The IPC Strategic Plan

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A video presentation of the plan is now available by following the link

IPC Strategic Plan (2013)

4th Dubai International Parachuting Championships - 2013 & Including Speed Skydiving

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We have pleasure in advising that the results from the Speed Skydiving test event are now alongside all the other results from the 4th DIPC on the IPC-wcresults page

OmniSkore have the videos and judging breakdown sheets

Skydive Mag has all the stories

Congratulations to all the medal winners and to all participants.


Ranking Lists - 2013 Finalised

Final Ranking ListNiels-Christians for 2013

Following the end of the season for FCE's the ranking lists for 2013 have been finalised.

There are few surprises as those Nations that have dominated in different disciplines continue to do so, however in one or two cases the failure to enter every possible First Category Event has had an impact.

Freefall Style and Precision Accuracy:

In the Male event the first position is spread between countries, for Accuracy : Slovenia, Style : the Czech Republic and Overall : Russia.  Russia however wipes the board in the Female events taking first position in Accuracy, Style and Overall.

Formation Skydiving;

The dominance of Belgium (first place) continues in the 4-Way Open event;  however despite France’s dominance of the 4-way Female event, first position goes to USA because they competed in all 5 of the FCE’s in the 4 years that count.  France continued their dominance of the 8-way and VFS events, but UAE are now in second place in VFS which could make 2014  interesting.

Artistic Events,

Great Britain take first place in Freestyle despite France’s dominance, due to consistence of entry but France retains their first position in Freefly.

Canopy Piloting

Continues with the dominance of the USA taking first place in all 4 elements of this discipline.

The ranking lists are available under the following drop-down menu:
“Events” “Rankings” and the guide to how it all works on this link

Susan Dixon
November 2013

2013 World Cups & European Championships DVD's

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DVD's of all teams and all jumps both for Artistic Events and Formation Skydiving are now availabe to purchase.


The 2013 FAI IPC competition rules, draws, artistic events free routine description sheets, scores and team lists are also included. Video files will play on most computer platforms and configurations with free Apple QuickTime software installed.

Follow this link to order and purchase:



FAI Judges - 2014

on-line course


** Please Note:   If you haven't received an e-mail from the Chair of the Judges Committee within a week, confirming your nominations, you need to re-send the lists

The forms to be completed by each NAC nominating their Judges to be put on the FAI Listing and also those proposed for the 2014 first category competitions are now posted on this site.  These must be completed and returned to the Chair of the Judges Committee via the NAC and FAI by the 31st December 2013.

 2014 - FAI Judges Nomination List

2014 - First Category Events, nominated Judges

3rd 2013 Bureau Newsletter

gwThe latest Bureau Newsletter is now published.


Read the up to date news on the activities of the Bureau and our President

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Canopy Piloting - The Events Illustrated

Turning in on the Speed carve

Our sport is dynamic and visually stunning , but sometimes difficult to explain  to non participants.  For the World Games 2013 the FAI PR team put together single page illustrations to show what it was all about in terms of the Parachuting element.

These are designed to be shown on a big screed during an event or used in press packs to simply show what is the objective of the competitors.  The photographs can be seen by folowing the link to Our Sport and Canopy Piloting.  .pdf versions are available also on the following links.

 Speed (1 & 2 ) were designed for the rules used specifically for the World Games, but Accuracy and Distance are currently accurate.


Another first for Dubai

IMG 0477 Jarrett Martin copyJarrett Martin, a Junior member of the USA Freefall Style & Accuracy Team qualified to compete at the 4th DIPC (Dubai International Parachuting Championships) – however Jarrett is different from other competitors in that he is paraplegic.  So USPA sought the agreement of the organisation in Dubai for Jarrett to enter.

The response was an emphatic yes “We should do everything in our power to support such a young man’s athletic desire and ideals”

This is Jarrett’s story – his refusal to allow the results of his accident to alter his drive and determination to follow his sport and achieve his goals is truly inspiring:


IPC Plenary Meeting 2014 - Vienna, Austria - Bulletin No. 1

Logo Austrian Aero ClubThe 65th FAI/IPC Plenary Meeting will take place in Vienna, Austria

1 -2 February 2014

Bulletin No. 1 is now published and available on this link

Para-Ski World Championships 2014 - Judges Nominations

Paraski landing

Judges nominations for the World Championships in Para-Ski in Tanay, Russia

11 - 16 March 2014.

Nominations to reach Pia Beggren, Chair of the Judges Committee by 31st October 2013

Form available on this link (PDF) or (Excel)

2nd Egyptian International Parachuting Championships 2013

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This event will be held in the El-Giza Pyramids Area, Egypt  from the 5th - 15th November 2013. 

Follow this link to the Bulletin 2