FAI World Air Games 2015 to be Staged in Dubai

FAI-UAE-Signature-WAG 04 June 2014 9The FAI announced today that the 2015 edition of the FAI World Air Games has been awarded to the United Arab Emirates and will be held in Dubai. This multi-discipline event will be organised by the Emirates Aerosports Federation and will take place over a period of 12 days in December 2015. It is the only world competition that brings together the various different air sports.


Glider Aerobatics, Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Paramotors at The World Games 2017


The FAI is pleased to announce that Glider Aerobatics, Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Paramotors have been selected by the IWGA (International World Games Association) for The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. All three will be grouped as disciplines under the Air Sports banner.


COLPAR - Bulletin No. 1

colpar LOGOCOLPAR have published the 1st Bulletins for their three 2nd Category Event competitions this year: Accuracy in Cuba: Canopy Piloting in Brazil and the POPS meet in Argentina, all in one document.


This is available on this web site, either by following the link - COLPAR bulletins - or by going to Documents, Events, scroll down and you will find it following the year dates.

Judges Training Course - Speed Skydiving - 2014


Current FAI Judges who are interested in qualifying in this new discipline can attend the training course organised at this year's First World Cup in Speed Skydiving, August 25-3, 1Prostejov, Czech Republic.


There is a notice about  this course published on this web-site.  Follow the link, or go to Documents, Officials, Judges & Delegates and the notice is under Judges and then Judge Training Course/

COLPAR and other 2nd Category Events

colpar LOGO

The IPC Events Calendar (menu button to right of front page) now covers both 1st Category Events (World Championships, World Cups etc) and 2nd Category Events (like the following competitions).

So if you are, or may be, interested in these events read on:

COLPAR have published information on:

49th Argentina Parachuting Completion (Accuracy Landings) - 1 - 4 May - San Francisco, Cordoba, Argentina

11th Latin American Championships & 1st Friendship Cup (Accuracy Landings and Team Accuracy) 14-21 July, Voradero, Matanzas, Cuba.

12th Latin American Championships (Canopy Piloting) 2 - 7 September, Botuva, Brazil

22nd World Pops Meeting and Championships, 14-22 November, San Juan, Argentina.

In addition we have three Russian competitions, two Individual Accuracy competitions:  one in Nazran, 25-28 July and the other in Makhachkala 8-14 September and a Paracross competition in Menzelinsk, Tartars tan the 25-31 August.

Not to forget the Australian Skydiving Nationals in York, Australia 16 - 21 April.

Visit the Events Calendar for full information.


2014 World Championships - Judges Panels


The Panel of Judges appointed for all the FCE's in 2014 are now published on the Documents page under Officials, Judges and Delegates, Judges.

Or follow these links - Artistic Events   :    Canopy Formation      Formation Skydiving     Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings    Canopy Piloting    Indoor Skydiving    Speed Skydiving

or you can also find them if you go to the menu item above "About us", Judges.

14th FAI World ParaSki Championships, Tanay (Russia) 11-16 March, 2014

Tanay-2014-logo sm

All the final results of the combined scores are available on the following link FAI World Paraski

Championships 2014

For more pictures go to: www.paraski2014.ru

Day 5, 15th March 2014

The weather has defeated us and there will be no more parachuting taking place.  The competition will be declared after 2 rounds of Male Accuracy and 3 rounds of Female. 


First Category Events, FAI Officials, 2014-2015

FAI/IPC First Category Events - Approved Officials - 2014 and 2015
Competition Discipline
Venue & Date

FAI  Controller & Chief Judge


14th FAI World Para-Ski Championships

Tanai, Russia

12 -18 March 2014

FAI Controller : Ulf Tignert

Chief Judge : Gernot Rittenschober


President: :  Graeme Windsor

Member :   Michael Egger

Member :  Gunter Berendt

Atlernate : Pia Berggren

33rd FAI World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships


7th FAI World Junior World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships

Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

15 - 23 August 2014

FAI Controller :  Gunter Berendt

Chief Judge :  Ulf Tignert

President : Richard "Buzz" Bennett

Member :  John Hitchen

Member :  Susan Dixon

Reserve: Lidia Kosk


16th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships

Chief Judge : Bernard Nicolas

21st FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships

Prerov, Czech Republic

25 - 31 August  2014

FAI Controller: Niels-Christian Levin Hansen

Chief Judge : Doris Merz

President: Alberto Martin Paracuellos

Member : Lindy-Rochow Williams

Member : Sylvia Wagner

Reserve : Jan Andersson


10th FAI World Artistic Events Championships

Cheif Judge : Steinar Lillas


1st FAI World Cup of Speed Skydiving

Chief Judge : Arnold Hchlenegger

5th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships

Zephyrhills, Florida, USA

1 - 8 November 2014

FAI Controller: Alberto Martin Paracuelos

Chief Judge : Anders Berggren

President: Doris Merz

Member : Vladimir Gazetov

Member:  John Smyth

Reserve :  Igor Van Aperen


1st FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving

Austin, Texas, USA

11 - 16 November 2014

FAI Controller : Gillian Rayner

Chief Judge : Chanel Gibbens Robinson

President : Niels-Christian Levin Hansen

Member : Pia Berggren

Member : Ray Williams

Reserve : Sara Sacchet


9th World Cup in Para-Ski

Untrammagau, Germany

17-22 February 2015

FAI Controller : Michael Egger

8th European Championships in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

5th Junior European Championships in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

Erden, Bulgaria

21 - 30 August 2015

FAI Controller : Gunter Berendt

8th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting

Farnham, Montreal, Canada

23 - 30 August 2015

FAI Controller : Marylou Laughlin

IPC Plenary Open Meetings, Vienna 2014 29th & 30th January

Welcome desk
Welcome to Austria and this year's Plenary Meeting.

29th January, 2014

Today we start the open meetings where each committee will present their proposed changes to all the delegates and allow full discussion - no one will be voting until the formal Plenary at the weekend. 

The agenda with annexes is available on this link.

The open meetings will be interspersed with closed committee meetings as everyone works towards preparing their presentation for the Plenary.

9.00 am Start of the open meeting –

Graema opening address
Graeme Windsor, President of IPC, welcomes all the delegates – all here to do the same thing – look after the future of parachuting. Thanks to the Austrian Aeroclub for their organisation of this meeting.

Review of the Strategic Plan, since initiation after Graeme’s appointment has gone through annual reviews, always looking for improvements – key words Attractive and Dynamic.


Judges for Canopy Piloting and Indoor Skydiving 2014

Wind tunnel picture for FAIFollowing the IPC Plenary meeting both a World Parachuting Championships in Canopy Piloting, USA and  World Cup in Indoor Skydiving, (Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events), USA were included in the competition calendar for 2014.

Consequently NACs are invited to submit to the Judges' Committee a list of their available judges for these events.

The forms to do this are available on this site :  Documents : Judges and can also be found on this LINK

These must be returned to Pia Berggren, Chair of the Judges Committee, by 1st March 2014

65th IPC Plenary Meeting, Vienna, 1-2 February 2014

The existing Bureau : Niels Christian Levin Hansen. Vice President; John Smyth, Vice President;  Liam McNulty, Technical Secretary;  Graeme Windsor, President, Gillian Rayner, 1st Vice-President and Richard "Buzz" Bennett, Financial Secretary.

Sunday 2nd February 2014

Roll call was taken - the figures have real importance today - Election Day - prepare for battle, as all the positions on the Bureau are subject to election from the Plenary..

41 votes        21 =  majority             28  =  2/3rds majority

Graeme started the meeting with the awards for the FAI Gold Parachuting Medal, the Australian nomination has been withdrawn so there are 2 nominations. First requirement is whether to make the award this year. A show of hands gave agreement. Buzz raised the point that proxy votes do not count – 31 valid delegate votes in the room.