August 4th, Thursday - Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

4th August, Thursday. 9.00 am start this morning, and the fierce 4 way competition will continue. Will France's Aerodyne Aerokart maintain or increase their 1 point lead over Belgium's Hayabusa? Russia's Sky Panthers Barkli is only 1 point ahead of Germany's Paratec Saar in 3rd and 4th places respectively and Russia's Gradient Alpha are tieing with Italy's Ex3mo in 5th place. Today could be the day that decides the 4-way competition. 10.00 The early mist is taking longer to clear than the organiser had hoped, all on standby. 11.00 the sun is out and the first lift takes off.


Judges at Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

Judges and FAI Officials

Top row, left to right: Bernard Garsault, AE, Dirk Venter, FS, Steiner Lillas Freestyle EJ AE, Ron Miasnikov, AE.


Credits, Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups 2011

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 Fay Kimble, my assistant, for creating the results/video pages and all the work on maintaining them.

Stefan BreuckStefan Breuck of the organisation for the organisers' website, assisting with the video downloads and photographs and sharing his office with us.


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Jury Response to Protest - 4 August 2011 Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups 2011

IPC JURY NOTICE                                                                                               DATE : Augus


August 5th Friday, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

9.00 am start, but the clouds are low - there are signs that it will improve and all team s are on standby.

Yesterday the Jury had to consider a protest from the Dutch 4-way team. Details can be found under the Jury page..

10.50 and the sky starts to clear - 15 min call for 4-way.

12.45 - a good morning, we have just had a 15min call for the final round of the 4-way Female event.