31/08/2013, Kolomna Russia


Day 4,  Rain and Wind


day 4 - windThe rain is moving away, sort of, but the wind is behind it.  We shall see.  The competitors who have yet to jump the third round of accuracy shall be on the DZ at 9.15.  If we can complete this third round, and it is still jumpable we will go into a round of Freestyle - there is a money prize on that as well of 1,500 US$.

10.00 15 minute call - and then back on standby

The clouds have lifted and the wind is under limits so we are underway with the completion of Round 3 Accuracy!

Ten minutes later and we are back on Standby as the winds went over the limits. 

After a weather hold through lunch, on return whilst still on standby it was decided to call the Competitors' Meeting - but partway through a 15 minute call was given.  We all prepare again for the possibility to complete this competition.

At the commencement of the meeting, Dr. Rainer "Exi" Hoenle, changedCompetitors meeting hats from Jury President to the Chair of the Canopy Piloting committee and announced the sad news of the death of Barry McAuley, Judge and committee member, from cancer on 30th August 2013.  He will be very sadly missed by the skydiving community world wide.

Exi proceeded to talk about the rule changes implimented at the start of this year, and that they seemed to be working towards achieving the desire to have fewer accidents and injuries and would remain.  He also talked about the plans he and the committee have for the future, including giving organisers different bid options and possibilities with the Speed course and also the Distance.  He also spoke about the use of cameras for triangulation of distance results and also the use of cameras on all the water gates in accuracy, and a camera to cover the landing zones. 

There were a few questions on clarification and just before the 15 minute call a discussion started around gate 5 and its sensors - but discussion will continue later.

The first load jumped, but then the next were delayed due to rain.  Standby again.

The competitors' meeting reconveened, but it was difficult to hear Exi above the sound of the rain on the tent.  It was so heavy.  At 3.30 the Meet Director announced the competition jumps were over for the day.  The competition will be declared with 2 rounds only of Accuracy.

The closing ceremony tonight is scheduled for 9.00 p.m. and we are promised an alternative venue if the rain continues (it was to be outside).  The competitors meeting continued with discussion regarding gate 5 in zone accuracy - and the committee agreed to consider doing away with the sensor and/or the gate but would instruct the judges to use the Yellow Card to stop the dangerous practice of lifting too high off the water and slamming down onto the course.  There were a few other suggestions from the floor which the committee agreed to consider and discuss for the future.