17/08/2013 Banjaluka BiH

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 Day 4 


16.20 The last event - the Formation Skydiving 4-way Female Tie-break round is judged.  Sweden secured third place in the European Championships with a score that was higher than the Russian girls.  France and the USA continued the tie - both scoring 17 points clean.  So France is declared the winner due to their achieving the highest score of the competition between the two teams on round 2 with 27.

France - 4-way Female

4-Way Female European Championships

FRANCE -GOLD MEDAL with 203 points


SWEDEN - BRONZE MEDAL with 123 points



World Cup

FRANCE - Aerodyne French Girls - GOLD MEDAL with 203 points

USA - Golden Knights Female 4 - SILVER MEDAL with 203 points

UNITED KINGDOM - Bodyflight Isis - BRONZE MEDAL with 170 points


15.00 hrs and round 10 4-way Open is judged as the girls get their 15 minute call.  VFS has also completed.

Belgium - 4-way Hyabusa

4-Way Open

The results for the European Championships and the World Cup are the same:

BELGIUM - Hyabusa - Gold Medal iwth 243 points

RUSSIA - Barkli - SIlver Medal with 216 points

FRANCE - Maubeuge - Bronze Medal with 200 points




France - VFS


European Championships

FRANCE - Gold Medal with 181 points

NORWAY - Silve Medal with 80 points

POLAND - Bronze Medal with 48 points










World Cup

UEA  - SD Nexus - Gold Medal with 190 points

FRANCE -4Speed SD - Silve Medal with 181 points

NORWAY - Blue Pelican  - Bronze Medal with 80 points






 14.00 - Round 10 of the Fromation Skydiving 4-Way Female - both score 20 points.  We have a tie and now a Jump Off Round.

In the packing tent when the French Girls realised they were still one jump away from a Gold or Silver medal.

French girls

They will be joined in the aircraft by Sweden and Russia 4-Way Female teams who are tieing for third place in the European Championships.

 France 8-way Aerodyne Maubeuge - National Team
  10.00  The Formation Skydiving 8-Way Competitions are over:

European Championships:

FRANCE - Gold Medal Winners with 213 points

RUSSIA -  Silver Medal Winners with 173 points

UNITED KINGDOM  -   Bronze Medal Winners with 115 points

World Cup

FRANCE - Aerodyne Maubeuge - Gold Medal Winners

RUSSIA -  Barkli - Silver Medal Winners

FRANCE - Espoirs Maubeuge - Bronze Medal Winners

Congratulations to the medal winners and all the competitors for a really good competition.

Media waiting to capture the moment

7.45 am  15 minutes call to the first VFS teams to jump today.15 minutes

An exciting morning ahead although France is in an unassailable lead in 8-way and Belgium in the 4-way the girls are going to take it to the wire and the UAE are in a comfortable 1st place in VFS. 

8-way FranceFrance, Aerodyne Maubeuge 8-way on their way to the aircraft for Round 10.

Judges FS









FS Judges waiting to judge the last round 8-way.

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