Canopy Formation Competitors - this is for you

4-wayInternational CF Competition from your home DZ

Following the discussion at the Competitor's Meeting after the Mondial in Chicago, the CF Committee is pleased to confirm that the Plenary has approved the plan to hold the CF WebChallenge again. With the help of the IPC Secretary, Susan Dixon, the committee members are setting up the dropbox site which will host the CF WebChallenge.

The CF Webchallenge will allow teams to compete in any (or all) current FAI CF events, 2-way sequential, 4-way sequential and 4-way rotations. In addition, we are very pleased to provide you with the opportunity to compete in 8-way again! We know of at least one (ex-)competitor who is very much looking forward to re-building his old 8-way team and all the fun and formations they had. If the take-up of 8-way is sufficiently strong, we will consider re-introducing it at First Category Events.

The beauty of this challenge is that teams can compete with the international rivals without leaving their home dropzone. Over a three month period, August – October 2017 teams can upload as many videos of the drawn jumps as they wish. They will all be judged by a panel of FAI CF Judges, under the supervision of WebChallenge Chief Judge, Bernard Nicolas. 

As explained at the Open Meeting in Faro, the Committee would like to use the CF WebChallenge to test the suggestion to replace 'foot hook' with 'contact' received from competitors. The rule change test will only apply to 2-way, and only in the CF WebChallenge. The Committee hopes to have further discussions with competitors about this possible rule change once competitors, judges and committee members have seen video submissions.

The Committee is supportive of countries using the infrastructure of the WebChallenge to carry out their National Championships if they wish to. Any countries interested in doing so, please contact Rina Gallo, the chair of the CF Committee.

For further information, please contact your local member of the CF Committee:

Rina Gallo (CAN)

Marylou Laughlin (USA)

Julia Sotnikova (RUS)

Lindy Williams (AUS)

Pasi Pirttikoski (FIN)

Bernard Nicolas (FRA)

Henny Wiggers (NLD)

Tash Higman (GBR)

Peter Pfalzgraf (GER)