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Speed Skydiving

speedskydivingSpeed Skydiving is a new skydiving discipline with as simple a definition as it gets.  Achieve the fastest speed possible over a given distance.


It has developed over the last few years and represents the fastest non-motorized sport on Earth. In essence, speed skydiving is the discipline where only one aspect of skydiving counts – freefall speed.

The speed achieved by a human body in free fall is conditioned of two factors, body weight and body orientation. In a stable, belly to earth position, terminal velocity of the human body is about 200 km/h (about 120 mph). A stable, freefly, head down position has a terminal speed of around 240-290 km/h (around 150-180 mph). Further minimizing body drag and streamlining the body position allows the skydiver to reach higher speeds in the vicinity of 480 km/h (300 mph).

IPC Strategic Plan

strategic plan

A video presentation of the plan is now available by following the link

IPC Strategic Plan (2013)

Canopy Piloting

* see below

Canopy Piloting involves a series of tasks designed to test a parachutist's ability to control his canopy and fly accurately.  Each test starts with the parachutist navigating through a number of gates which are situated over water.  The parachutist has one of three goals, depending on the task;  complete the course in the shortest time, therefore having the highest speed; complete the water section and then land on a target as accurately as possible;  achieve the longest distance from the entry gate before touching down.

How is the Winner Defined?

To maximise the accuracy, the competitor must successfully nevigate the water section before landing as close to the centre of the target as possible.  The maximum score for speed goes to the parachutist flying the course in the shortest time and the best score for distance will go to the parachutist controlling the canopy to fly the maximum distance.

How is it scored?

For accuracy; pass between the course markers and stay within the course to gain points.  Extra 'gate' points are earned when a competitor drags a part of his body (usually his foot) through an imaginary line on the surface of the water between water gates.  Penalities are awarded in the landing phase if the competitor falls over, or is not in the central zone with their first touch.

Speed: pass between the course markers to start the speed run; the times is started by breaking an electronic beam across the course.  The competitor's time is stopped as they break a second beam across the exit gate and their time is measured to the thousandth of a second.

Distance:  pass between the course markets and remain within the boudaries of the course to obtain a score.  The distance is measured from the entry gate to the first point of contact with the ground.

 Canopy Piloting is a fairly new sport, made possible by the development of smaller and faster canopies in the mid 1990's.  The discipline was originally called "blade running" but soon evolved into the format used today.  Competitors compete over a stretch of water for sefety reasons because of the high speeds involved - at the same time creating spectacular action as the parachutists whizz across the surface of the water, leaving a plume of spray behind them.

This discipline requires a high level of skill and experience with many national federations insisting on a minimum requirement of 500 parachute jumps before allowing a competitor to enter a Canopy Piloting Event.

The first World Championships in Canopy Piloting took place in 2006.

*  PDF's of the Illustrated slides of the Discipline Events are available under "Documents" "Disciplines" "Canopy Piloting" on this website.

Podium Winners - 1st FAI Junior World Cup in Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing - Female

Cheboksary logo
1st FAI Junior World Cup

in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

22 - 26 August 2013


Congratulations to all the Female Medal Winners



Female Overall

 Taisya Krivoshchekova
 Ling Zhang
China 7
Maria Chornaya
Belarus 9


Female Accuracy

Taisya Krivoshchekova
Maria Chornaya
Belarus 26
Darja Shastakovich



Female Style

Taisya Krivoshchekova
Leocadie Ollivier De Pury
France 28.54
Bronze Ling Zhang Germany 29.27


1 Day to go, Cheboksary, Russia

High five

Today started with cloud and rain but by 10.00 the skies had cleared, the sun came out, and all was set for the Tandem Jump of the Minister of Sport for the Chuvash Repuiblic, Sergey Milnikov and his tandem master, Jiri Blaska, the FAI Controller.  The Minister really enjoyed the experience and thanked everyone involved.  Given the support for this competition shown by his Ministry it is nice to be able to share our enthusiasm for the sport in such a real way.

Before - Sergey Graeme  Jiri After
Sergey Milnikov - Graeme Windsor - Jiri Blaska Being interviewed by the press after

Today we continue with official practice jumps from the two Turbolets and two Antonovs.

Antinov Turbolet
Antonov = Style Turbolet = accuracy


 By mid-day the rain was back and we have grey cloud cover.    After lunch the sun was out again and we continued with official practice jumps for the Accuracy and Style competitors.

Inside the Antinov style runin
Inside the Antonov Style Runin

IPC Bureau Newsletter

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Parachuting Judges


Select a discipline below to display the list of parachuting judges nominated for that discipline.

Changes to the list of judges will be effective at the end of each month.

Updates and corrections to these lists This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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5th Day of the Mondial, 2nd December 2012

Sunday 2nd December 2012

15.00 hrs

Round 5 of Formation Skydiving 8-way has been completed and USA hold the lead with 119 whilst the current World Champions, France, have 113 and Russia are in thrid place with 102.  VFS continues to be a tight contest with the UAE holding 1st pace with 122 points, France close behind in second with 120 and the USA trailing a bit with 110 - 3 more rounds to go!

Artistics Freefly has completed 4 rounds, and France 2 is leading the USA by 0.1 of a point (37.1 - 37.0) with France 1 in third place with 36.5.  Freestyle has also completed 4 rounds, with France 2 leading France 1 by 0.1 points (37.3 - 37.2) with G.B. in third place with 34.3.

Canopy Piloting is happening at the moment, and Accuracy Landings is continuing on the Beach DZ.  It will be an early finish today though, as we have to get ready for the opening ceremony at 20.00 hrs.

Each day there is a free draw, tickets available to registered persons on the DZ, for 5 Iphones and 5 Ipads!  This is drawn in the evening as jumping finishes.


The Accuracy Landing competition up until now has been split over two DZ\'s, so a 7.00am call this morning was necessary to complete Round 2. With all three Male Rounds completed we have Vodisek Domen (SLO) and Liang Yong (CHN) tied in 1st place with 00cm scores, with 5 jumpers tied for  3rd place with 01cm. Female Accuracy Round 2 is still in progress, so too are Juniors and Male & Female Freefall Style.



1st Day of the Mondial 28th November 2012

28th November 2012

18.00      Formation Skydiving Draw



 1 5 12 E
 2  6 D B K
 3  O 8 7
 4 N 13 18
 5 10 21 M
 6 19 H 11
 7  C G 1 A
 8 20 9 15
9 16 F P Q
 10 2 J 4
JO L 22 14
 1 N 21  B  5
 2  14  C  13
 3  22  M  20
 4 17  H  16
 5  J E  12 4
 6 7 19  15
 7  G  K  8  2
 8  O  L F  P  A
 9  10  11  18
 10  9  Q  D  1
 JO  3  6  19
 1 A 11 13
2 J 14 16
3 5 1 7
4 17 F 9
5 6 8 D
6 N C M L 13
7 2 10 4
8 E B H  I G
JO 15 12 K


Happy Birthday today to :
Vadim Abramov (Russia) 4-Way videocamerman
Oleg Poda (Ukraine) - 4-Way Open


13.00 The winds - gusting over limits - meant there was no jumping for accuracy or canopy piloting this morning, and all competitors are on standbby until 15.00 hrs, but there really does not seem to be any sign of it dropping.  The style jumpers are on a standby following a 15minute call so we may see them jump before the day is out. 

Disappointing for all the press who have arrived, including a TV production company from Chanel 7 in Australia!  Here to do a \"story\" on the Australian Team and cover this huge event.  Working in the media centre it is fascinating to see all the press, from all over, here to report on the largest ever parachuting event.


In passing . . .

This Mondial of 6 World Championships knows no bounds and we’ve already run out of superlatives in utter wonderment at the scale of things around us. From the 5* cuisine to the air-conditioned team tents for competitors – with accompanying flat screen TV, fridge and beds – the organisers have truly excelled themselves to accommodate the needs of everyone here.

The GB Freestyle Team of Andrea (Pixie) & Alistair Hodgson, World Championship Silver Medalists in 2010 and World Cup & European Championship Bronze Medalists in 2011, are not only known for their skydiving skills, but the fact that Alistair took up skydiving after he lost his legs whilst on active military service.  Consequently he has perfected his own landing technique, whereby he needs a grass strip on which to slide to a stop.

It came to light that the DZ which will be used for their particular discipline, was actually comprised of sand and gravel – and not a blade of grass in sight. With one practice jump completed, it was clear that the allocated DZ could well jeopardise Al’s safety and even their continued participation in the Championship.

Within 48hours, a mini DZ of Astroturf was laid exclusively for his benefit (see picture).

No superlatives needed.





8.00 am.     Almost there, still some links to input, and checks to be made against the final registration lists - but today is the final day of preparation for everyone on site.  The weather forcast is better for today, maybe starting to cool down (all relative).








The picture on the front is of the DZ with the competitors tents, taken from one of the Hotels, the Ocean View Hotel, where many of the teams are staying.  This Hotel has only just been completed and they have opened especially for the Mondial - they will close again to finalise things before the \"official\" opening on 1st January 2013.  As with anything new there is some \"finishing off\" to do.

Monaco Delegation

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Delegation Banner
Logo Mondial 2012 92h
Deleg-TitleFlag Monaco

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Head of Delegation Antonij Zivialo

Delegation Stories

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FranceCF Delegation

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Deleg CF

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Logo Mondial 2012 92h

Flag France

2-Way Sequential - Team 1

 CF 2Way - France A Rodolphe Pourcelot
Hugues Orlianges
Kevin Techer (Videographer)

2-Way Sequential - Team 2

 CF 2way - France B Cindy Collot
Charline Delay
David Huet (Videographer)

4-Way Sequential

Magali Belgodere Aude Clesse Guillaume Dubois Frédéric Mirvault
Laurent-Stéphane Montfort (Videographer) Jean-Michel Poulet (Alternate)
4-way Rotations
Emmanuel Bouchard Vincent Coliac Frédéric Truffaut Benoit Rotty


Gregory CHatelain (Videographer)

Canopy Formations Team Manager David Roth


Competitors' Tales

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