Why it is important to Read the Rules

GS 2012 pagenumber.001As everyone makes their way home after the European Championships and World Cup in Prostejov there are some who have reason to regret not reading the rules before they came.

Issue 1 - Cameras

One of the issues resulting from this failure was discussed in the Competitors Meeting following teams' camera flyers finding their cameras did not conform to the new regulation:

Competitin Rules:

4.5. Video Transmission and Recording

4.5.2. For the purpose of these rules, ”freefall video equipment” shall consist of the complete video system(s) used to record the video evidence of the team`s freefall performance, including the camera(s), recording media, and battery(ies). All video equipment must be able to deliver a High Definition (HD1080i AVCHD) PAL digital signal through a compatible video connection approved by the Video Controller. The videographer is responsible for ensuring the compatibility of the freefall video equipment with the scoring system.

and also in

Sporting Code Section 5 (Parachuting)

4.3.1 Judging Equipment and Identification

(3) The video recording, playback and all auxiliary equipment must allow for full HD input and full HD output and viewing for the judges and the public.

These rules excluded GoPro cameras, but did ensure that the Judging Panels had excellent quality images to judge from. The following e-mail was circulated to the judging community from Pia Berggren, Chair of Judges Committee at the end of the meet:

"Hello all

Must tell you that it feels like Christmas came early this year.
In all my years as a judge, I have dreamed of judging a parachute competition with good sharp image. This week, the picture was not just good, but perfect, as jumpers see it in their camera. It's like a dream come true!
All judges commented again and again - check out the picture, look what a nice image we have, wow, we can see hands on faraway teams ...

From now on, the judging has entered a new era.

It is worth making sure that everyone understands the regulations that are currently in force having been approved at IPC in January 2012, and issued through the FAI website from 1st March 2012.


Issue 2 was an unusual one and affected a team with a member who had previously represented a different NAC. The rule is very clear and is in The Sporting Code, General Section: Change of Representation - First Category Events.

If a person has represented a country in a First Category event, that person must not represent another country in any First Category event during the entire two calendar years (1 January to 31 December) following the calendar year in which the person represented the preceding country. Also, see, which prevents the holding of two sporting licences at the same time. In the exceptional circumstance where, due to geopolitical change and not personal choice, a person becomes resident of another country and is no longer eligible to hold a sporting licence in the prior country, this time period can be reduced on the condition NACs concerned give their written approval and the case is reviewed and approved by the CASI bureau.

The definition of a First Category Event is also in the General Section and affected one team from France, Freestyle Team Airwax. They had not realised that they needed NAC approval as a World Cup is clasified as a First Category Event.


3.5.1 FIRST CATEGORY EVENTS World and Continental Regional Championships, as approved by the FAI Air Sport Commissions concerned and confirmed by the Executive Board as part of their approval of the FAI Sporting Calendar (Statute refers).

and this is defined further in The Sporting Code, Section 5.

Only teams and competitors entered in an FCE as part of the Delegation may participate in that FCE.

Another issue that was raised at the competitors meeting related to the exit.   The Judges, before the competition started, gave clarification regarding the requirement to start working time from the first team member to detach from the aircraft.  This can be difficult to determine, unless the video camerman films the door-frame., so the judges can see all the team and either feet or hands releasing.  Remember, failure to clearly show this will carry a 20% penalty.  It is important, therefore, that teams do clearly present the exit  (as they  do with points).  

You can find all the relevant documents under the Menu heading "Documents".

Sporting Code, General Section                                Sporting Code, Section 5, (Parachuting)                   Competition Rules, Formation Skydiving

 Competition Rules, Vertical Formation Skydiving                     Competition Rules, Artistic Events

This may all seem very dry and boring and of no importance to your ability to skydive, but the rules are there to ensure that the best possible and fairest conditions of competition exist for you to showcase your skills. They are worth reading! Each year any changes are highlighted, so once you get to know them it is relatively easy to keep up to date. Your delegate, and/or the committee chairs are available for your input and any suggested changes.