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Logo Mondial 2012 92h

Flag Sth Africa


Christopher Teague
Selwyn Johnson
Rob Kruger

Canopy Piloting Team Manager

Pierre Domps


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7th Day of the Mondial, 4th December 2012

Tuesday, 4th December - Day 6 of competition

17,00 The last jump of Canopy Piloting is completed and we have a winner for Distance and Overall - Congratulations to:

Canopy Piloting - Overall

Gold Medal

Curtis Bartholomew, USA

863.375 Total
Silver Medal

Nicholas Batsch, USA

819.410 Total
Bronze Medal Pablo Hernandez Moll, ESP 798.070 Total


Canopy Piloting - Distance

Gold Medal Nicholas Batsch, USA
192.221 Total
Silver Medal Jason Moldezki, CAN 288.515 Total
Bronze Medal Curtis Bartholomew, USA 279.560 Total

14.00 The last round of Canopy Piloting - Distance has started - all that is needed to complete their World Championships.  Will Nicholas Batsch beat his record distance set yesterday (to be ratified, of course)?  His distance of 154.09 mt. beats his current record of 151.95, also under consideration for ratification by the FAI.

Vertical Formation Skydiving

Gold Medal France 185 Total
Silver Medal UAE 177 Total
Bronze Medal USA 168 Total

With Canada taking a very creditable fourth place - considering they have been training and vertical flying for less than a year!  The future looks good for VFS with such new teams, UAE and Canada doing well.

Congratulations to all the Medal winners

11.45 - Final Round of VFS - judging live on the big screens on the DZ

France had pulled ahead of the UAE over the last two rounds and now with a lead of 6 points should win the competition - but who knows the last round is still to be judged.  At the moment, after Round 7 France is leading with 163 points, UAE 2nd with 157, and the USA third with 149.


But that is not all we also have the final positions for Artistic Events, Freestyle and Freefly:

Artistic Events - Freestyle Points
Gold Medal France 1 64.9
Silver Medal France 2 63.9
Bronze Medal Great Britain 60.4


Congratulations to our Freestyle Medal Winners


Artistic Events - Freefly Points
Gold Medal France 2
Silver Medal USA 2 64.5
Bronze Medal France 1


Congratulations to our Freefly Medal Winners

As a follow on from the article on \"Here come the Girls - to the Mondial\" today an invitation has been sent to all delegations inviting nominations to form the FAI Working Group on Women in the FAI.



The end is in sight, one more round of CP to complete the meet for that event, accuracy is moving on with an early start this morning into Skydive Dubai, all the other events are comforably giving us two rounds per day and Artistic Events should complete today.  Speed Skydiving having finished their competiton will continue to jump today in search of records.  We hope to have video of this to add to those already posted.

The sheer size of the organisation needed, and the many people who are working so hard, early starts and late finishes, to ensure that all runs smoothly often go un-noticed, un-mentioned and un-thanked - so today I will  endeavour to photograph this massive support team and put up an article about that side of this Mondial.

Meanwhile we have a result in the Accuracy event of CP: :

  • Chris Bartholomew, USA, 1st place with 289.010 points

  • Pablo Hernandez Moll, ESP, 2nd place with 287.428 points

  • Christian Wagner, AUT 3rd place with 276.438 points



 Today\'s Birthdays 

Carlos Correa Cabral (Brazil) CF 2Way Seq Video
Igor Shtol (Kazakhstan) Male Style



6th Day of the Mondial, 3rd December 2012

Monday 3rd December - Day 5 of competition

15.30  Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formations and Artistic Events stood down for the rest of the day along with the Style jumpers, however  accuracy and CP continue.  Tonight sees the start of the training for the skiing element of the Paraski event, and the actual skiing will happen tomorrow evening from 18.00 to 22.00.  Spectators on both days will be welcome. 

After 6 rounds of Formation Skydiving have been completed, we still have a very tight competition in all events -

  • VFS:     France  142 :  UAE 140 :  USA 131  and Canada are in 4th - their first year of competition!
  • 8-Way:  USA 137 : France 133 : Russia 117
  • 4-Way Open:  USA 156 : Belgium 154 : France 152 again with Canada in 4th place
  • 4-Way Female :  USA 119 : France 118 : Norway 105 - a real cat fight!
  • In the 4-Way Female the UAE team have not improved on their 11th place


Canopy Formations also has a very close competition developing and in both 4-way events there is a tie for first place after round 4 was completed:


  • 2-Way Sequential - Round 5
  • France 1 :   107     Australia 1 :  98 and             USA1 : 95.
  • 4-Way Sequential - Round 4
  • USA and France  35 :  Russia 22.
  • 4-Way Rotations - Round 4
  • France and Russia 62 : Belarus 68.

We are still waiting for the results for Canopy Piloting and Artistic Events to be posted - at the moment in Canopy Piloting we have a result in the Speed Event.

  • 1st Place :  Curtis Bartholomew, USA with 294.805 cumulative score
  • 2nd Place:  Thomas Delibac, USA with 272.457 cumulative score
  • 3rd Place :  Jason Moledzki, Canada with 270.429 cumulative score.

Each day the local TV company Dubai Sports is broadcasting live from Skydive Dubai between 11 and 13 hours.  It has been a huge learning curve also for the TV production team to try and understand what is going on;  particulary as so much of the competition is happening in the air, and jumpers are landing on four different drop zones.  They are making an excellent job of it with shots of a very busy and colourful drop zone here at Skydive Dubai, and filling in with interviews - including one with Graemen Windsor, IPC President   At the end of the day they hold their \"wash up\" meeting in the Media Tent - Dubai style:

TV production



The Speed Skydiving Demonstration/Test competition completed yesterday with

 : Winner 

Marco Wiederkehr  SUI ,

Christian Ferrari GER 2nd and

Christian Labhart, SUI 3rd

Congratulations to all the competitors who took part in this event - read the article on one of their number, Tim Mace - who has  been awarded the FAI Gold Parachuting Medal, (in Mondial Mutterings).

12.00 and it is all happening.  Canopy Piloting at Skydive Dubai - 3 rounds planned for today.  3 rounds completed of Speed yesterday evening.  Accuracy continues at the beach drop zone;  Formation Skydiving and Artistics are jumping onto the crescent - and taking a speed boat ride back to Skydive Dubai.

The reports from the Jury are now also on line - up to today.

We were treated, as promised, to an amazing opening ceremony last night   Certainly another record for this Mondial, closer to an Olympic opening ceremony than to any World Meet I have ever attended.  A fascinating depiction of the history of flight mixed in with Arabic legends with use of lights, constantly changing back screens and aerial display; early flight, flying carpets, flying performers, and ending with a supurb fireworks display.   Made all the more magic by being combined with the celebrations throughout the UAE for their 41st National Day;  the walk back to the hotel in a town filled with a party atmosphere completed the evening. However, this morning we started at 7.00  



Today\'s Birthdays

Laura Polkjak (Argentina) FS 4 Way Open

Jasminka Zezelic (Croatia) Female Style - Senior 

Yaroslav Markevych (Ukraine) FS 4 Way Open

Olav Zipser (Venezuela) Freestyle Videographer




5th Day of the Mondial, 2nd December 2012

Sunday 2nd December 2012 - 41st National Day

15.00 hrs
Round 5 of Formation Skydiving 8-way has been completed and USA hold the lead with 119 whilst the current World Champions, France, have 113 and Russia are in thrid place with 102.  VFS continues to be a tight contest with the UAE holding 1st pace with 122 points, France close behind in second with 120 and the USA trailing a bit with 110 - 3 more rounds to go!

Artistics Freefly has completed 4 rounds, and France 2 is leading the USA by 0.1 of a point (37.1 - 37.0) with France 1 in third place with 36.5.  Freestyle has also completed 4 rounds, with France 2 leading France 1 by 0.1 points (37.3 - 37.2) with G.B. in third place with 34.3.

Canopy Piloting is happening at the moment, and Accuracy Landings is continuing on the Beach DZ.  It will be an early finish today though, as we have to get ready for the opening ceremony at 20.00 hrs.

Each day there is a free draw, tickets available to registered persons on the DZ, for 5 Iphones and 5 Ipads!  This is drawn in the evening as jumping finishes.


The Accuracy Landing competition up until now has been split over two DZ\'s, so a 7.00am call this morning was necessary to complete Round 2. With all three Male Rounds completed we have Vodisek Domen (SLO) and Liang Yong (CHN) tied in 1st place with 00cm scores, with 5 jumpers tied for  3rd place with 01cm. Female Accuracy Round 2 is still in progress, so too are Juniors and Male & Female Freefall Style.


 No competitors\' birthdays today, but for UAE a huge day of celebration and one (on a smaller scale) the organisation here can justifiably share in.

There was a lot happening yesterday - as of this morning we have:

Accuracy Landings and Freefall Style:  Male 1 & 3 rounds with the 2nd to complete in Accuracy; 1st round to complete in Style :  Females 1 & 3 rounds completed in accuracy and 2nd to do.  No style yet.  Juniors the same as the Female event.

Formation Skydiving:  4 rounds completed in 4-way open and 4-way female, whilst 8-way and VFS have completed 3 rounds.

Canopy Formations:  2 rounds in 2-way sequential completed, and for 4-way sequential and rotations 1 round done with the 2nd to complete.

Artistic Events:  Freestyle - 3 rounds completed;  Freefly 2 rounds completed and 1 jump needed to complete round 3.

Canopy Piloting;  1 round completed in each event (Accuracy, Speed, Distance) with the 2nd round started for speed.

Today we finish earlier than usual in order to prepare for the Opening Ceremony, postponed from Frday 30th, which looks to be a spectacular affair from the sneek previews we have had of rehearsals and the rumours circulating the drop zone!  I 'm sure it will be a fitting ceremony for this fantastic Mondial.



Czech Republic CP Delegation

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Logo Mondial 2012 92h

Flag Czech


 Jan Bartos  Jan Kubes  Petr Mestak
Jan Bartos Petr Gerabek Jan Kubes Petr Mestak
 Jan Pilik  Mark Rahbani  Jan Roub  Zbynek Zivny
Jan Pilik Mark Rahbani Jan Roub Zbynek Zivny

Canopy Piloting Team Manager

Michaela Hasilova


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Czech Republic CF Delegation

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Logo Mondial 2012 92h

Flag Czech Republic

2-Way Sequential

 Czech team CF Emil Bartax
Martin Kucera
Jiri Pospisil (Videographer)

Canopy Formations Team Manager

Jiri Pospisil


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Czech Republic FS Delegation

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Dubai 2012 Logo

Flag Czech

4-Way Open

 Czech 4way Team Tomas Berousek
Petr Broz
Jiri Jirman
Jan Lukavec
Stepan Tuma

Formation Skydiving Team Manager

Zuzana Wrobelova


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Czech Republic AL & FS Delegation

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Deleg JnrSnr SA

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Dubai 2012 Logo

Flag Czech

Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Male

 Gecnuk Jir Jirousek Libor Sorf Oldrich Tbor Hynek

Jiri Gecnuk

Libor Jirousek

Oldrich Sorf

Hynek Tabor

Vedmoch Jindrich

Jindrich Vedmoch

Accuracy Landings - Female

 Sanovcova Andrea Macichova Daniela Sneiderov Jana Sorfov Iva

Andrea Funkova

Daniela Macichova

Jana Sneiderova

Iva Sorfova

Miroslava Vrana

Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style - Male - Junior

 Hjek Bonifc Krz Miloslav

Bonifac Hajek

Miloslav Kriz

Accuracy Landings - Female - Junior

 Simona Vybiralova

Accuracy Landings & Freefall Style Team Manager

Jan Wantula


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Argentina CF Delegation

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Logo Mondial 2012 92h

Flag Argentina

2-Way Sequential

 ARGCF2WAY Luis Perez
Eduardo Luis Hutigger
Marcos Ivan Abel Darman (Videographer)
Hugo Ricardo Darman (Alternate)

4-Way Rotations

 ARGCF4WAY Hugo Ricardo Darman
Luis Perez
Eduardo Luis Hutigger
Marcos Ivan Abel Darman
Gutierez Mathias Nicolas (Videographer)

Canopy Formations Team Manager

Laura Ivana De Roia


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Venezuela AE Delegation

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Deleg AE

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Logo Mondial 2012 92h

Flag Venezuela


Daniela Acquatella
Olav Zipser (Videgrapher)

Freefly - Team 1

Giancarlo Trimarchi
Claudio Cagnasso
Olav Zipser (Videographer)

Freefly - Team 2

Kate Alvarez
Camila Antonorsi
Carlos Briceno (Videographer)


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Venezuela AL & FS Delegation

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Dubai 2012 Logo

Flag Venezuela

Accuracy Landings - Male

Daniel Sotillo


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