6th FAI Junior & 9th FAI EC in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing in Podgorica, MNE, 2017 - Bulletin 1

montenegro 2017


Due to an error in the e-mail addresses Bulletin 1 has now been republished and is available on this web site along with the Preliminary Registration Document.


Follow this link

2nd FAI WISC Laval, Quebec, Canada 19-22 Oct, 2017 - Bulletin 1

WISC 2017_LogoBulletin 1 has now been published for the 2nd World Indoor Skydiving Championships to take place in Laval, Quebec, Canada on 19-22 October 2017.

This is available by clicking on this link

Alternatively you can find it on the Events Calendar under the entry for Laval, Quebec, Canada under the second icon.

The IPC Bureau has issued the following statement with regard to the 4-Way Indoor Formation Skydiving Junior Event in this competition:

"The Chair of the FS committee received notification of intent from France and Canada and the organisers have also received informal indications from Czech Republic and Singapore that they plan to send teams for the 4-Way IFS Junior event. This means that currently we have four teams (NACs) wishing to compete in the junior competition.

Please be informed, that the position of the IPC-Bureau will be an analogy to that of the CF-event in Saarlouis, in other words, the Junior 4-Way IFS event in Laval will take place and the title of a champion will be awarded, provided a minimum of 3 NACs have entered the event by the final registration date."

ECs & WCs in FS, CF, AE & SP, Saarlouis, Germany 2017 - Bulletin 2



Announcing the release of Bulletin 2 with revised Booking Forms (to take account of the removal of CF 4-Way events).

This is now available via this website on this link

You can also reach it by going to the entry for Saarlouis on the Events Calendar to the right of this news feed.

3 months to go .....  looking forward to a fantastic summer of competition.

Interim Bureau Decision 03/2017

2016 New_IPC_BureauFollowing the decision of CISM to hold their Military World Parachuting Championships in Hungary in 2018, with the closing and awards ceremony co-inciding with the Hungarian National Day of 20th August to maximise on media and political publicity; your Bureau was asked to consider changing the date of the 35th FAI World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships due to be held in Eden, Montana, Bulgaria at the same time.

Today they have issued Interim Bureau Decision 3 for 2017 reflecting their decision, how it was reached and the reasoning behind it.

You can read this IBD on this website by following the link here

You can also find it under Documents - Interim Bureau Decisions or under the Menu tag "About Us" - IPC Bureau News" - "Interim Bureau Decisions".

Canopy Formation 4-Way Events Cancelled


Today, formal notification has been issued of the cancellation of the Canopy Formation 4-Way Sequential and 4-Way Rotation events at this years European Championships and World Cup in Saarlouis, Germany.


With only 2 NAC's for 4-Way Sequential and 1 for 4-Way Rotations indicating an intention to participate there is no event.  Follow this link.

World Games 2017 - Bulletin 1 Canopy Piloting



Check out the Bulletin 1 especially issued for Canopy Piloting participation in this huge International Event.

IPC is representing one of the three Air Sport contributions to this, the second largest Inerational Sporting Event, second only to the Olympics.

Follow this link to our Bulletin

Interim Bureau Decision 02/2017

2016 New_IPC_Bureau


A interim decision has been made by your Bureau and is detailed on both the Documents Page, under Interim Bureau Decisions or by following the menu link above 'About Us' 'IPC Bureau News' you will find 'Interim Bureau Decisions' or you can click here

New FAI Swoop Freestyle World Championships announced

Swoop1A new FAI Swoop Freestyle World Championships will see its first event in August this year, following a new collaboration between the FAI and a specialist sports company, A. Sports.


Judging Panels - 2017 FCE's

Judges working_the_course-_Klatovy_2011_copy

'Updated'  ************* 11.04.17

The Judges have been selected for some of the 2017 First Category Events.

You will find them on the Documents page under - "Officials, Judges and Delegates", "Judges" or if you use the drop down menu above  "About Us" and then "Judges" or the Judges Information box at the foot of this page - all will lead you to links to the actual panels selected by FCE. 

We now have the final decisions on the World Indoor Skydiving Championlships, Laval, Canada - AE Panel and the World Cup of Wingsuit Flying, Navada, USA.


Birth of an Event - FAI Swoop Freestyle World Championships



The IPC Bureau is very pleased to announce the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between the FAI (President Frits Brink and Secretary General Susanne Schöder) and the Danish company A Sports, represented by Mr. George Patrick Stribling Blythe;  this is in regard to the creation of the Event:  FAI Swoop Freestyle World Championships, to be run in a Formula 1 format.  It will consist of 20 selected and invited Swoop Freestyle competitors who will compete over a 2 day period.

The first competition is already arranged for the 25th and 26th August 2017 to take place in Kopenhagen Harbour (Denmark).  

The final details of the rules and conduct of the event are currently being worked on.

MoU Swoop_Freestyle

Minutes of the 2017 Plenary Meeting, Faro, Portugal

Exi Faro


I am glad to be able to announce the publication of the Minutes and accompanying documents from the 2017 Plenary Meeting held in Faro, Portugal at the end of January.

These are available on this website under "Documents" "Meetings" "2017 Faro (POR), 28-27 January 2017" "IPC 2017 Plenary Meeting Minutes" or on this LINK

Alternatively they can also be found via the drop-down menu at the top "About Us" "Meetings" "2017 Faro etc." "Minutes".

We apologise for the delay in publishing these minutes, due to a very heavy workload in the FAI Office and of their senior staff members.








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