IX Latin American Skydiving Championships 2012

colpar LOGO The IX Latin American Skdiving Championships organised by COLPAR took place in Santiago de Chile the 24-28 October 2012. 

Congratulations to the winners:

Accuracy Landings - Team

Gold Medal - Argentina            Silver Medal - Brazil          Bronze Medal - Chilie

Accuracy Landings - Male Individual

Gold Medal - Marcelo Ricci (BRA)   Silver Medal - Juan Carlos Perez (ARG)    Bronze Medal - Rogrigo Goncalves (BRA)

Accuracy Landings - Female Individual

Gold Medal - Mansol Maldonado (CUB)  Silver Medal - Ana Isa Garcia (CUB)   Bronze Medal - Ivana Canovas (ARG)

Canopy Piloting Overall

Gold Medal - Marat Leiras (BRA)   Silver Medal - Pereira Manoel Neto (BRA)   Bronze Medal - Aresca Matias (ARG)

Follow the link for the full results table:  IX Latin American Parachuting Championships 2012 Results

Mondial - Latest News


Katy PerryCompetitors, officials and the public will be treated to a stunning closing ceremony to the Mondial with global platinum-selling singer Katy Perry and Grammy Award-winning superstar Usher performing live.

“I can’t wait to perform my first ever show for all my Middle East fans in Dubai,” said Perry who has cemented her status as a best-selling superstar with the global success of her second studio album, Teenage Dream, which debuted at number one in eight countries and has spent every week in Billboard’s Top 200 album sales chart since its release two years ago.

The World Parachuting Championships will come to a close on December 8 beginning with an awards ceremony and victory parade to celebrate the winners from the previous week, followed by a performance by Usher featuring all the hits from his 17-year career as well as from his current album, Looking 4 Myself, and ending with a live show from Perry. While Usher has been to Dubai before, his sell-out concert at Dubai Media City still a talking point in the UAE, this will be Perry’s debut performance in the Middle East. “I’m excited to be returning to Dubai to perform for all my fans at the World Parachuting Championships,” said Usher.

"A Mondial" : What on earth is that?

 Well not so much "on earth" really – but of the sky.



It is a huge Skydiving Event – an opportunity for the world wide skydiving community to showcase all our top athletes in an event which combines every element of Skydiving competition disciplines in multiple World Championships.

Conceived as an idea in the early 2000's by the then President of the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), Patrice Girardin from France; the first Mondial was held in Gap, Haute Alpes, France in 2003. Over 700 skydivers from 26 different countries took part in the 5 different World Championships. The opportunity for athletes to meet other competitors across disciplines is a rare and enlightening experience adding to the joy of taking part.

Logo Mondial 2012 newThe second Mondial will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, commencing the 28th November 2012. This time there will be 6 different World Championships, a Test event of a new element to a discipline; an Exhibition event of the 7th parachuting competitive discipline and a Demonstration event of a "new" discipline.


26 days to the Mondial- Bulletin 2.& Final Registration

Logo Mondial 2012 new

Bulletin No. 2 has been published - follow the link for all the details, including the Final DZ's that will be used and the Overview of the Total Registrations.

As was expected the statitics make very interesting reading:

Total no. of Nations represented = 59

Total no. of persons attending  =  1443

Freefall Style and Individual Accuracy: 

Teams Male = 41 + 7 individuals  Teams Female = 11 + 14 individuals; 

Junior Male = 27 Junior Female = 13  Style = 140 competitors

Para-Ski :  Male = 61 Female = 16

Formation Skydiving:  4-way open = 38 ; 4-way Female = 14 ; V.F.S. = 9 and 8-way = 16 Teams

Canopy Formations : 2-way sequential = 23 ; 4-way sequential = 5 and 4-way rotations = 9 Teams

Artistic Events : Freestyle = 12 and FreeFly = 22 Teams

Canopy Piloting = 132 competitors.

ALL the Judges Panels for Dubai after the changes on 22.10.2012

September  Preliminary Registration is completed - as of today there are 56 Nations entered and 1469 individuals registered with delegations  - we knew this was going to be big - but this is huge!

August:  Spotted on a London Bus during the Olympic Games - what great publicity - thanks Niels-Christian Levin Hansen for sending this to me.   Beginning to get excited as the time draws nearer.

Follow this link to see the excellent publicity campaigne being conducted in the UK and beyond.

The Organisation have now arranged for their bank to accept entry fees in Euros and Dirham as well as American Dollars - this will be confirmed to each Delegation that has made a provisional entry and also included in Bulletin No.2

June 2012

Bulletin No 1 and supporting documents now available (Click on each document title to view)


The Organiser's Web Site for the Mondial has been launched and can be reached from this link


The Complete Judge's Panels for all Disciplines Follow the link



Speed Skydiving Test Competition - Dubai 2012

 Deleg Speed Skydiving

 Medal Winners


Gold Medal Winner Marco Wiederkehr Switzerland
Silver Medal

Christian Ferrari

Bronze Medal Christian Labhart Switzerland



Dubai Test Competition, Speed Skydiving


If you are organising the largest Skydiving event ever, why not add yet another competition?  

The Dubai organisation, in conjunction with the FAI/IPC and the ISSA (International Speed Skydiving Association) have decided to add to the six World Championships* already scheduled for the “Mondial”, Dubai 28 Nov – 9 Dec 2012, and the Demonstration Event**, a Test Competition for Speed Skydiving.

This exciting new competitive discipline will be carried out by 10 experienced skydivers, including the current ISSA World Champion, Mr. Marco Wiederkehr.

Each competitor has 3 jumps during which they will try to record the fastest speed they can over 1,000 m.   By using electronic measuring devices fitted to each competitor the speed attained during their descent from 4,000 m over the fixed 1,000 m distance between 2,700 m and 1,700 m will be recorded and give us the performance ranking.

For more information on Speed Skydiving visit their website at http://www.speedskydiving.eu


 More pictures available on Flickr

*6th FAI Junior Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings World Championships
32nd FAI Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings World Championships
20th FAI Formation Skydiving World Championships
15th FAI Canopy Formations World Championships
9th FAI Artistic Events World Championships
4th FAI Canopy Piloting World Championships

** Para-Ski Demonstration Event.

26 days to go!!


The following text is taken from the Organiser's Web Site - but it is very IMPORTANT to all competition Videographers.


The IPC competition rules require for Video Transmission and Recording, that ALL video equipment MUST deliver a PAL (format) digital video signal (High Definition HD 1080i AVCHD) through a compatible video connection.

Any other digital video equipment not using the PAL standard (i.e. NTSC and others) DOES NOT meet this reqirement.

It is the responsibility of the VIDEOGRAPHER to ENSURE the compatibility of the freefall video equipment with the scoring system. The Video Controller does not have the power to grant exceptions. Non-commpliance with this rule will lead to the situation, that the performance on video cannot be processed and is not accepted for judging and scoring because of non-compliance with the IPC-rules.

Italy - AE Delegation - EC & WC Prostejov 2012

Untitled Document

Italy Freefly

Team: Somain


L-R:   Luca Rosa, , Francesco Borgogni, Leonardo Ghiardon


France - AE Delegation - EC & WC Prostejov 2012

Untitled Document

France Freefly  (Competing in World Cup only)

Team:  Airwax

USA 4Way sm

Gregory Crozier, Karine Joly, Nicolas Ferry


Russia - AE Delegation - EC & WC Prostejov 2012

Untitled Document

Russia Freefly

Team:  Paradise


Denis Sushko, Evgeiy Borovik, Alexey Chechetkin


Russia: Freestyle

Team:  Levitation


Igor Kalinin, Yulia Chernova


UK - AE Delegation - EC & WC Prostejov 2012

Untitled Document

United Kingdom Freefly

Team:  UK Freefly

UK Freefly

L-R:   Paul Capsey, Andy Godwin, Dave Paley,


Untitled Document

United Kingdom Freestyle

Team: Euphoria

UK Freefly

L-R:   Alexandra Dano Andy Myers