29/08/2013 Day 2 Kolomna, Russia


 8.00 and another early start for Day 2.  Accuracy Day


The results now being posted at the end of each Round are available on this linkThese are UNOFFICIAL results and still subject to corrects/confirmation by the Event and Chief Judges.   This event is happening so fast it is difficult for the judges to have the time to carefully cross check all calls and input - including any video reviews that are required.

Judfges working

8.30 and the first call has been given for the first load for today. 

Yesterday PD were keeping up with the results using their own method for the Speed Event:

Getting the scores

Accuracy should be easier to follow.

Accuracy 1 Accuracy 3
Accuracy 4  Accuracy 2

11.00 End of Round 1 accuracy

At least we have a minimum competition.   The dark clouds of earlier have lifted and the weather is more settled.  Straight into Round 2.

12.15 End of Round 2 accuracy

So we now have a break for lunch and time to rotate the jump order for round 3.  Back with a call for 15.00 hrs for eveyone.


14.55 Just about ready to start round 3

In the World Cujp the top three places at the end of 2 rounds : Curtis Bartholomew, USA first;  Pablo Hernandez Moll, Spain second and Dominic Roithmair Austria in third.

In the European Championships Pablo, first; Dominic, second and a Russian jumper, Aleksandr Golovkin in third place.

16.20 Finally ready with ther reverse jump order for the last round.  Anders, Chief Judge, calls the loads for thr revised jump order by load.  Then we will be ready to start the last round. 

18.30  Half way through the last round and the rain the forecasters promised arrived -  so we are on a Standby for the moment.

28/08/2013 Day 1 Kolomna, Russia

We have a new World Record in Speed - set by Greg Windmiller on the 3rd round!!   2.371 seconds

Congratulations to the winners:

1st Place - Curt Bartholomew, USA

2nd Place - Tommy Dellibac, USA

3rd Place - William Sharman, UAE

All subject to final confirmation (and ratification)

++ STOP PRESS ++   28/8/13 21.00    Live Results now available HERE


Speed course


Start with SPEED



Opening ceremony

Yesterday  evening was the Opening Ceremony.  As promised by the organiser, a short one, but effective.  In front of the podium with all the flags flying, we had speeches from local dignitaries, the sponsor of the event, the owner of the club and Graeme Windsor - and then we had a parade of the athletes behind their National Flags and each athlete was introduced by the announcer.   This was followed by the Competitors' briefing from the meet organiser and then the Chief Judge explaining the rule clarification detailed on  the Notice published in the competitors tent from the Jury.    The jump order was given and each group of 4 then decided what aircraft exit order they would  take.

This morning, sun and an 8.00 start with the first Speed round.  If all works as planned, the results will be posted at the end of each round on our website - follow the link

It is now 9.10 and we are close to the end of Round 1 Speed.  The plan is to continue with Speed and do all three rounds this morning.  The conditions here are great.

11.00 Round 2 Ends 

Three rejumps and then the Judges will break to check all the scores so that they can be posted for the first 2 rounds - at the moment anything is unofficial!.  2 rejumps were caused by cutaways and one by equipment malfuncion.



The one rejump (equipment failure) from Round 3 is done.  Unfortunately the best laid plans .... failed.  As yet we are unable to post the results as promised (even though they would be unofficial) and are currently working on it with the organiser's technical guy.  PD have the solution - they have posted two people opposite the scoring station.  One with a set of binos and one with the jump order - and they read and write down the results as they happen - and can then post them.  Of course these are very unofficial/unapproved - but they have some idea of what is going on.  Meanwhile everyone has gone to lunch continues ill continue after lunch with first round of Distance. 


Things are going so fast here - in more ways than Greg's new World Record.  We have just had a 15 minute call for the second round of Distance!!  There will then be a pause as we are to be treated to an Air Show I hear.  (I heard wrongly - just a short standby).

The results in PDF format are on the IPC Results page now for the Speed -Distance will be up as soon as the Chief Judge authorises it.


 We are on standby for the moment - due to an external air show.  We should be recommencing with 2nd load Round 2 at 17.45.  We had an exciting round of Distance with the female world distance record being exceeded twice, first by the current record holder, Jessica Edgeington and then by Cornelia Mihai.


Load 2 Round 2 Distance in the air. 


Round 2 completed - and we are now preparing for Round 3.  Just a short break whilst the judges check the results entry.

At the end of Round 2 David Maleze of France is in first place in the European Championships and 2nd in the World Cup to Nick Batsch, USA in first.  Jessica Edgeington is in 4th place and Cornelia Mihai in 6th.  Will publish the final results (unconfirmed as soon as I have them).

Distance run Distance landing
Making distance and Landing
Turning in on the Speed carve The Australian Team
Carving on the speed course The Australian Team
Pictures courtesy of Henny Wiggers, FAI Cpntroller




27/08/2013 - Kolomna Russia - Canopy Piloting European Championships & World Cup

Pond before the first liftThe Opening Ceremony will take place this evening at the end of the two days set aside for Official Practice Jumps in the Bulletin.

The pond in a quiet moment, before the sky fills with fast flying canopies as the second practice day gets underway with the first lift at 9.,00.  It is a cold start this morning - competitors may jump distance or accuracy, but the judges will measure distance first - then accuracy.  Speed after 14.00 hrs.  Two jumpers from the Czech Republic were injured this morning -  fortunately not seriously but they have withdrawn from the competition.

There are 79 competitors here, in total.

The opening ceremony is scheduled to start at 19.30 hrs, followed by a competitor's briefing by the Chief Judge, Anders Berggren.  The wind speed recording machine arrived from Cheboksary in the Turbolet by mid-day, so all is ready for the competition to start.  The Jury, Chief Judge and FAI Controller will meeet at 16.00 hours for the final confirmation.

The organisers have found a sponcor - congratulations.

They therefore are able to offer money prizes to the overall winners in each Event

BAT-Express (International transportation of consolidated cargoes and customs clearance) . Web-site:www.batexpress.ru
The prize money is:  European Championships:  1st $ 3500 : 2nd $1500 : 3rd $1000 and World Cup 1st $ 5000 : 2nd $2500 : 3rd $1500.


25/08/2013 Day 3 Cheboksary, Russia


Day 3


All the attention was on the pit this afternoon - good conditions and exciting accuracy.

1 cm - china

This excellent photograph was taken by one of the Volunteers : Natasha Dedushkino - Spicaba

Style jumper arrives

16.00 hrs.  The plan is to complete accuracy to Round 8 and all Style by the end of today - leaving the Semi-Final and Final rounds of Accuracy for the morning.  At the moment the last 3 teams female - for round 8 are in the air.  Results to round 7 in the results page below.

There is a good crowd here today, and an announcer at the pit to keep them informed.

After a late finish last night in the fading light the Chinese Girls were the last team to jump. and the last jumper scored 0.00.  Talking to Bob King (Judge) he was very impressed with the way the whole team coped with the changing wind conditions - which had caught out many of the other jumpers - he said "they handled the conditions beautifully, doing all the right things" - and he should know being a former National Accuracy Champion himself.

This morning we started with Style, Female although the plan is to continue with all events - the weather looks good but the temperature has dropped a little.  It was cold at altitude this morning.

Pictures from the Style area


Debriefing Style area
Debriefing Style area
Blue Skies Coaches viewing
Cold Blue Skies Coaches Viewing

The Jury have been at work again - this time they received a protest with regard to the light conditions yesterday evening, but using the complaints procedure they discussed the protest with the competitor and it was withdrawn, as SC Section 5 5.2.9 states that the Meet Director and Chief Judge will decide if the weather conditions are suitable for jumping and judging.

24/08/2013 Day 2, Cheboksary, Russia

Dramatic skiesDramatic skies over Cheboksary at the end of the day.


17.30  And the rain returns, but everyone is put on a two hour stand-by so we wait to see.   There is an army of young volunteers to help with the language and generally look after the competitors and those working to make this compeetition a success.  Many of them are language students from the local colleges and enjoying the opportunity to practice their language skills.   The lead photograph was taken by one of the volunteers - Eugeny Petrov - spaciba.

 Some of the Volunteers arriving in the morning

Some of the Volunteers arriving for work

12.00   The Jury is being kept busy here, first protest yesterday, allowed (see yesterday's report) and now a second one today.  The Junior French Female was put out 3rd on a pass in accuracy.  The protest was allowed, the competition rules for Juniors states 2 on a pass.

Otherwise things proceed - round 5 of male accuracy results are now published on the DZ - and will be on this site shortly.

We also have the final results (not approved yet) of the Junior Female Style:

First place is Taisya Krivoshchekova, Russia - Total 27.50

Second place is Leocadie Ollivier-Depuru, France - Total 28.54                                                                                

Third place is Lucia Lippold, Germany - Total 30.03

Congratulations to all three girls. 


We also have the results of the Junior Male Syle (unofficial, of course)i

In first place:  Raphael Lautencher, Germany with 22.41 points

In second place : Anton Sayevich, Belarus with 23.83 points

In third place : Bonifac Hajek, Czech Republic with 25.81 points

Congratulatins to all three young men.


On the way to altitude
On the way to altitude over Cheboksary.  This morning started at 8.00 with the first widi load.   The programme for today is male style and female and junior accuracy.  The Juniors completed their three style jumps yesterday.

Today the town of Cheboksary is arranging for free busses to the airfield enabling the local inhabitants to come and watch - there is an area set up for the children to play on two very different bouncy castles.  It will be interesting to see how many turn up.  Despite the weather yesterday evening there were plenty of spectators for the Opening Ceremony.

Romania Delegation Cheboksary Russia

Cheboksary logo
7th FAI European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships

4th FAI Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships


13th FAI World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

1st FAI Junior World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing


22 - 26 August 2013

Flag Romania
Accuracy Landings - Male
Zoltan Arpad Domschy
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Male - Junior
 Romania Junior Male Alexandru Nicolau
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Female
 Romania Female Team

Simona Stan

Steliana Elena Popa


Gabriela Balascau

Accuracy Landings - Female : Andreea Padurean : Ana-Maria Serban


Accuracy Landings - Female - Junior
Diana MariƟ

Italy Delegation Cheboksary Russia

Cheboksary logo
7th FAI European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships

4th FAI Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships


13th FAI World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

1st FAI Junior World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing


22 - 26 August 2013

Flag Italy
Accuracy Landings - Male
 Italy Male Team Francesco Gullotti
Luke Comia
Manuel Cidale
Giorgio Squadrone
Giuseppe Tresoldi
Accuracy Landings - Female
 Italy Female Milena Zanotti
Accuracy Landings - Male - Junior
 Italy Junior Male Luigi Pinchieri
Accuracy Landings Team Manager Paolo Bevilacqua

Czech Republic Delegation Cheboksary Russia

Cheboksary logo7th FAI European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships

4th FAI Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships


13th FAI World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

1st FAI Junior World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing


22 - 26 August 2013

Flag Czech
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Male
 Czech Republic Male Team Jiri Gecnuk
Libor Jirousek
Oldrich Sorf
Hynek Tabor
Jindrich Vedmoch
Accuracy Landings - Female
 Czech Republic Female Macichova Daniela
Miroslava Vrana
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Male - Junior
 Czech Republic Junior Male Bonifac Hajek
Miloslav Kriz
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style Team Manager Ivan Hovorka

Bulgaria Delegation: Cheboksary Russia

Cheboksary logo
7th FAI European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships

4th FAI Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships


13th FAI World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

1st FAI Junior World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing


22 - 26 August 2013

Flag Bulgaria
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Male
 Bulgarian Male Konstantin Kostov
Daniel Stoyanov
Georgi Tsanev
Teodor Toshev
Dimitar Domtrov
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Female
 Bulgarian girls Ani Stamenova
Iliana Georgieva
Ina Gittel
Lora Todorova
Kalina Aleva
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style Team Coach Angel Stamenov

23/08/13 Day 1 Cheboksary, Russia

Leaving the DZ at end of Opening Ceremony4.00 Parachuting was abandoned for the day (a huge thunder storm arrived) and it was necessary to prepare for the Opening Ceremony. 

Unfortunately I was premature in my announcement that results would be posted "live" as at other First Category Events attended over the past couple of years.  Due to unforseen problems and complications this will not now be possible.  However, I will post the results (unofficial - of course) as they are posted on the DZ and when they are finally signed off by the Chief Judge at the end of the Competition these will be available in PDF form on our usual results page.

Before the end of the day, the German team protested with regard to problems with the pad and their protest was upheld, so they will rejump Round 3 Accuracy Landing.

The Opening Ceremony  consisted of speeches, however I don't know of another First Category Event at which the Prime Minister of the country it is being held in, and senior Ministers of that state attend and speak - including, of course, Sergey Milnikov still enjoying the memory of his Tandem Jump.  Presentations were made to famous parachutists from the Chuvash Republic, including Maja Petrovna Kostina, Style World Champion 1974 and 5 Times on the Podium at a World Championships, . Graeme Windsor thanked our hosts, the organisers but mostly the competitors for making the effort to travel so far and attend these competitions.  The ceremony ended with the anthems of Russia, Chuvashia and the FAI.  We then had a short display of local dancing and singing, followed by flag jumps, a demonstration into the arena and a low level static line dispatch display.  Fortunately the rain held off throughout the whole ceremony.

Russian flag arrives  Presnetation to  - famous Parachutist   dancers

3.30  Accuracy put on Standby due to the weather conditions - rain!  3 rounds of Male accuracy completed (results will be up shortly) and 1 round of style Female and Junior.

12.30  Provisional Style Results, Round 1 - Juniors and Female published on linked article below.

Brazil - Gilson Silva
10.30 The Competition is well under way. The happiest man on the Drop Zone has to be Silva Gilson from Brazil. He took two days to arrive here - Brazil, UAE, Moscow, Kazan, bus - arriving at 12.30 last night. He came out to the airfield and registered as the 15 minute call went out for the wind drift indicator load. His call came soon after as he was on the first load for accuracy - his first jump in Russia at a World Meet and he scores 0.00 - a very happy man.

Competitors tentsAt the Team Captain's meeting last night the jump numbers were distributed and questions clarified.  The draw for the Style sets is:

Round 1  .... Sequence 2

Round 2 ....  Sequence 4

Round 3 ..... Sequence 3

Round 4 ......Sequence 1

This morning we start with Junior Style and Female Style.  The aim is to complete three rounds of Junior and two of Female by lunch time.  Meanwhile we start the Male Accuracy.  After lunch the men will do style and the Juniors and Females Accuracy.  At 16.30 the programme ends and we make a quick trip back to the Hotel to change for the Opening Ceremony here on the DZ at 17.30 followed by a welcome party and then back to the Hotel for dinner as usual.

The sun is shining, it is going to be a hot bright day.  Once we sort out the transfer system the results will be available on the IPC Results page - so follow the link.

Ukraine Delegation, Cheboksary, Russia

Cheboksary logo
7th FAI European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships

4th FAI Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships


13th FAI World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

1st FAI Junior World Cup in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing


22 - 26 August 2013

Flag Ukraine
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Male
 Ukraine Male Ruban Volodymyr
Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Female
 Ukraine female tean Tetyana Byelova 

Svitlana Diachok

Iryna Korchmar

Tetiana Kuznetsova

Olena Kyrylenko

Head of Delegation, Team Manager, Team Coach
Head of Delegation Serhii Ostapenko
Team Coach Anatoly Sirchin