3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup 2011 - Daily Diary - 4th December

Day 4 - Almost over for some, long way to go for others - and all to play for.

cake-balloon 40way

An unusual Baloon amongst those helping

to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Indepednce Day

Along with the 16way CF stack (pictures to follow) skydivers

built a "happy birthday" message with fun and respect.

 FAI Results Poster

Another long day for the Accuracy jumpers, early start and late finish.  At least in Dubai it does not run on into the evening, as it is dark by 5.30 - and we are treated to magnificent sunsets at the end of each day.  This is really developing into an interesting and tight competition : at the end of 5 rounds appropriately the Male Individual event has in first place one of the UAE competitors, Al Gaith Ahmed Rashed on 1cm with 4 tied for 2nd place on 2 cm and 5 tied in third place with 3 cm.  Their 6th round commences early tomorrow after the Female 5th round is completed.  The competition here is between the Chinese and Russian competitors with China in 1st and 2nd  Russia in 3rd and Chinese and Russian tied in 4th place.

Whilst Formation Skydiving completed the 7th round, Canopy Piloting filled the middle of the day with two exciting rounds of Distance.  With a moderate following wind for the first round there were no huge scores, but after mid-day the wind picked up and the 2nd round gave some very impressive runs and a few bruise inducing arrivals, as each competitor pushed the limits of their performances.  Many of the judges for Formation Skydiving are also judging Canopy Piloting, and so the 8th round of FS, planned for the afternoon has been rescheduled to later in the week to allow the round 7 scores to be published, and to give those competitors a day off in Dubai.

Meanwhile Canopy Formations continued, by the end of the day 4 rounds of all events had been jumped and scored.  The weather forecast for tomorrow is similar to today and so it is planned to continue with the Accuracy, then Canopy Piloting with another round of Accuracy and one of Speed.  Canopy Formations will continue to take place out on the Racecourse in the town.

3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup 2011 - Daily Diary - 3rd December

Day 3 - the Morning After ....


***Follow the link for Instant Results***  Results

 Early-morning-accuracy-3-12-11Another early start for the Accuracy Teams to complete Round 2 and start Round 3.  Meanwhile the "technical problems" which had made the Canopy Formations Judging impossible had finally been solved with the installation of a seperate network for the judging area, thus allowing the dubbing, downloading to the system, and the In Time scoring system to function to its full potential.  So the Canopy Formations also jumped round 3 whilst round 2 was being judged.  By the end of the day Round 3 was completed.

Formation Skydiving also completed two rounds today, leaving the semi-final and final rounds for tomorrow.  Weather permitting this event should be completed with plenty of down time to enjoy Dubai.  Canopy Piloting also completed one round of distance and one of speed.  A good day was had by all.  Accuracy is on early call tomorrow, as normal, when they will complete Round 4.

3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup 2011 - Daily Diary - 2nd December

Day 2 - December 2nd


Independence Day - A Public Holiday and Day of Celebration



No holiday for the skydivers - particulary Accuracy with the usual early start, wheels off at 8.00 am.  Soon the skies were filled with canopies as the Formation Skydiving Teams jumped rounds 3 and 4, and the Canopy Piloting competitors completed the first round of Speed.    Everything stopped at 4.00 p.m. for the aerobatic flying display as part of the anniversary celebrations - but before that, not to be outdone, the Canopy Piloting teams built a 16 way formation and flew the AEU flag into the arena.  We will have pictures to put up later.

FAI Results Poster

airshowNo this is not a trick photograph, done with mirrors, or computer generated - just a very skillful, professional  airshow with a huge WOW factor!

By the end of the day all the Formation Skydiving rounds had been judged (4 rounds completed in 4-way Open and 4-way Female), we were still waiting one 2-way sequential Canopy Formations to be redubbed for judging, by all the 1st round 4-way sequential had been judged. 

The results are avilable on live via the IPC Results portal


3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup 2011 - Daily Diary - 1st December

December 1st - Day 1 of competition.first round first jump smiles

An early start this morning for the practice rounds of Accuracy, Formation Skydiving and Canopy Formations and towards the end of the morning Canopy Piloting - all the time with the wind threating to increase in strength.  And it did.  By mid afternoon though the competition started.  By the end of the day we had almost completed one round of Accuracy, two rounds of Formation Skydiving and one round of Canopy Formations.  However, technical problems (isn't it always) caused judging delays for both Formation Skydiving and Canopy Formations.  The IT people will be working overnight and at 8.0 tomorrow morning judging will finalise the last round 1 teams to be judged and start on the second round.  Accuracy will continue and Canopy Piloting will commence with a Speed Round mid-morning.

The plan is to complete two further rounds of Formation Skydiving, two Canopy Piloting, two Accuracy and one Canopy Formations.

The smiles tell the story - first competition jump of the day - against this unique backdrop.

This beautiful sunset over the delegations tents heralds a good day tomorrow, the competition will continue as the town and country celebrates their 40th anniversary of independance. 

end of day 1

3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup 2011 - Daily Diary - 30th November 2011

3RD DIPC LOGOOfficial Opening

The opening ceremony commenced at 8.00 p.m. to packed stands and everyone was treated to a beautiful and spectacular ceremony.  The speeches were kept short and welcomed all to the 3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championships and Gulf Cup.


3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup 2011 - Daily Diary - 29th November 2011


November 29th 2011

french air force nice

A really bustling atmosphere here as the final touches to the competition infrastructure are being put into place - tomorrow is the first "official" day, with the Judge's conference, Technical Briefing and Practice Jumps; in the evening the opening ceremony.  If the 2nd DIPC & GC in January is anything to go by, this will be a spectacular affair.   It is going to be such a large competition with 47 Nations represented, a  total of 670 competitors already registered, and a prize money of 775,000 $US.


3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup 2011 - Delegations


Pre-Competition Registration of Delegations

Click on the National Flag for full delegation details.


United States of America Delegation

Discipline Team Competitor  Photo
Canopy Piloting
Official Nicholas Batsch
Official Christopher Bobo
Official Johnathan Tagle
Official Sergey Fedotov
Curtis Bartholomew
Greg Windmiller
Justin Thornton
Scott Harper
Formation Skydiving 4-way Open
Team 1 - Official Christine Frikken
Team 1 - Official Christopher Farina
Team 1 - Official Todd Hawkins
Team 1 - Official Ulrich Stuewe
Team 1 - Official Matthew McLean
Team 2 Ja Nette Lefkowitz
Team 2 Jason Imamura
Team 2 Robin Radez
Team 2 Steven Lefkowitz
Team 2 Thiago Gomes
Accuracy Landing Team Open
Official Cheryl Stearns
Official Dennis Murphy
Official Edin Alisa
Official Jimmy Drummond
Official Rick Kuhns
Team 2 Mery Rose
Team 2 Samir Kurtovic
Team 2 TBA
Team 2 TBA
Team 2 TBA
Canopy Formations 2-Way
Official Alan Ressler
Official Michael Tomaselli
Official Terry Ross
Team 2 Bob Feldt
Team 2 Brian Martin
Team 2 John Bechtel
Canopy Formations 4-Way Rotations
Official Alan Ressler
Official Michael Tomaselli
Official Terry Ross
Official Charles Brown
Official Randy Persi
Canopy Formations 4-Way Sequential
Official April Schuldt
Official Dan Hendrix
Official Jim Rasmussen
Official Brian Martin
Official John Bechtel

Ukraine Delegation

Discipline Team Competitor  Photo
Canopy Piloting
Official Iurii Chernyshov
Official Dmytro Karpekov
Official Andrii Stainyi
Official Stephan Gurba
Oleg Klochok
Formation Skydiving 4-way Open
Official Vitalii Alekseienko
Official Oleg Belinskyi
Official Yaroslav Markevych
Official Oleg Poda
Official Olexiy Shevchenko
Accuracy Landing Individual Male
Borys Skibinskyi
Accuracy Landing Individual Female
Klavdiia Zalievska
Larysa Zubrytska
Canopy Formations 2-Way
Official Volodymyr Zaikin
Volodymyr Zamkovskyi

United Arab Emirates Delegation

Discipline Team Competitor  Photo
Canopy Piloting
Official Nasser Al Neyadi
Official Marat do Nascimento Leiras
Official Michael Patrick McCann III
Official Michael Charles Wittenburg
Timothy James McMaster
William Philip Sharman
Michael Jason Russell
Danial Micah Couch
Formation Skydiving 4-way Open
Official TBA
Official TBA
Official TBA
Official TBA
Official TBA
Official TBA
Official TBA
Official TBA
Official TBA
Official TBA
Accuracy Landing Team Open
National Team - Official Ali Hussein Al Matawa
National Team - Official Youssef Haidar Al Sanqoor
National Team - Official Mohamed Obaid Al Suwaidi
National Team - Official Eisa Al Darmaki
National Team - Official Khaled Al Maazmi
Team 2 Matar Salem Al Suwaidi
Team 2 Abdulrahman Al Balooshi
Team 2 Assad Al Bardan
Team 2 Ahmed Rashed Al Gaith
Team 2 Adel Al Matrouhsi
Accuracy Landing Individual Male
Nasser Al Neyadi
Ali Hassan Al Marzoughi

Switzerland Delegation

Discipline Team Competitor  Photo
Canopy Piloting
Matze Moebius