29/08/2013 Day 2 Kolomna, Russia


 8.00 and another early start for Day 2.  Accuracy Day


The results now being posted at the end of each Round are available on this linkThese are UNOFFICIAL results and still subject to corrects/confirmation by the Event and Chief Judges.   This event is happening so fast it is difficult for the judges to have the time to carefully cross check all calls and input - including any video reviews that are required.

Judfges working

8.30 and the first call has been given for the first load for today. 

Yesterday PD were keeping up with the results using their own method for the Speed Event:

Getting the scores

Accuracy should be easier to follow.

Accuracy 1 Accuracy 3
Accuracy 4  Accuracy 2

11.00 End of Round 1 accuracy

At least we have a minimum competition.   The dark clouds of earlier have lifted and the weather is more settled.  Straight into Round 2.

12.15 End of Round 2 accuracy

So we now have a break for lunch and time to rotate the jump order for round 3.  Back with a call for 15.00 hrs for eveyone.


14.55 Just about ready to start round 3

In the World Cujp the top three places at the end of 2 rounds : Curtis Bartholomew, USA first;  Pablo Hernandez Moll, Spain second and Dominic Roithmair Austria in third.

In the European Championships Pablo, first; Dominic, second and a Russian jumper, Aleksandr Golovkin in third place.

16.20 Finally ready with ther reverse jump order for the last round.  Anders, Chief Judge, calls the loads for thr revised jump order by load.  Then we will be ready to start the last round. 

18.30  Half way through the last round and the rain the forecasters promised arrived -  so we are on a Standby for the moment.