Mondial Foot Note

Skydive DubaiHave finally, thanks to Claire King of "InTime" and Kurt Gaebel, NSL who filled in the gaps for me (except the final CF still being worked on) loaded all the judged videos for AE, CF and FS here on YouTube - in total there are 1154 videos, including a couple of photo compilations.

So far 15,047 viewings in December and 896 so far this month!

However if you do not want to go through all those videos to find the best performance per nation per event, then visit the faiparachuting site when you will find them.

A few more statistics for those that like them:

Of the 11,408 jumps made during the Mondial, 10,853 were competition jumps and 555 training jumps.

The total number of aircraft loads was 760 as follows:

Helicopter Bell 212 - 304 loads

Twin Otter HD-6       - 301 loads              

Cessna Caravan 205 - 79 loads

Pilatur Porter PC-6    - 76 loads.


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