2017 European Championships and World Cups in FS, CF, AE and SP, Saarlouis, Germany, 8-12 August



Bulletin No. 1 is now published for these First Category Events - either follow the link here or go to the Events Calendar and you will find the Bulletin and supporting documents under the links for each Event.


Judging Panels - 2017 FCE's

Judges working_the_course-_Klatovy_2011_copy

'Updated'  ************* 11.04.17

The Judges have been selected for some of the 2017 First Category Events.

You will find them on the Documents page under - "Officials, Judges and Delegates", "Judges" or if you use the drop down menu above  "About Us" and then "Judges" or the Judges Information box at the foot of this page - all will lead you to links to the actual panels selected by FCE. 

We now have the final decisions on the World Indoor Skydiving Championlships, Laval, Canada - AE Panel and the World Cup of Wingsuit Flying, Navada, USA.


18th ASIANA Parachuting Competition, China, 18-27 Nov 2017



 It will be appreciated if you would please circulate this information amongst all of your friends in skydiving so they may consider to attend the events.


16th Para-Ski World Championships, Austria 2017 - Prize-Giving & Closing Ceremony

the end

With the removal of the FAI flag to hand-over to the next Nation organising a World Championships (the Czech Republic, 2019) the 16th World Para-Ski Championships is formally over.  Before that happened we had the athletes parade through the town of St. Johann im Pongau behind the Military Band of Salzburg and the aerial display by two aircraft from Red Bull Hangar 7; to gather in the town square for the final speeches and medal awards to the new World Champions.


Information Notice No. 55 - March 2017



The latest Information Notice to be issued by the Safety & Training Committee of iPC is now available on this site - either go to Documents - Information Notices - and you will find it beneath the Archieves folder or follow this link - Information Notice No. 55

Canopy Formation Competitors - this is for you

4-wayInternational CF Competition from your home DZ

Following the discussion at the Competitor's Meeting after the Mondial in Chicago, the CF Committee is pleased to confirm that the Plenary has approved the plan to hold the CF WebChallenge again. With the help of the IPC Secretary, Susan Dixon, the committee members are setting up the dropbox site which will host the CF WebChallenge.

The CF Webchallenge will allow teams to compete in any (or all) current FAI CF events, 2-way sequential, 4-way sequential and 4-way rotations. In addition, we are very pleased to provide you with the opportunity to compete in 8-way again! We know of at least one (ex-)competitor who is very much looking forward to re-building his old 8-way team and all the fun and formations they had. If the take-up of 8-way is sufficiently strong, we will consider re-introducing it at First Category Events.


IPC Plenary Meeting, Faro, Portugal 2017: Day 5




Sunday 29th January 2017:

We head into the second and final Plenary Session, but not before mentioning the superb Gala Dinner that the organisers arranged with Hotel Eva .Not only were we treated to a magnificent banquet but also a lively and entertaining traditional Portuguese dancing and accompanying musical troupe.


IPC Plenary Meeting, Faro, Portugal 2017: Day 3


Friday  27th January 2017:

Following two days of open meetings today was set aside for closed committee and working group meetings. 

IPC Plenary Meeting, Faro, Portugal 2017: Day 4

VIP Guests


Saturday 28th January 2017:

Today is first of two days of the actual Plenary. Prior to our official business a number of invited guests were intoduced to the attendees and we listened to welcoming speeches by both the Mayor of Faro and the President of the Portuguese Federation of Parachuting, ably translated by Manuel Almeida. Those officials in attendance were:


IPC Plenary Meeting, Faro, Portugal 2017: Day 2



Thursday 26th January 2017:

This morning's agenda opened with the presentation by Italy for their Bid to host the Indoor Skydiving Championships in 2018. 


IPC Plenary Meeting, Faro, Portugal 2017: Day 1




Wednesday 25th January 2017: 

The Delegates, Alternate Delegates, Official Observers and other attendees gather for the start of the Open Meetings prior to this year's 2017 Plenary. Manuel Almeida, Organiser and Portugala's delegate, welcomed everyone to the Open Meeting and reminded us of a few points about the sensible use of the wifi and the need to ensure the ID's were worn at all times.