World and European Head Down Records


European record 80

 See below the videos and more stills of Head Down Formation,  - awaiting ratification


and  Head Down Formation World Record, 108 to view the UTube video.

Sub-ClassType of RecordPerformanceDateClaimantStatusId
G-2 Largest head-down formation 80 parachutists 2011-09-23 Team (-) dossier under review 16346
FAI Record File Num #16346
Status: dossier under review
Region: European
Class: G (Parachuting)
Category: General
Group: Largest Formation Records
Type of record: Largest head-down formation
Performance: 80 parachutists
Date: 2011-09-23
Course/Location: Empuriabrava (Spain)
Claimant Team (-)
Crew to be advise