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12th May 2016

HandiFly - France shows the way into the future



France is leading the way in opening up our sport to those with physical disabilities that prevent them from entering our sport in traditional ways.

There are those skydivers who have not allowed their disabilities to prevent them from continuing in their "passion", Martin Jarrett (USA) and Alistair Hodgson (UK), for example, but until now there has been no consolidated organisation to enable this to happen for "first timers".

France has issued an invitation to all the European NAC's (as a start) to  take part in the HandiFly Euro Challenge 22-25 September in Maubeuge and Lille.

The following article was written by Gillian Rayner, (previous France Delegate for IPC and First Vice President, now on the FAI Executive Board):

For the past few years, the French Parachute Federation (FFP) has offered disabled people the possibility to discover skydiving through tandem jumps using a specially designed harness. This has developed gradually and has led to a new discipline during which the disabled person actually takes control of the freefall and performs manoeuvres without the help of the tandem master. This has been called HandiFly.

In 2014, the FFP went a step further and held the first French HandiFly National Championships at the same time and place as the regular National Championships. This was repeated in 2015.

Ten disabled participants took part in this unique event based on Freefall Style: each competitor jumps with an able-bodied tandem master and performs four alternate turns without assistance. The performance is filmed air to air by an accompanying videographer and is judged by Freefall Style judges.

The FFP decided to capitalise on the experience and share the knowledge with other interested parties, whether they are other Federations or individual Tandem Masters.

With the help of a subsidy granted in the framework of the European Union Erasmus programme the FFP is organising the HandiFly Euro Challenge from the 22nd to 25th September 2016 in Maubeuge and Lille.

The event is based around a competition for disabled Europeans but not only......other activities will take place over the four day period and will include

• tandem master training – to educate tandem masters in this particular discipline

• the possibility for some disabled participants to discover indoor skydiving, parascending and HandiFly skydiving.

• Workshops to discuss the activity and how best to develop it and various exhibitions and presentations.

• Large formations including both able-bodied jumpers and disabled tandems

• Demonstration jumps by the French National team

• Broad media coverage including a Press conference

• A closing banquet

This event is an open event and invitations have been sent to all the European Federations and many individual tandem masters. Invitations have also been extended further afield. The event is absolutely free for a large number of participants (if that number is exceeded a contribution will be asked from the other participants). The only cost is travel to Paris, Charleroi, Brussels or Lille Airports train stations. Accommodation will be in Maubeuge where specially equipped rooms will be available for the disabled participants.

The following participants are welcome:

A HandiFly team: comprising a disabled person, a tandem instructor and a videographer.

A disabled person that wants to try this activity, in this case, the organisation can provide the tandem instructor and a videographer, both can jump in more than one team

A tandem master who wishes to learn these new skills

Accompanying persons either with the disabled person (assistant, family member,..) or from the NAC/Federation.

It should be noted that only people with physical disabilities will be accepted, unfortunately people with mental deficiencies may not participate.

The FFP is also willing, upon request, to send one of the national HandiFly instructors to any previously registered country to help them prepare participants/teams for the event. This will be possible from June, July and August 2016 for periods of between 3-5 days.

You will find all official information about the event on the following page:

Handifly Euro Challenge

Watch the video

 SAUTunder canopy

30th January 2016


Following the direction of the Plenary your Bureau sought and found a willing volunteer to take on the role of Financial Secretary.  Here is the personal profile he sent me.

PAP 10 port02optPeter A. Pfalzgraf

Date of Birth: 27th March 1953

Skydiving since 1978

Number of Jumps: 6.300

Instructor since 1979, Tandemmaster 1986 til 1998

Competing since 1979 in Accuracy, FF-4, FF-8 and FF-16, CF-8, CF-4, Rotation, CF-2 and Paraski

Representing Germany at World Meets 1982 til 2012 in CF

Bronce Medal in CF 8-way Speed 1998

Various German records in CF and big formation, currently 214-way

CF World Records in CF, currently 100-way

Staff member of the German Parachuting Committee since 1981 up to date

Currently Vice President of the German Parachuting Committee

IPC CF subcommittee member since 2008

2006-2015 treasurer of the Parachuting Committee of the German NAC, DAeC

Author of the by-laws and the finacial regulations of the German Parachuting Committee after restructuring of the DaeC

Welcome to the team Peti.


New Bureau - starts work

2016 New IPC Bureau

Your new Bureau commences their work by appointing Peter Pfalzgraf as the new Finance Secretary.  Please find the Bureau Interim Decision 2016/01 under the menu heading in the About Us menu above.

IPC Plenary Meeting - Frankfurt 2016 - Day 5

Sunday 24th January Day 2 of the Formal Plenary

2016 General_Meeting_Back

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We commenced the day with the Roll Call of all delegates present conducted by Markus Haggeney.


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Prague Crowned the First World Champions in Indoor Skydiving - Two of the titles were Won by the French

WISC2015 Prague

On 23rd and 24th October, Prague became the venue for the first ever World Championships in Indoor Skydiving. This dynamic sport, which belongs to the official air sports family for only a year and a half, hosted 202 flyers from 23 countries. The 1st FAI Indoor Skydiving World Championships 2015 were fought in several categories within four disciplines. The most precious laurels were brought home by the French, who triumphed twice. The World Champions are also Finns, Poles, Swiss, Americans and Belgians.


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Tunnel flyer

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2015 Breitling Youngster Award - Martin Jarrett (USA)

Martin JarrettCongratulations

At the recent FAI General Conference held in Rotterdam, Martin Jarrett was awarded the Breitling Youngster Award in recognition of his outstanding achievemnets.

Read the interview he gave to Faustine Carrerra, FAI Communication Manager

Martin Jarrett

10th EC & 10th WC Artistic Events, Teuge, Netherlands 7-12 September 2015 - Competition Videos

8way exitAll the competition videos (Formation Skydiving 228) (Artistic Events 135) and now uploaded to the IPC YouTube site and are arranged in playlists.

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In Round FS 8-Way Aerodyne Maubeuge (France) broke the European Record (awaiting ratification) with 30 points. Many National Records were also broken, notably The Netherlands and Qatar/

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Latest Bureau Newsletter - the 4th


IPC New Bureau


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4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Medal Winners


Sunday 30th August 2015 - the day after


 The display of the beautiful and unique medals organised by NouvelAir for this competiton

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