Instructions for issuing the IPPI Card

The card can be issued to any pilot holding a national hang gliding and/or paragliding licence. The card is valid only together with a current national licence or rating card. It is therefore not necessary to renew the card except when a change in the pilot's national licence invalidates the IPPI card. If a pilot for example receives a higher national ranking which corresponds to a higher stage in the Delta Pro or Para Pro system a new card should be issued.

There are 2 ways to issue IPPI Card. See here.

Per year

The issuing authority includes the appropriate IPPI logo on the pilot's national license. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Per IPPI level

Preparation of the card

All entries should be made using a permanent, indelible marking method.

Pilot name

This entry should be the same as the name as shown on the pilot's national rating card.

Delta Pro and/or Para Pro rating

The rating assigned should be the rating equal to or less than the existing national rating held by the pilot.

Date of birth, Nationality, Sex

Self evident

Issuing authority

The issuing authority for these cards should be the FAI member organization or its designated representative. If the issuing authority is of a nation other than the applicant's nationality, the nation of issuance must also be noted here.

Date of issue

Self evident

National licence held

Enter name of proficiency rating currently held by the applicant. It must be issued by the issuing authority defined above.

Issuing authority signature

Signature of the individual authorized by the issuing authority to validate pilot proficiency.

Pilot signature

The pilot should sign here in the same manner as on his national licence or other identity documents.

Events Calendar

Check out the calendar for all FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding events.