankfurt, 16-17 Jan 2016 - Day 2



CoJT Database
Rina Gallo presenting the Judges Database

Sunday's Workshop session opened with a presentation by Rina Gallo, who maintains the database of FAI Judges. Rina took us through the step-by-step process of creating a new judge, from the receipt of paperwork from the appropriate NAC to the type of data needed to effect the record.


FAI Chief of Judge Training Workshop, Frankfurt, 16-17 Jan 2016 - Day 1


CoJT Participants

L to R: Lindy Rochow-Williams, Faye Cox, Pascal de Haes, Exi Hoenle, Rina Gallo, Gill Rayner,
Kirk Knight, Randy Connell, Bernard Nicholas, Karla Cole, Ron Miasnikov, Bjorn Korth, Zeljko
Tanaskovic, Susan Dixon, Pia Berggren. (Missing from photo: Jurate Janusauskiene)

The first meeting of the FAI Chief of Judge Training Workshop convened at 14.00hrs in the German Sports Academy in Hessen (Frankfurt) with Karla Cole as CoJTCC in the chair. In her opening introduction she emphasised how much help she had received from Helmut Bastuck of the German Parachuting Federation in being able to stage this workshop.

CoJT Bastuck
Karla presenting Helmut Bastuck with a thank-you gift for his extensive help


Whilst the majority of the participants were well known to one and another, each was asked in turn to introduce themselves to the group by giving a brief outline of their judging experience and in which disciplines they were qualified. Karla went on to explain her own experience which together with her enthusiasm and ambition, had been the driving force in taking on this new role as FAI Chief of Judging Training Course Coordinator.

During 2015 16 FAI courses across several disciplines were undertaken and of the 72 trainees, 59 passed giving a pass rate of around 80%.

In the 12 months since her appointment she has been struck by the enormity of the task ahead. Not only the huge differences - and attitudes - between NACs, but so far has received in excess of 200 communications concerned with matters relating to judging. Questions were received from a broad array of correspondents, from experienced FAI Judges to the grass roots jumpers through to NACs and other FAI Chiefs of Judge trainers.  It soon became clear that major discrepancies existed across the board as far as judging courses and trainers were concerned..

This workshop has been designed to bring together thoughts and ideas on how to set about achieving a standardised and universally acceptable FAI Judge Training Courses. 

Introductory Powerpoint Presentation

The first task for the participants was to write down on cards those questions which they themselves felt needed addressing. It wasn't long before the board was adorned with blue cards, though it was likely that many of the cards ie questions, would disappear as the topics were addressed over the weekend.

CoJT quest


One aspect of today's agenda was a 'Discovery Afternoon' where the group would explore more about CISM and ASIANIA, respectively introduced by Pascal de Haes and Faye Cox. The ASIANIA Powerpoint Presentation can be viewed as a video, which has been timed to advance automatically in the time it takes to read each page.  The CISM Powerpoint Presentation is also viewable as a video and can be read at your own pace by using the play/pause controls.

Whilst we had no representative from COLPAR, Bjorn Korth told us how he had run a successful CP course in 2015. He went on to explain that for those COLPAR members who didn't have a National rating,  COLPAR had its introduced one of its own. He too, like Faye, also recognised that once again the English language was a hurdle that many trainees struggled with, even though they were highly qualified and capable individuals.

Overall the afternoon workshop was a brain storming session where ideas, feelings, opinions and wishes were aired, giving rise to areas that will be further addressed over the weekend.

The workshop drew to a close at 19.00hrs with a 8.00hrs start for Sunday.

CoJT Smiling
Brain storming session in full swing!



FAI Chief of Judge Training Workshop, Frankfurt, 16-17 Jan 2016

FAI Workshop-logo


It's been a long held view that the courses for the training of future FAI judges, in all skydiving disciplines, should be standardised in terms of content, evaluation and paperwork in order to ensure that the ab initio judge has an equal chance of qualifying, regardless of where in the world the training is undertaken.

In order that standardisation can be achieved, Karla Cole took on the role of IPC Judge Training Course Coordinator (IPC JTCC) last year with a view to realising this goal. In spite of all the technological communications at our fingertips – emails, SMS, conference calls, Skype etc – something as important as this deserves face to face discussions around a single table, in the same time zone. With this in mind, Karla has organised for as many FAI Chiefs of Judge Training as possible to attend her inaugural workshop, which is being held over two days prior to this year's Plenary in Frankfurt.

Fundamental to this vision is:

• The trainees experience the best training possible, on their way to becoming good FAI Judges

• The NACs know they can send their National Judges on a reliable training course

• The CoJT can feel safe in the knowledge in what she/he has to teach is standardised

• The CoJT has the full support and backing from the IPC JTCC

• Last but not least, future competitors' performances will be determined by universally trained judges on the panels at events.



IPC Plenary Meeting, Frankfurt 23-24 Jan, 2016



The Agenda for the meeting is now published and available either by following the drop down menu at the top of the page : ABOUT US - MEETINGS - 2016 Frankfurt 2016 (GER) 23-24 January, 2016 - or on this Link

The supporting Annexes are now published and available on the above link.