August 3rd, Wednesday, Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups 2011

The Norweigan Delegation entering the arena of the Opening Ceremony.  This commenced with a  moments silence in honour of those who died in the recent tragic events. German efficiency has worked well so far, let us hope it continues for today. Having called for wheels off at 9.00 - the rain that was forcast for the early morning having cleared, we had wheels off at 9.00 for the start of round 3 8-way.After a fitful morning by mid-day the weather had won - now all events on hold until 13.30. 13.30 - and the call is for 8-way.


Australia Delegation, Formation Skydiving, Saarlouis, World Cups 2011

Head of Delegation/ Team Manager

Gary Nemirovsky






Rotor Outong> 

4 way open

Gary Nemirovsky

Jens Goennemann

Stephany Vaughan

Craig Vaughan

Patrick Nygren (Camera)


August 2nd, Tuesday, Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups 2011,

Team 401 Turkey, dubbingAugust 2nd, Tuesday: 8am start and by 8.20 the first team (401 - Turkey) is in the dubbing station. The Competition has truely started. There was then a short delay, as some teams had not realised the start time had altered from that published in the Bulletin and were not on the Drop Zone. At the moment the judges are keeping up with the dubbing!# 09.50 and the first round of 4-way Female is completed:


Jury Notice, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cup 2011

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August 1st, Monday, Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups, 2011

1st morning - quiet before the startAt 8.00 am the drop zone was quiet in anticipation of the arrival of the balance of the teams today. By 9.00 am the first aircraft was in the air, with teams practicing. The sun came out and the forecast is for a good day.

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