2013 Rankings in Canopy Formations


The Mondial in Dubai saw the largest participation ever in a Canopy Formations World Championships, with new players entering the competition, particularly in the 2-Way Sequential event.  However the rankings are dominated by the three “big” players, USA (1st) France (2nd) and Russia (3rd) with Austrialia close behind.

With a First Category Event only being held every other year, persistence pays and there is no change in the top 3 places, even though France swept the board with gold medals in Dubai.

Ukraine, Italy, the Czech Republic and Argentina entered the competition for the first time.

In 4-Way Rotations Russia retains 1st place, with France 2nd and Belarus 3rd, so no change; but both China and Argentina enter for the first time.

4-Way Sequential had low participation in Dubai, unlike all the other disciplines – again dominated by the “big” players with USA retaining their 1st position, and France overtaking Russia to 2nd place, leaving Russia in 3rd.

The latest ranking lists can be found under "Documents"-  "Rankings" - "2013".

Ranking Lists for Formation Skydiving post the Mondial Dubai

Bruno Brokken-7090

USA tops the ranking in 4-way Female with Norway coming second. Despite their success in Dubai, France stayed as number 3 - proving that it is costly not to enter all FCE’s!

In 4-way open the consistency of the Belgium team elevated them to 1st place with France slipping into 2nd and Russia retaining their 3rd position.  The USA paid the price of not entering all FCE’s.   This year, the success of the Mondial in Dubai propels 11 new countries into the ranking lists:  Qatar, UAE, Spain, Morocco, Singapore, Ireland, Argentina, Columbia, Oman, Thailand and Equador.

Both 8-way and VFS saw no change in the status quo with France, Russia and USA retaining their 1,2,3 ranking in 8-way and France, Great Britain and Belgium 1,2,3 in VFS.  However with 19 countries entering the 8-way competition for the first time Singapore, Canada, Austria, Brazil, UAE, and Quatar appear in the ranking lists for the first time, as do Australia and Sweden in the VFS listing. 

Follow this LINK to see the latest Ranking Lists.

Information Notice 44 2/2013

IN-PostitYou will find the latest Information Notice No.2 2013 either by following this link

Or go to the menu tab "Documents" "Information Notices" "2013"

Or go to the menu tab "Our Sport" "Technical & Information Notices" "2013"

IPETA - latest update

swoopThe following letter from the IPC President, Graeme Windsor has been circulated to all delegates giving an update on the latest news on the :

"International Parachuting Events and Tours Agency Limited (IPETA)

The Minutes of the 2013 IPC Plenary Meeting are almost complete and will soon be ready for distribution.


Latest Ranking Lists - Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings

Accuracy French Team

France and Russia top Parachuting Ranking Lists for Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings


The INTERNATIONAL WORLD PARACHUTING RANKING LIST for Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings are updated. The high level of participation in Dubai increased the number of NACs placed in the ranking lists, which is positive.


Safety Database T&S Committee

databaseThe Safety Database is back on line.  Please please use it and upload all the information you can for 2012 as well as during this coming year.    If you need help or more information or have misplaced your user name or password please arrange for your IPC delegate to e-mail Elisabet Mikaelsson who has done all the work, not only to put it together in the first place, but after the crash to recreate it, and thanks to the support of the IT manager in FAI it is back and working.

Post the 2013 Plenary meeting

64th PlenaryFollowing decisions made at the Plenary in Banja Luka we have now published on this web-site the following documents:

1. Formation Skydiving Competition Rule Changes
2. Chief Judges and Chief Juges of Training
3. Juries and FAI Controllers 2013 and 2014
4. The Jury List 2013
5. B.J. Worth's Farewell Speech







64th IPC Plenary Meeting


 Bureau IPC

 IPC Bureau: (L-R) Richard "Buzz" Bennett, Financial Secretary: Liam McNulty, Technical Secretary: Gillian Raynor, 1st Vice-President: Graeme Windsor, President:: John Smyth, Vice-President:  Neils-Christian Leven Hansen, Vice-President.

Sunday 27th January 2013

Another 9.00 am start for the plenary, having enjoyed a very pleasant farewell banquet last night.  Our hosts had made us very welcome and a huge thank you goes to the NAC of Bosnia & Herzegovina and the parachute club of Banja Luka.


Judges Training & Re-evaluation

Judges Training Course logoWe are happy to announce the re-launch of the Judges On-Line Training and Re-Evaluation Course.  This has been given a complete makover, updated and is available to judges wishing to learn about Artistic Events, Formation Skydiving and Canopy Piloting,


Mondial Foot Note

Skydive DubaiHave finally, thanks to Claire King of "InTime" and Kurt Gaebel, NSL who filled in the gaps for me (except the final CF still being worked on) loaded all the judged videos for AE, CF and FS here on YouTube - in total there are 1154 videos, including a couple of photo compilations.

So far 15,047 viewings in December and 896 so far this month!

However if you do not want to go through all those videos to find the best performance per nation per event, then visit the faiparachuting site when you will find them.

A few more statistics for those that like them:

Of the 11,408 jumps made during the Mondial, 10,853 were competition jumps and 555 training jumps.

The total number of aircraft loads was 760 as follows:

Helicopter Bell 212 - 304 loads

Twin Otter HD-6       - 301 loads              

Cessna Caravan 205 - 79 loads

Pilatur Porter PC-6    - 76 loads.


64th IPC Plenary Meeting, Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2013

64th Plenary


The Bulletin No. 1 for the meeting is now available on this web site.  Either go to About Us - Meetings - and click on the Banja Luka entry or follow the link above.

Agenda and all annexes etc. are available below.




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