1st Jury Notice - Prostejov, August 2009

Date: 31st August 2009

Time: 15:58

Meeting No: 1


Pål Bergan: Jury President

Alberto Martin Paracuellos: Jury Member

Niels-Christian Levin Hansen: Jury Member


Jiri Blaska: Meet Director

Rina Gallo: Chief Judge Formation Skydiving

Alya Ananina: Chief Judge Artistic Events

Reinier “Exi” Hoenle: FAI Controller


The World Games - Kaohsiung 16.7.09 - 26.7.09 (Air Sports, Parachuting ends 21.7.09)

Dr. Rainer 'EXI' Hoenle's final report on the World Games 2009 

The World Games 2009 are completed. On the second reserve day, every effort was made to get as many of the parachuting disciplines completed as possible. Even the award-ceremony was delayed by more than 3 hours, until late in the evening.


Sunday, 14th June World Air Games - Turin, Italy, 6th -14th June 2009

All the results are posted on the FAI official site.

Sunday 14 June 2009

The World Air Games are over .........   Congratulations to our new World Air Games Champions,

Accuracy:  Istvan Asztalos (Hungary)     .....     Canopy Formations:  Russia

Canopy Piloting:  Jason Moledzki (Canada)


Saturday, 13 June World Air Games - Turin, Italy, 6th -14th June 2009

Time is running out before the start of this Air Sports extravaganza - for more information go to their web site on :  www.WAG2009.com


4th World Cup in Canopy Piloting, 7-11 November 2007, Sydney Australia

Sunday 11th November, the last day. A really beautiful morning, the sun is shining and there is a low headwind on the course. Yesterday 2 rounds of the Accuracy Event were completed  so just one round left for a complete World Cup. Earlier in the week that did not seem a possibility.  

The 4th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting 2007 was declared finished with valid results at 15.30 on Sunday 11th November.    The award ceremony took place at the closing banquet and was electronically organised (flags displayed on a screen).  Thanks were given to all those who made the competition possible.  There were no protests.  The Accuracy Event was won by Brian McNenney, 2nd place Ian Bobo and 3rd to Martin Backlin.

Congratulations to all the Medal Winners in each Event and to the Overall Champion again:

Jason Moledzki, Canada, Gold Medal Winner

Jonathan Tagle, U.S.A., Silver Medal Winner

Ian Bobo, U.S.A., Bronze Medal Winner


2007 WC's & EC's in Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events, Stupino, 5 Aug - 12 Aug.

Saturday, 11th August 2007 11.30 hrs the World Cup and European Championships 2007 - Stupino, Russia was declared closed. The FUN flag reappeared with the French Female 4-way Team at the prize-giving. The Award Ceremony was marred by the non appearance of the Bronze Medal winners of the World Cup in 4-way Formation Skydiving, Sky Panters and as the Russian Team for the European Championships, for "technical" reasons. I have now had time to load all the pictures I have - I am sorry if I missed your team, please forward any pictures to me for inclusion on the site - freefall ones would be nice! Thank you to Jan Meyers (Omniskore) and Archie from the French Delegation for their pics.

Anton Maleveski Memorial International Cups 2007

6th FAI AMMIC in Formation Skydiving Results: 1st place: USA ARIZONA AIRSPEED 260 points 2nd place: USA FASTRAX 247 points 3rd place: RUS SKY PANTHERS 238 points


2007 World Cup and European Championships in Artistic Events Stupino, 4 Aug - 12 Aug.

 Bulletin No. 1 is now published - ftp://www.fai.org/parachuting/championships/4004_b1.zip Bulletin No. 2 is now published - ftp://www.fai.org/parachuting/championships/4004_b2.zip

Military Parachuting World Championships 2006, Ryazan, Russia. 19/07/2006 - 30/07/2006

To find all the results from this competition go to www.cism-milsport.org


World Championships - Gera, Germany 05/08/2006 - 11/08/2006

World Championships 2006, Gera Germany The 17th FAI World Formation Skydiving Championship; 6th FAI World Freestyle Skydiving and Skysurfing Championship; 4th FAI World Freeflying Parachuting Championship and the 4th FAI Women's World Formation Skydiving Championship. Check out the results during the competitions by clicking on the appropriate competition under the Block on the right hand side of the page:- Latest Articles.Monday 7th August 2006 Sunday was a complete wash out, but Monday started with clear skies and the first aircraft took off with 8-way, Female 4-way and Skysurf starting the competiton. Unfortunately the clouds came back and by 9.30 we were back on a weather hold. The draw for the competition:

 4-way Open and Female 
Round 1    N, 20, 16
Round 2    K, J, C, G, 3
Round 3    D, 19, B, 6
Round 4    L, 14, 10
Round 5    F, 17, M, 2
Round 6    21, 13, 11
Round 7    1, 5, A
Round 8    4, E, H, 15
Round 9    9, O, 8
Round 10   P, 7, Q, 12
Round 11   22, 18, 19

Round 1    8, O, Q, F
Round 2    16, 15, 9
Round 3    4, J, 6
Round 4    19, 20, D
Round 5    7, 5, 1
Round 6    10, 12, A
Round 7    H, P, 21, 22
Round 8    18, 17, K
Round 9    G, M, N, 2
Round 10   3, 13, 11
Round 11   B, C, E, 14

2005 FAI World Cups of Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events and Canopy Formation

World Cup 2005

Thursday 27 October - 18.00 hrs

Formation Skydiving 10 rounds completed in 8-way Final placings

805 Arizona Airspeed   Rd8 21 Rd9 16 Rd10 21 Total:205
804 Lapalisse Maubeuge Rd8 21 Rd9 18 Rd10 19 Total:202
803 R.T/ Evolution Pro Rd8 15 Rd9 15 Rd10 17 Total:164
802 Italy Ex3mo        Rd8 16 Rd9 12 Rd10 13 Total:145
801 Deguello           Rd8 11 Rd9  6 Rd10  9 Total: 90

10 rounds completed in 4-way Female Final placings