30/08/2013, Kolumna Russia

Day 3 - Fog and rain


Picture courtesy of Samantha Bosch

.. so everyone is on a standby.  

10.00  Fog has lifted and we are preparing to start the final part of the last round - a little premature - it is now 11.00 and we are still waiting for conditions to improve enough. 

11.30  Everyone dismissed until 13.00 - with instructions to "look at the Notice-Board outside the Restaurant"

13.00  All released until 14.00 hours - check the Notice Board.  It is raining now and looks set in for the rest of the day.

So near and yet so far - it makes sense of the speed of the competition on the first day.

14,00   Released for another hour - but the rain continues!  This will probably be the pattern to the end of the day.