Mexican Record - Largest Formation - 36 way


The story of this Mexican record in their own words:

36 way Mexican Record

Saturday 16th

Register by all jumpers.
Safety talk, refresh on landing patterns and rules by the Security and training advisor.
No Jumps due to weather hold.

Sunday 17th 

With a new and this time sunny day the participants were feeling much more enthusiastic and ready to establish a new record, so it began…
8:00 am for the first dirt dive
8:30 first record attempt 14,000Ft. Altitude.  Unsuccessful jump, 36 way was incomplete.
After reviewing the video the captain decide to make some little changes in order to improve the performance of the jumpers.
Around 11:00 am the jumpers gear up and board the aircraft’s.
Second attempt was close but not complete, all jumpers were happy with the performance during this one but a the same time a bit disappointed for not getting the record.
One more time the captains review the video, on the debrief they talk about what was missing and encourage all the participants to do their best.

1:00 pm, gear up, dirt dive, climb to altitude.  Third attempt was not complete.
Captains got together review the video and decide to make one more change, they were sure this will be it.
Every single participant was focused and excited at the same time, Gear up, dirt dive, a few last words from the captain,   and   to the aircrafts.

13 Foto Record 36 way Cuautla F24AA224C1E91292EDB6D39BABF2F

3:00 pm 15,500 ft.  Ready set Go, one by one the formation starts to get shape, after a few seconds the so called 36 way it’s complete, we have made a New Mexican record.

All landings were full of joy and happiness because everyone knew it.
After the FEMEDA officials review the video, finally they announce it, it was official, and the 36 way was complete and valid.

Record formation plan