Credits, Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups 2011

Thanks are due to the following people for assisting with bringing the news, pictures and videos of this event to this web site.


 Fay Kimble, my assistant, for creating the results/video pages and all the work on maintaining them.

Stefan BreuckStefan Breuck of the organisation for the organisers' website, assisting with the video downloads and photographs and sharing his office with us.


 Karin Trinh for her wonderful photographs.




Jury Response to Protest - 4 August 2011 Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups 2011

IPC JURY NOTICE                                                                                               DATE : Augus


August 5th Friday, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

9.00 am start, but the clouds are low - there are signs that it will improve and all team s are on standby.

Yesterday the Jury had to consider a protest from the Dutch 4-way team. Details can be found under the Jury page..

10.50 and the sky starts to clear - 15 min call for 4-way.

12.45 - a good morning, we have just had a 15min call for the final round of the 4-way Female event.


August 6th, Saturday, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cup 2011

Waiting for France6th August, Saturday: 9.00 start, but misty cloud yet to burn off. We have the semi-final and final round of 8 way and Round 8 of 4 before the cut for the semi-final and then final rounds. 9.15 first 15 minutes call for 4-way and 8-way.

France retain their lead over Belgium by 3 points at the end of the semi-final round, with the Germans in third place.


Final Results for Artistic Events - PDF format, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

FAI 8th World Cup in Artistic Events


FAI 7th Europen Championship in Artistic Events



Final Results for Formation Skydiving - PDF Format, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

FAI 17th World Cup in Formation Skydiving

FAI 10th European Championship in Formation Skydiving

August 3rd, Wednesday, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

The Norweigan Delegation entering the arena of the Opening Ceremony.  This commenced with a  moments silence in honour of those who died in the recent tragic events. German efficiency has worked well so far, let us hope it continues for today. Having called for wheels off at 9.00 - the rain that was forcast for the early morning having cleared, we had wheels off at 9.00 for the start of round 3 8-way.After a fitful morning by mid-day the weather had won - now all events on hold until 13.30. 13.30 - and the call is for 8-way.