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30th January 2016

Following the direction of the Plenary your Bureau sought and found a willing volunteer to take on the role of Financial Secretary.  Here is the personal profile he sent me.

PAP 10 port02optPeter A. Pfalzgraf

Date of Birth: 27th March 1953

Skydiving since 1978

Number of Jumps: 6.300

Instructor since 1979, Tandemmaster 1986 til 1998

Competing since 1979 in Accuracy, FF-4, FF-8 and FF-16, CF-8, CF-4, Rotation, CF-2 and Paraski

Representing Germany at World Meets 1982 til 2012 in CF

Bronce Medal in CF 8-way Speed 1998

Various German records in CF and big formation, currently 214-way

CF World Records in CF, currently 100-way

Staff member of the German Parachuting Committee since 1981 up to date

Currently Vice President of the German Parachuting Committee

IPC CF subcommittee member since 2008

2006-2015 treasurer of the Parachuting Committee of the German NAC, DAeC

Author of the by-laws and the finacial regulations of the German Parachuting Committee after restructuring of the DaeC

Welcome to the team Peti.


Judges Nominations for 2016 Wingsuit Flying FCE's

Wingsuit logoIt is time to nominate your judges for selection to the judging panel for the 1st Wingsuit Performance World Championships and the 1st Wingsuit Acrobatic World Cup to be held in Z'Hills, Florida, USA 2-10 November 2016.

The form for nomination is available under Judges.

Please ensure that the nominations reach the chair of the Judges committee on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - by 1st March 2016.

New Bureau - starts work

2016 New IPC Bureau

Your new Bureau commences their work by appointing Peter Pfalzgraf as the new Finance Secretary.  Please find the Bureau Interim Decision 2016/01 under the menu heading in the About Us menu above.

IPC Plenary Meeting - Frankfurt 2016 - Day 5

Sunday 24th January Day 2 of the Formal Plenary

2016 General_Meeting_Back

Click here for list of Delegations

We commenced the day with the Roll Call of all delegates present conducted by Markus Haggeney.


FAI Chief of Judge Training Workshop, Frankfurt, 16-17 Jan 2016 - Day 2



CoJT Database
Rina Gallo presenting the Judges Database

Sunday's Workshop session opened with a presentation by Rina Gallo, who maintains the database of FAI Judges. Rina took us through the step-by-step process of creating a new judge, from the receipt of paperwork from the appropriate NAC to the type of data needed to effect the record.

Apart from the basic fields relating to the individual, ie first name, family name, date of birth and gender, additional extensive fields relating to the date and type of course taken, the pass rate in the written and practical examinations, where the course was undertaken and under whose direction. Further fields allowed for inputting information relating to subsequent re-evaluations. The database is very comprehensive and builds an historical record relating to each judge. Rina explained the various check-lists she's created to ensure the database is valid as well as the various reports that can be produced for the Judges Committee. Without exception, everyone was in awe at the extensive information the database contained, equally with the time Rina dedicates to ensuring the database is kept up to date and accurate. A well-earned round of applause concluded her presentation.

CoJT Sun_Questions



The Workshop continued with Karla looking more closely at the various questions that were submitted in written form yesterday, but which weren't addressed due to time constraints. Several points had previously been tackled and sometimes the discussions from around the table became lengthy, sometimes at cross purposes, sometimes even off topic! One area which was debated at length was the time needed to run a course. Clearly some disciplines need more time than others to conclude, but the exchanges gave an insight into how individuals schedule their courses and why.

Looking in greater depth at the course content for judge training, the participants were re-organised into small working groups, discipline orientated, to come up with 15 new examination questions. Returning once again to a single working group, Karla went through the Chief of Judge Training Handbook highlighting areas and discussing aspects that may encourage a better outcome for the trainees. She went on to elaborate things she did to put her trainee judges at ease, making the entire experience an enjoyabale one, not something to be feared.

Emphasis was also placed on the need for feedback from the, hopefully, now qualified judge. Many people find so-called feedback forms requiring lengthy answers annoying, even intimidating.  Karla showed everyone a segmented 'bullseye' wheel allowing for specific areas/questions to be annotated around the outer edge. Feedback is made by putting a single dot in the appropriate section to denote the degree of satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is unsatisfactory and 5 is excellent! One would hope to receive the document back with a cluster of dots in the centre!



Finally. Karla drew attention to a new training aid in development by Ron Miasnikov and her colleague Shalomo 'Yoyo' Matichin. It's an online scoring system that anyone can download and use on their home PC, laptop, tablet or phone. The working model can be seen here using the events in the left-hand margin. One feature yet to be included is slow motion, but even in its current form as demonstrated by Ron, it appeared to be a simple to use and effective way of practising ones judging skills. You were able to match your skills against the judged video, which even depicted the dive sequence. The location/storage of videos is an issue yet to be resolved, but this facet is currently being addressed.

Bringing the meeting to a close, Karla asked the participants for their observations on the usefulness of the Workshop. It was evident from the comments made that it had proved to be a valuable and thought-provoking event, which served to emphasise the need to seek ways to standardise judge training courses. With this in mind, everyone was in agreement of the necessity for future FAI Chief of Judge Training Workshops in order to see their goal achieved.

One final gesture from Karla - always an enforcer of traditions - to imbibe a Tyrollean berried Schnapps, drunk from chocolate lined wafer cups!

CoJTSchnapps CoJTSchnapps0 CoJTSchapps1
Their cups runneth over . . .  Raise your glasses . . . Enjoy . . . !!!

A personal thank you from the floor to Karla for not only having the insight to organise this workshop but for making it such a smooth run and enjoyable experience.

Till the next time!

WAG 2015 - Day 12

Saturday, 12th December


Latest Information Notice No. 52



Follow this link to the latest Information Notice

Or go to the menu box to the right of the page - "Information Notices"

Prague Crowned the First World Champions in Indoor Skydiving - Two of the titles were Won by the French

WISC2015 Prague

On 23rd and 24th October, Prague became the venue for the first ever World Championships in Indoor Skydiving. This dynamic sport, which belongs to the official air sports family for only a year and a half, hosted 202 flyers from 23 countries. The 1st FAI Indoor Skydiving World Championships 2015 were fought in several categories within four disciplines. The most precious laurels were brought home by the French, who triumphed twice. The World Champions are also Finns, Poles, Swiss, Americans and Belgians.


1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships - Prague, Csech Rep. 21 - 24 October 2015 - Videos

Tunnel flyer

All the Formation Skydiving Judged videos are now available on the IPC YouTube site - and the Solo Freestyle will be added to the playlists tonight.

All results are available for Formation Skydiving and Solo Freestyle in PDF printable format on the IPC Results site.

Dynamic Results are available here

2015 Breitling Youngster Award - Martin Jarrett (USA)

Martin JarrettCongratulations

At the recent FAI General Conference held in Rotterdam, Martin Jarrett was awarded the Breitling Youngster Award in recognition of his outstanding achievemnets.

Read the interview he gave to Faustine Carrerra, FAI Communication Manager

Martin Jarrett

10th EC & 10th WC Artistic Events, Teuge, Netherlands 7-12 September 2015 - Competition Videos

8way exitAll the competition videos (Formation Skydiving 228) (Artistic Events 135) and now uploaded to the IPC YouTube site and are arranged in playlists.

This will take you there

In Round FS 8-Way Aerodyne Maubeuge (France) broke the European Record (awaiting ratification) with 30 points. Many National Records were also broken, notably The Netherlands and Qatar/

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