World Championships in S&A, JS&A & CF, Banja Luka, Aug 2014 - Day 5

CLICK HERE  to access the Results Page.  LIVE results are anticipated for Canopy Formations, with Accuracy & Style results being posted at the end of each round. 


COLPAR Accuracy Results 2014 - Cuba

colpar LOGOCOLPAR Accuracy 2014 - Results

 The results of the Accuracy competion in Cuba organised by COLPAR are now published on this site.  Follow the link above.

Congratulations go to BRAZIL for 1st place in the Team Event with CUBA A second and ARGENTINA third.


Parachuting, a sport for everyone - 1st French National “Parahandi” Championships

parahandi france 2014 -1In line with the FAI vision statement, the French Parachute Federation is keen to make this statement a reality.  In addition to actions taken to encourage more women to participate in the sport, the Federation has worked hard to make parachuting accessible to people with disabilities.


5th DIPC, Dubai (UAE) 26 Nov - 7 Dec 2014

LOGO-2014 klein

. .  


Bulletin No. 1  is now published on this web-site for the 5th DIPC in Dubai (UAE) from 26th November to 7th December 2014.

Follow the link on the Events Calendar under this event (the pdf logo) or the direct link from this article.

It is also available on the organiser's web site @ 


1st World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, Austin, US - 11-16 Nov 2014

Austin Indoor_LogoBulletin 1 + Entry Form

Bulletin No. 1 is now published on this site.  Either click on the link above -

or go to the Events Callendar button to the right of this page:  beneath the Upcoming FAI World and Continental Championships (cat 1) table click on -  "All upcoming Cat 1 Events"  - find the entry for the 1st FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving and click on -  the PDF symbol.

5th World Canopy Piloting Championships, Z'Hills, USA, 1-7 November, 2014 - Bulletin 1

5thCP logo

.Bulletin No. 1 Amended

Please Note that a modified Bulletin No 1 has now been issued and published on this web site.  The following explanation is given by the Organiser and the Bureau:

The Official Bulletin nº 1 for the 5th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships, published 1st July 2014, has been amended, due to a bank transfer procedure modification. The only modification to the prior-published Bulletin is in paragraph 12 regarding Bank Transfer procedures. The remainder of the Bulletin remains exactly as in the earlier version.



The reason for this amendment was that there were some attempts to defraud, using the bank details published in the 1st July version, so now the Organiser wants intending participants to contact the Organiser for bank transfer details.


follow the links on the Events Callendar and click on the PDF icon   or click the link above. 

The Registration Form with the Bulletin is in PDF format so needs to be printed, completed and  faxed to the organisers - or visit the web-site and complete the registration on line:  www.cpworldzhills.com.




World Championships in FS, AE and SP, Prostejov, Czech Republic, August 2014 - Bulletin no. 1



Bulletin 1 is now published on this web site.  Follow the link or

go to Events Calander - Prostejov - and click on the pdf icon.

If you visit the Web site of the competition you will find a list of entries todate.


World Championships in S&A, JS&A & CF, Banja Luka, Aug 2014 - Bulletin No. 2

BJ 2014-logo

Bulletin No. 2  is now posted on this web site

Bulletin No. 1 is now published on this web site.  Either follow this link "Bulletin" or go to

Events Calendar - Competitions in Banja Luka - Documents - Bulletin 1 - Bulletin 2.

Get the Bug for Air Sports with the new FAI Video

glider-aero landscapeThe FAI has released a new video featuring all air sports activities under the umbrella of the Federation. The 3-minute film succinctly presents the FAI sports and includes footage of FAI international records from Charles Lindbergh to Felix Baumgartner.


FAI World Air Games 2015 to be Staged in Dubai

FAI-UAE-Signature-WAG 04 June 2014 9The FAI announced today that the 2015 edition of the FAI World Air Games has been awarded to the United Arab Emirates and will be held in Dubai. This multi-discipline event will be organised by the Emirates Aerosports Federation and will take place over a period of 12 days in December 2015. It is the only world competition that brings together the various different air sports.


Glider Aerobatics, Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Paramotors at The World Games 2017


The FAI is pleased to announce that Glider Aerobatics, Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Paramotors have been selected by the IWGA (International World Games Association) for The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. All three will be grouped as disciplines under the Air Sports banner.


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