25/08/2013 Day 3 Cheboksary, Russia


Day 3


All the attention was on the pit this afternoon - good conditions and exciting accuracy.

1 cm - china

This excellent photograph was taken by one of the Volunteers : Natasha Dedushkino - Spicaba

Style jumper arrives

16.00 hrs.  The plan is to complete accuracy to Round 8 and all Style by the end of today - leaving the Semi-Final and Final rounds of Accuracy for the morning.  At the moment the last 3 teams female - for round 8 are in the air.  Results to round 7 in the results page below.

There is a good crowd here today, and an announcer at the pit to keep them informed.

After a late finish last night in the fading light the Chinese Girls were the last team to jump. and the last jumper scored 0.00.  Talking to Bob King (Judge) he was very impressed with the way the whole team coped with the changing wind conditions - which had caught out many of the other jumpers - he said "they handled the conditions beautifully, doing all the right things" - and he should know being a former National Accuracy Champion himself.

This morning we started with Style, Female although the plan is to continue with all events - the weather looks good but the temperature has dropped a little.  It was cold at altitude this morning.

Pictures from the Style area


Debriefing Style area
Debriefing Style area
Blue Skies Coaches viewing
Cold Blue Skies Coaches Viewing

The Jury have been at work again - this time they received a protest with regard to the light conditions yesterday evening, but using the complaints procedure they discussed the protest with the competitor and it was withdrawn, as SC Section 5 5.2.9 states that the Meet Director and Chief Judge will decide if the weather conditions are suitable for jumping and judging.