01/09/2013 The Party, The Records,Kolomna Russia

The end - awash in Champagne

The 3rd European Championships and 7th World Cup in Canopy Piloting comes to an end, awash in Champagne!  Everyone got sprayed!  At the end of a wet day it rained champagne.  The organisers had to abandon their plans to hold the Closing Ceremony at their special Podium and instead moved it to the stage where the live band would have played.

It was a prize giving and medal ceremony enjoyed by the competitors as for each event the top 10 athletes came onto the stage to receive their certificates and then the top three were awarded their medals and for the World Cup winners, a cup.  Each gold medal winner was also given a bottle of champagne and all medal winners received bunches of flowers.

The ceremony commenced with a special mention to the two female competitors, Cornelia Mihai (UAE) and Jessica Edgeington (USA) and they were called on stage and presented with flowers and applause from all.  There then followed speeches from the sponsors, the Ministry,  BAT-Express and the drop zone owner.

Once the first Gold Medal winner opened his champagne and sprayed the stage (come Formula 1 winners) this was repeated each time!  It took the formality out of the occasion but in no way did it undermine the achievements of all the medal winners in this very taxing discipline just underlineing the sense of comaderie which exists between all the competitors.

After the FAI hymn had played and the flag handed formally back to Graeme Windsor, IPC President there was a spectacular firework display and huge buffet and drinks laid on for everyone.  This was under the shelter of the veranda of the drop zone hotel.  The party went on long into the night and early morning when those with early flights started to leave for Moscow, the airports and their trips home.

There were several records set at this competition and although these are subject to ratification either by the FAI or competitors own NACs I feel they should be mentioned here:


Greg Windmiller USA 2.371 sec Rd 1 Wpr;d
Barton Hardie Norway 2.686 sec Rd 1 National
Johan Karlsson Sweden 2.503 sec Rd 3 National


Cornelia Mihai UAE 138.54 m Rd. 1 World (F)
Jessica Edgeington USA 136.49 m Rd 1 National (F)
Barton Hardie Norway 130.24 m Rd 2 National
Johan Karlsson Sweden 131.36 m Rd 2 National

Selection of pictures from the closing ceremony:

Before the start

Clean stage at the start - DZ Owner Graeme Windsor IPC President Representative from BAT.Express sponsor presenters FAI Controller  Mrs. Henny Wiggers
A Clean stage at the start Mr. and Mrs.' FAI Controller' Henny Wiggers
EC Distance  champagne Honouring the 2 female performers - Cornelia Mihai UAE and Jessica Edgeington USA
Uncorking the champagne Honouring the female competitors
Meet Director prepares European Champion honours the World Cup Champion
Our Meet Director prepares European Champion raises the World Cup Champion
Presenters trying to keep out of the rain Showering the EC Accuracy winner
Medal ceremony girls sheltering A champagne shower for Pablo
Speech from the sponsors BAT Express Overall EC  prize money
Speech from the Sponsor - BAT-Express and the Prize Money