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If you need a ride fyom the Airport to the DZ you MUST contact Skydive Chicago to book it.  If you do not there WILL NOT be any transport provided for you.   Please deal with this URGENTLY, by completing the following survey:


Help to make this the most successful Mondial to date.

6th Wortd Canopy Piloting Championships, Farnham, Canada, Day 3




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Wednesday, 24th August 2016

Andrew Woolfe rejump end of round 1

Andrew makes his re-jump - the end of Round 1 Speed.

17.45   Finally the conditions are OK and Andrew Woolfe received his 15 minute call.  He will be jumping the Twin Beech. 

17.15   Buzz has now released everyone EXCEPT Andrew Woolfe for the day.  The winds are not low enough yet, and any later there will not be time to complete a round before we loose the light.  So RELEASED until tomorrow - wheels off at 7.00 so breakfast 5.30 at the hotel, bus leaves at 6.00.  Meanwhile Andrew, Judges, Jury the Course designer and the Organiser,  remain at  Nouvel Air, Farnham watching the wind.

16.30   Stand By - it is definately improving, we shall see if it is enough to at least get the re-jump done.

14.30   Buzz's latest announcement is that everyone except those engaged in other activities and Andrew Woolfe are released until 16.30.

13.00   Our "friendly" Meet Director put everyone on STAND BY and we are here for the duration.  The hope is the wind will drop at the end of the day, and at least we will get the re-jump done.  The Speed course can then be taken down, ready to go with Distance or Accuracy, depending on the conditions.

8.00     The Meet Director then asked everyone to Stand By for an announcelemt at 9.30.  When it came it was a RELEASE until 13.00.

7.00     Wheels off and continue with the rejumps from yesterday and then the completion of round 1 Speed - great, even though the winds were still from the south, and over the trees, they were below limits for the completion of the round.   The intention had been to then move directly to a second round of Speed but by 8.00 the Meet Director in conjunction with the Chief Judge stopped jumping.  Unfortunately we have one re-jump (technical fault) to do to actually complete the round.


Got it wrong Making the exit gate
Got that wrong! Making the exit gate

6th Wortd Canopy Piloting Championships, Farnham, Canada, Day 2

Round 1 Speed

Round 1 - Speed


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What is a Mondial?

Mondial 88red
What is a Mondial? Where did the idea originate?


16th World Para-Ski Championships, St. Johann, Austria - 7-11 March 2017 - Bulletin 1



In the middle of a hot summer (here in Europe) it is hard to think about winter and Para-Ski but now is the time to start planning.

Bulletin 1 is now published and available on this web site - either follow the link or go to the Events Calendar to the right of this notice and click on the second icon beside the entry for this FCE.

Information is also available on http://paraski2017.com

2018 and 2019 - Tables of FCE Bid Applications

FAI Medal - Small Image

01.08.16 - We also received the following application for the World IS Championships 2019 - within time and with the application fee fully paid - so see the table for 2019 FCE Bids on this link - or go to the documents page as detailed below.

31.07.16  Please note there has been a date change for the Australian bids since first publication.

The 30th June was the deadline for NAC's/Organisers to submit their Bid Application to host a First Category Event in 2018.  Alltogether your Bureau received 8 Bids, which met their application requirements (due date of submission, application fee paid) and they will now be considered by the Bureau and the Committee Chairs for presentation at the next Plenary meeting in Faro.

To see the who, when and where follow this link - 2018 FCE Bids Application Table

Or go to the Menu headings - Documents - Events - 2018 FCE Bids Application Table

Bulletin 2 - Now Published for the Mondial - Chicago, USA - 11-20 September 2016

Mondial2016Bulletin #2 is now published on this site - either follow this link or go to Events Calendar (to the right of this article) and click on the second logo.

In connection with the publication of the Mondial-Bulletin-2 (2016) please note, that Program and Broadcast is provided by Skydive TVĀ® The Official Media Partner of IPC .

The IPC Media Company Partner will provide Media Coverage and Broadcasting of the 6th FAI Canopy Piloting World Championships 2016 at Skydive Chicago, as well as on the  FAI's Event Website, NouvelAir's website and all smart mobile devices (tablets and phones) via Skydive TV's App iOS and Android. The program will also be available on Apple TV via iTunes, search for Skydive TV.


Please take further note in connection with the publication of the Mondial-Bulletin-2 (2016), that IPC regrets that the original bid for the Mondial 2016 did not disclose the fact  that the age limit for participation (16 years as stated in SC5) cannot be applied as a legal option for the host, and therefore, for the NAC neither.

Keep up with the World Championships

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Not long now before the start of the Canopy Piloting World Championships in Canada, closely followed by the Mondial with its World Championships in Accuracy Landing and Freefall Style (both senior and junior); Formation Skydiving; Canopy Formations; Artistic Events and Speed Skydiving.

If you are unable to attend then the presence of Skydive TV and live streaming from all the competitions ensures you are able to keep up with all the action, news and stories, which will also be covered on this web-site as normal.

So join us in Farnham, Canada and Chicago, U.S.A. for what promises to be an exciting summer of Skydiving.

6th Wortd Canopy Piloting Championships, Farnham, Canada, Aug 20-27 - Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 for this Event is now published on this website - follow this link Bulletin 2

Or visit the Events Calendar to the right of this page and click on the information icon in the second column against the 6th World Canopy Piloting Championships,

Registration Reminder - Mondial

Mondial2016Roll up ! Roll up ! for the Greatest Parachuting Event in 2016

Only you need to hurry as the registration deadline is 1st August 2016.

All the earlier problems with banking and registration details have been resolved - so to ensure participation all NAC's need to follow the entry guide given in the linked web-site.

Don't delay - let us make this something to remember for everyone who can participate.

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