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Good morning from Dubai, where the skies are clear and the temperature is warm – it’s a beautiful place to be in December.

Today, Tuesday December 1, 2015, we’ve got a whole host of athletes, competitors and pilots setting up and getting to grips with what is to come: two weeks of the best air sports event in the world. 

The competition officially starts today, but in fact we’ve already had two heats of the aerobatic aeromodelling, which took place in the palatial splendour of the Dubai Mall. 

Last night, it was the scene of an inspirational start to the FAI World Air Games 2015; as shoppers cruised the aisles of an enormous shopping mall they were greeted with the sight of an aerial ballet of model planes. 

The skill and finesse exhibited by the competitors controlling these small models was incredible to watch – no less inspiring in its way than the full-size aerobatics that we’ve seen above the towers of Dubai in practice these past two days. 

The aerobatic aeromodelling finishes tonight, again at the Dubai Mall. The first medals of the WAGs will be handed out late this evening.

This afternoon will also see the first competition heat of the Aerostats/Hot Air Airships, which will take place 4-7pm at the Palm Dropzone.

Elsewhere, pilots and organisers are getting ready. We’ve already seen paraglider acro pilots in the air, practising their routines over the bay here. They D-bag from helicopters to launch - that is, they launch themselves backwards from the skid of a helicopter to get in the sky.

Powered aerobatics is also in practice session – the roar and throttle of the planes overhead as I type. 

Out in the Desert Dropzone, the skydivers are practising all day. Formation skydiving, artistic events, canopy formation, speed skydiving and accuracy landing are all taking place.

Alongside them, the powered categories will be tuning up and tuning in. Trikes, gyrocopters, rotorcraft and paramotors are all having their first practise day today.

The beauty of an event like this is that we all get to see what our fellow pilots are up to. Air sports in general happen in the sky away from spectators – the FAI World Air Games 2015 helps shine a light on all the different disciplines.

The FAI Media Team is reporting throughout the competition on social media and here – search #WagDubai.







WAG 2015 - On the Eve of the Largest World Air Games EVER

WAG COL square It all starts tomorrow and the largest ever World Games will be underway officially - although the actual Opening Ceremony is not until Thursday, and the Aeromodelling has already completed - but it takes a lot to organise such a huge event over a small area. 

The scheduling is impressive, although for those of you who have visited Skydive Dubai over the years, either at one of the DIPC's or for the Mondial, you would hardly recognise the home of Skydive Dubai.  All the organisation is here, but it looks bare compared with previous years.  All Parachuting, apart from Canopy Piloting,  and the last rounds of each discipline,  is happening elsewhere. 

In fact mostly at "The Racecourse DZ" home until now of Canopy Piloting only - which has turned into a fully functioning DZ with packing areas, creeping areas, restaurant, judges rooms etc. etc.  Here Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events, Canopy Formations and Speed Skydiving will happen for most of the rounds.  Accuracy Landings will continue to use the Beach DZ as they have for previous years, with Canopy Piloting using the Pond on the Palm DZ.

A lot of other Air Sports will be filling the sky above the Palm DZ and keeping the crowds amused and fascinated.  In all, 854 Competitors from 54 Countries will be taking part - although the final figures are not yet confirmed - parachuting should  have 445 competitors from 34 Countries.

There are lots of places to follow what is going on - here for Parachuting - the FAI pages for the other Air Sports and the event Web Site:  www.wagdubai.ae

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Canopy Piloting 2015 WAG Competition Rules including Freestyle


The Canopy Piloting Rules for 2015 have been finalised and will apply for the 'soon to happen' WAG in Dubai

Please visit the Documents page of this website (see top menu) and there you will find the downloadable rules for both Canopy Piloting and the Freestyle Competition Rules.

or follow these links:      CP Competition Rules

                                        Freestyle Competition Rules

66th Plenary Meeting, Frankfurt Germany 19-24 Jan 2016



It is that time of year again - the 2016 Plenary will take place in Frankfurt, Germany 19th to 24th Jnauary, 2016

The Bulletin and Registration Documents are available under these links - Bulletin


1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships - Prague, Csech Rep. 21 - 24 October 2015 - Videos

Tunnel flyer

All the Formation Skydiving Judged videos are now available on the IPC YouTube site - and the Solo Freestyle will be added to the playlists tonight.

All results are available for Formation Skydiving and Solo Freestyle in PDF printable format on the IPC Results site.

Dynamic Results are available here

Prague Crowned the First World Champions in Indoor Skydiving - Two of the titles were Won by the French

WISC2015 Prague

On 23rd and 24th October, Prague became the venue for the first ever World Championships in Indoor Skydiving. This dynamic sport, which belongs to the official air sports family for only a year and a half, hosted 202 flyers from 23 countries. The 1st FAI Indoor Skydiving World Championships 2015 were fought in several categories within four disciplines. The most precious laurels were brought home by the French, who triumphed twice. The World Champions are also Finns, Poles, Swiss, Americans and Belgians.


2015 Breitling Youngster Award - Martin Jarrett (USA)

Martin JarrettCongratulations

At the recent FAI General Conference held in Rotterdam, Martin Jarrett was awarded the Breitling Youngster Award in recognition of his outstanding achievemnets.

Read the interview he gave to Faustine Carrerra, FAI Communication Manager

Martin Jarrett

10th EC & 10th WC Artistic Events, Teuge, Netherlands 7-12 September 2015 - Competition Videos

8way exitAll the competition videos (Formation Skydiving 228) (Artistic Events 135) and now uploaded to the IPC YouTube site and are arranged in playlists.

This will take you there

In Round FS 8-Way Aerodyne Maubeuge (France) broke the European Record (awaiting ratification) with 30 points. Many National Records were also broken, notably The Netherlands and Qatar/

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IN 51

Air Sports Personalities Distinguished at the 2015 FAI Awards Ceremony

2015 FAI Awards Ceremony 41

The 2015 FAI Awards Ceremony tonight celebrated the achievements of air sports men and women through the prestigious FAI Medals and Diploma, and the FAI-Breitling Awards. The event took place aboard the ship SS Rotterdam, docked in the harbour of her namesake city in The Netherlands, as part of the 109th FAI General Conference, which starts tomorrow.


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