27/08/2013 - Kolomna Russia - Canopy Piloting European Championships & World Cup

Pond before the first liftThe Opening Ceremony will take place this evening at the end of the two days set aside for Official Practice Jumps in the Bulletin.

The pond in a quiet moment, before the sky fills with fast flying canopies as the second practice day gets underway with the first lift at 9.,00.  It is a cold start this morning - competitors may jump distance or accuracy, but the judges will measure distance first - then accuracy.  Speed after 14.00 hrs.  Two jumpers from the Czech Republic were injured this morning -  fortunately not seriously but they have withdrawn from the competition.

There are 79 competitors here, in total.

The opening ceremony is scheduled to start at 19.30 hrs, followed by a competitor's briefing by the Chief Judge, Anders Berggren.  The wind speed recording machine arrived from Cheboksary in the Turbolet by mid-day, so all is ready for the competition to start.  The Jury, Chief Judge and FAI Controller will meeet at 16.00 hours for the final confirmation.

The organisers have found a sponcor - congratulations.

They therefore are able to offer money prizes to the overall winners in each Event

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The prize money is:  European Championships:  1st $ 3500 : 2nd $1500 : 3rd $1000 and World Cup 1st $ 5000 : 2nd $2500 : 3rd $1500.