FAI Head Office

The FAI Head Office is responsible for the day to day operations of FAI. The administrative staff is headed by the Secretary General, and the Head Office is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the following address :

Maison du Sport International
Av. de Rhodanie 54
CH-1007 - Lausanne

Telephone : +41 21 345 1070
Fax : +41 21 345 1077

Those of you who wish to communicate with the FAI Head Office via e-mail are invited to use our contact form.


FAI Head Office Staffing



Susanne Schödel - Secretary General

  • General Management of the FAI
  • Non-voting member of the Executive Board
  • Operation of FAI Head Office
  • Contractual agreements and legal coordination
  • Contacts with external associations and authorities
  • Human Resources
  • FAI Business Plan
  • Partnership and Sponsorship


Finance and Legal / Office Management


Cosette Mast - Office and Accounting Manager

  • Accounting
  • Financial Records
  • Point of contact for suppliers
  • Human Resources


Sports & Events


Markus Haggeney - Sports & Events Director

  • Coordination of the Sports Department
  • Sports strategy and development
  • Advice to FAI Air Sport Commissions
  • Event planning organisation and management
  • Multi-Sports Events, including FAI World Air Games, World Games, Asian Games

Christine Rousson - Competitions Manager, Record Officer

Annick Hauser - Assistant Sports Manager

  • Assistance to Sports Director
  • First point of contact for all Sports matters
  • Support and advice to FAI Air Sport Commissions (ASCs)
  • Coordination with Event Organisers
  • Coordination of Commission meetings and documents
  • Support for Multi-sports Events





Tony Webb - Marketing Consultant


Members and Services


Ségolène Rouillon - Members and Services Manager, Anti-Doping Manager




Faustine Carrera - Communication Manager

  • Communications Strategy
  • FAI Branding / Logos
  • E-shop
  • Media and Public Relations (press releases, social networks, publications, media, etc)
  • TV Production and Distribution
  • Website




Visa-Matti Leinikki - IT Manager

  • Management of IT infrastructure / software
  • IT Development and maintenance
  • Assistance to the FAI Sports Manager
  • World Records



Milena Schoetzer - Team Assistant

FAI Executive Board

The Executive Board is the executive body of the FAI, implementing the policies and decisions of the General Conference and exercising those powers of the General Conference that are delegated to it by that body.

The Executive Board, chaired by the FAI President, is jointly responsible to the General Conference for all decisions made and actions taken between General Conferences.



Executive Directors

Mr. Alvaro de ORLEANS BORBÓN (Deputy to President)
Mr. Frederik BRINK
Mr. Niels-Christian LEVIN HANSEN
Mrs. Gillian RAYNER

Secretary General

Mrs. Susanne SCHÖDEL (non voting member)

FAI Commissions

FAI Air Sports Commissions


News of Records

FAI Vice-Presidents

  Vice-President Mike Close
  Vice-President Michael Feinig
  Vice-President Mary Anne Stevens
  Vice-President Elsa L.C. Mai
  Vice-President Vladimir Machula
  Vice-President Petteri Tarma
  Vice-President Bruno Delor
  Vice-President Wolfgang Müther
  Vice-President Andy Chau
  Vice-President Tom McCormack
  Vice-President Giuseppe Leoni
  Vice-President Hiroyasu Hagio
  Vice-President Youngduck Lee
  Vice-President Claude Eschette
  Vice-President José Peña Buenrostro
  Vice-President Elizabeth King
  Vice-President Rolf Liland
  Vice-President Wlodzimierz Skalik
  Vice-President Francisco José Fialho Nunes
  Vice-President Vladimir Ivanov
  Vice-President Pedro Cabañero Marimón
  Vice-President Bengt Lindgren
  Vice-President Yves Joel Burkhardt
  Vice-President Veerayuth Didyasarin
  Vice-President Robert Hughes
  Vice-President Jonathan Gaffney