13/08/13 Banjaluka, BiH


Day -1, Banjaluka

8.00 a.m. Aircraft take off for the first of the Official Practice Jumps.  Blue skies and a full day in prospect. 

Talking with the competitors last night the general concesus seems to be - well organised, eveyone is helpful and willing to make every effort to make this meet a success.  Great atmosphere. 

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith of the UK 4-way Female team "Bodyflight Isis" said how much the team had enjoyed their training jumps from the Turbolet "Great Aircraft" nice to have a big door!  The team had managed 10 training jumps and were very happy.  She thought the DZ was well though out, having attended  three World Competitions her impression was that lessons had been learnt from all of them to the benefit of this one.

Meet Director  Chief Judge FS  FAI controller




The Chief Judge FS, Doris Merz - FAI Controller

Trude Sviggum and Meet Director Vladimir Gazetov

final discussions.





Team Israel Freestyle - this is their first World Meet - speaking to them as they emplaned on their practice jump they were so happy and full of excitement - "this is better then we could possibly have imagined it would be - the organisation - everyone is so friendly - AWESOME" - Gel Peled and Daphny Morali.Israel - Freestyle

Final registration of teams today.  At 19.00 hrs this evening the Draw and Competitors Briefing will take place at the Drop Zone - teams are scattered through different hotels in the Town and we have an 8.00 a.m. start for the morning.

Practice jumps continued through the day and the dubbing station for OmniSkore was set up to work "automatically" - the cameraflyer uses the card reader to download from his memory card - following the on screen instructions.  After the first time it seemed to be working well for all.  Ted and Tim Wagner were on hand to help with any questions.

Notice to Cameraflyers Dubbing Station Using the Dubbing Station

 Jumping stopped for the day at 17.30.

Banner on the way to the DZ - and fancy viewing the days jumping from this balcony?  A house opposite the DZ!




The list of the Delegations and all teams with photographs will be published shortly on this site - and after the Draw and Briefing this evening, the Draw will also be published for all events.

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