World Championships in S&A, JS&A & CF, Banja Luka, Aug 2014 - Day 7

CLICK HERE  to access the Results Page.  LIVE results are anticipated for Canopy Formations, with Accuracy & Style results being posted at the end of each round. 


PC-6 PilatusSpot the camouflaged PC-6 Pilatus

Day 7:  22 August 2014 - The final day of the Championships

The low clouds managed to thwart an early start to the final day of the Championships, but as the morning progressed, so did the weather. It's now a rush to get the requisite number of Accuracy rounds in to be able to call a Meet - the ladies are currently on Round 4, with one round left to to get to that figure.  The men on the other hand are on round 5 now.


There are 3 hours remaining to the end of jumping . . . . . 


The FAI Controller has made the decision to extend the Championships by one hour, which has been ratfied by the Jury. Jumping will finish at 17.00 hrs CEST.


Female accuracy is about to start Round 5, the Men have completed theirs, so they go into the tie-break round.


The FAI Controller together with the Meet Director have just announced that the Canopy Formation Championships are now concluded.


They went to the wire time-wise, but the Championships were completed on time. The Final Standings are available HERE.

Congratulations to all the new Champions!

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