4th Dubai International Parachuting Championships - 2013 & Including Speed Skydiving

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We have pleasure in advising that the results from the Speed Skydiving test event are now alongside all the other results from the 4th DIPC on the IPC-wcresults page

OmniSkore have the videos and judging breakdown sheets

Skydive Mag has all the stories

Congratulations to all the medal winners and to all participants.



6th December 2013

As I am not reporting from Dubai this year - you may want to catch up with what is happening - Ted Wagener of OmniSkoreHD is writing his "titbits" and Lesley Gale of Skydive Mag is also covering it: 

The Competition is underway, but due to delays in sending us the necessary links to post the results on this web site (as would usually happen for such a large competition), we are attaching a link to the OmniSkoreHD site for up to date information on the progress of the competition.

Although this event is classified as a Second Category Event being neither a World Championships, Continental Championships nor a World Cup, it has attracted a very high entry level due to the location and the money prizes on offer.  This detracted in some part in participation in the World Cup and European Championships this year - although they give different teams a chance to prove themselves.