IX Latin American Skydiving Championships 2012

colpar LOGO The IX Latin American Skdiving Championships organised by COLPAR took place in Santiago de Chile the 24-28 October 2012. 

Congratulations to the winners:

Accuracy Landings - Team

Gold Medal - Argentina            Silver Medal - Brazil          Bronze Medal - Chilie

Accuracy Landings - Male Individual

Gold Medal - Marcelo Ricci (BRA)   Silver Medal - Juan Carlos Perez (ARG)    Bronze Medal - Rogrigo Goncalves (BRA)

Accuracy Landings - Female Individual

Gold Medal - Mansol Maldonado (CUB)  Silver Medal - Ana Isa Garcia (CUB)   Bronze Medal - Ivana Canovas (ARG)

Canopy Piloting Overall

Gold Medal - Marat Leiras (BRA)   Silver Medal - Pereira Manoel Neto (BRA)   Bronze Medal - Aresca Matias (ARG)

Follow the link for the full results table:  IX Latin American Parachuting Championships 2012 Results