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Information Notice 2008-7

 Technical & Safety Information Notice No.   7/2008                                                              W.N. 20
 Date of Issue  10 October 2008 
 Subject Matter                 

Argus Automatic Activation Device (AAD), testing and approval for use in the Dual Hawk Tandem System 

STRONG ENTERPRISES, Product Service Bulletin # 29, dated September 5, 2008. 

Strong Enterprises Service Bulletin # 29 authorises the use of  Argus AAD, date of manufacture 05/2007 or later, and Dual Cutters, date of manufacture 01/2007 or later, when installed in accordance with the Dual Hawk Tandem Manual installation guidelines, P/N 510045, Rev. H. 05/08, Sec. 5.1 and Argus user’s guide. 

Note – Argus AAD is only approved for the Dual Hawk Tandem System when used in Tandem mode. 

The full text of Strong Enterprises Bulletin # 29 can be found on Strong Enterprises web site – www.strongparachutes.com 

Liam McNulty

IPC Technical & Safety Committee

10 October 2008 


 Strong Enterprises, 11236 Satellite Blvd., Orlando, FL 32837, USA. 

Tel. (407) 859-9317 ; Fax (407) 850-6978.

Web site – www.strongparachutes.com

E-mail – sales@strongparachutes.com 

 Acknowledgement  Thanks to the Australian Parachute Federation for bringing this matter to the attention of the IPC Technical & Safety Committee. 

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Liam McNulty, Technical & Safety Committee, International Parachuting Commission.

10 October 2008