News of Records

Years 1960-1969

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


CIAM Meeting October 21-23 in Brussels, attended by 25 people representing 15 NAC’s.
Introduction of permanent subcommittees for Free Flight, Control Line and Radio Control.
Meeting schedule introduced. Dates and flow of proposals to be put on the Agenda of the Plenary Meeting.
H.J Meier elected President, H.J. Nicholls elected Vice-President and R. Beck elected Secretary.

This year the first World Championships for Radio Control Aerobatics were held in Dübendorf, Switzerland, and first Control Line World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.


CIAM Bureau Meeting, April 11 at Hirzenhain, Germany

CIAM Plenary Meeting November 15-18 in Paris. 29 people represented 9 NAC’s.
In order to coordinate the work of the three subcommittees (see 1960) the post of Technical Secretary has been created. First elected Technical Secretary is Rudy Beck of Hungary. President and Vice-president were re-elected (see 1960), new elected Secretary being J. Jaaskelainen of Finland.
Elected Subcommittee Chairmen were: Free Flight H.J. Nicholls, Control Line R.G. Moulton en Radio Control Dr. W. Good.
A fourth Subcommittee has been introduced for Scale models. This S/C should determine an internationally acceptable set of rules for scale models (FF, CL and RC). Leroy Weber, USA, being the first chairman of this S/C.
Introduction of the Model Aircraft Specification Certificate and Sticker. These papers followed the decision that for International Contests, World and Continental Championships the processing of the models is the responsibility of the NAC’s, who by issuing the Certificate and Label (Sticker) guarantee that the model concerned conforms the specifications for that particular class.

First F1D World Championship in Cardington, Great Britain.


CIAM Meeting in Paris, November 22-24
Preparations by the subcommittees of the 1963 edition of the Sporting Code Section 4 will be co-coordinated by CIAM President H.J. Nicholls and Secretary A. Roussel (for English and French language respectively).
Model Rocketry (later called Space Models) recognized as part of model aviation activities within FAI. A technical subcommittee for this category has been formed, first elected chairman being Harry Stine, USA.
CIAM pleads for fitting silencers to internal combustion engines.
Provisional contest rules for indoor models declared official. Setting up draft rules for scale models show progress.
Request to all NAC’s to report RC-frequencies allowed for RC models in their country.
Elected Officers: H.J. Nicholls, President; Dr. W. Good (USA) Vice-president, A. Roussel, Secretary and R. Beck, Technical Secretary.


CIAM Meeting December 3/4 in Paris, attended by 32 people representing 17 countries.
Two days before the meeting, (Dec. 1st) Mr. A.F. Houlberg, first CIAM president, passed away.
Provisional rules for CL combat accepted for trial during one year.
Provisional rules for scale models accepted for trial during one year.
Judges for international Control Line and Radio Control aerobatics contests need CIAM approval.
All Bureau Officers re-elected (see 1962).


CIAM Meeting November 20/21 in Paris. 18 nations present with 32 people attending.1964-delegates1964: Delegates
Provisional rules presented for gliders with automatic steering (class F1E).
Space Model Subcommittee presents draft rules for contests with space models.
Elected Officers: Dr. W. Good, President (succeeds H.J. Nicholls); R. Beck, Vice-president
(i.l.o. Dr. Good); A. Roussel, Secretary (re-elected); R. Cerny (CS), Technical Secretary (i.l.o. Beck).


CIAM Bureau Meeting in June in Zurich (SWI)

CIAM Meeting in December in Paris
Maximum rubber weight for Wakefield models (F1B) reduced to 40 grams, effective January 1st, 1967.
Introduction of 4 ceiling categories for indoor models (F1D).
F1C ???
All CIAM Officers re-elected, see 1964. Sandy Pimenoff elected chairman of the Free Flight Subcommittee.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 15/16 in Zurich

CIAM Plenary Meeting on November 3/4 in Paris, attended by representatives from 19 countries, 36 people.
As a result of the Control Line World Championships in England this year the SMAE presents a paper “A Guide for Organizing a World Championship”. The organizers of many future World Championships will use the paper.
Provisional scale model rules declared official for Control Line and Radio Control Scale (rules for Free Flight scale models remain provisional).
Provisional rules for Space models declared official.
Elected Officers: R. Beck, President; S. Pimenoff, Vice President; other functions unchanged.
Subcommittee Chairmen: Control Line: H. Ziegler i.l.o. R. Moulton; Radio Control: M. Hill i.l.o. H. Nicholls.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 26/27 in Frankfurt1967: Secretary General C. Hennecart; S. Pimenoff1967: Secretary General C. Hennecart; S. Pimenoff

CIAM Plenary Meeting October 17-20 in Budapest, Hungary.
1967: Secretary General C Hennecart; S Pimenoff1967: Secretary General C Hennecart; S Pimenoff
There were 16 countries represented by 33 people. There were many so-called East-block countries present. The following western countries did not attend: GBR, BEL, SWI, and SWE.
Preparation of new issue of Sporting Code Section 4 (Aeromodelling) approved. Effective 010168.
In future in case of doubt the text of the English version will prevail i.l.o. the French one.
The S/C Chairmen should choose the members of their S/C from a list with names submitted by each NAC (max. 3 names per NAC possible).
No mutations in Bureau or S/C Chairmen.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 10/11 in Frankfurt/Hirzenhain, Germany
First International Judges Course for RC Aerobatics, 13-15 April (Easter weekend) held at Hirzenhain. There were 41 participants from 17 countries. The course was conducted by Maynard Hill (USA).

CIAM Plenary Meeting in November, in Paris, attended by 46 people representing 22 countries.
Highlights: Coupe d’Hiver recognized as a provisional international class. ROG for this class cancelled.
Helmets obligatory for teamrace pilots. Monoline may no longer be used for Control Line Speed.
Silencers obligatory for RC aerobatics during World Championships 1969.
Mutations in Bureau: S. Pimenoff elected President i.l.o. R. Beck; R. Cerny, Vice President, R. Moulton, Technical Secretary i.l.o. Cerny; J. Ganier, Secretary i.l.o. A. Roussel.
Mutations for S/C Chairmen: FF L. Bovo; C/L P. Delfeld; Scale H. Ziegler i.l.o. L. Weber.


Elections: M.Hill elected Secretary i.l.o J. Ganier. No further details available of this meeting.
(Note: Historian wants minutes of this meeting.)

Years 1970-1979

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


CIAM Meeting in Paris, December 3/4, attended by 24 countries, represented by 45 people.
Introduction of a new subcommittee, viz. for Education and Information; elected chairman A. Roussel.
According to a decision of the General Conference (again) a 4-years freeze of the rulebook should be observed.
Rules approved for the use of binoculars in free flight contests.
(Re-) elected Officers: S. Pimenoff (FIN), President; R. Cerny (CS) Vice-president; G. Revel-Mouroz, (FRA) Secretary; (replaces M. Hill); R. Moulton (GBR), Technical Secretary.
Subcommittee Chairmen: Free Flight: L.Bovo (ITA); Control Line: K. Rosenlund (SWE); Radio Control: Patton (USA); Scale: H. Ziegler (SWI); Space models: H. Stine (USA); Ed/Info: A. Roussel (BEL).

First official FAI World Championship for C/L and RC scale models at Cranfield (GBR).


1971: R. Moulton1971: R. MoultonCIAM Meeting in Paris, December 2/3 December, attended by 24 countries, represented by 48 people; new countries Greece, Egypt and New Zealand.
Introduction of a second Vice-president as advised by the Director General.
Memo from the Director General emphasizing the need of the rule freeze.
Wankel-type engine accepted for use in aeromodels after approval of the formula for calculating the “stroke-volume” of this type of engine.
Safety rules for free flight approved and recommended as a basis for similar rules for C/L and R/C.
Rules have been laid down which have to be met before the status of “provisional” rules can be raised to “official”.
Elected Officers: Pimenoff remains President, first V-P: V. Kmoch (YOU), second V-P: L. Bovo, Secretary and Technical Secretary re-elected.
Mutations in S/C Chairmen: RC: M.Hill replaces Patton; Ed/Info: H.J. Nicholls replaces A. Roussel.
First FAI Aeromodelling World Championship outside Europe (in the USA) since 1954 i.e. RC Aerobatics.

For this event a charter flight had been organized from Paris via London to transport all European team with their models to the USA: approx. 250 people in a long DC-8-63.


CIAM Meeting in December, attended by 50 people representing 26 countries.
Director General Hennecart points out that one must comply with the rule freeze and stop the unlimited number of change proposals every year!!
Safety rules for Control Line and Radio Control approved.
Elections: President, Secretary and Technical Secretary re-elected; V. Kmoch and L. Bovo changed positions and are now 2nd and 1st VP respectively.
S/C Chairmen mutations: C/L: P. Freebrey (GBR) elected, replaces K. Rosenlund; Scale: Schindler (CS) replaces Ziegler; Ed/Info: El Chiati (Egypt) replaces Nicholls.
In RC, new classes apart from aerobatics (e.g. RC Soaring and RC Pylon Race) ask for attention by the Subcommittee. Therefore working groups are created for these classes.

First World Championships for Space Models.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 26/27 19973

CIAM Meeting on November 29/30 in Paris, attended by delegates and observers from 29 countries (42 people).
Provisional C/L Combat rules upgraded to official rules, effective January 1st, 1975.
RC Soaring rules changed into a three-task program. Safety helmets with chinstrap obligatory for pylon race competitors and officials per 1 Jan. 1975.
Request by Belgium to study the RC-helicopter rules of the UK, USA, Italy and others in order to prepare FAI provisional rules for this class.
Elections: President, 1st and 2nd V-P were re-elected. Secretary Revel-Mouroz was replaced by John Worth (USA), Technical Secretary Ron Moulton was replaced by Tony Aarts (NED) and Jean Ganier was elected Assistant-Secretary.
Mutations with the Subcommittee chairmen were: RC: C. Olsen (GBR) i.l.o. Hill; Scale: H.Ziegler i.l.o. Schindler; Space: O.Saffek i.l.o. Stine.


1974: J Worth, P Freebrey, V Kmoch1974: J Worth, P Freebrey, V KmochCIAM Bureau Meeting on April 4/5 in Paris. Following a request at the 1973 Plenary Meeting it was decided that a number of loose documents which have to be used with the Sporting Code (as collected by the former Technical Secretary) will be put together in one publication named “Documents Supplemental the Sporting Code”. This publication will contain: various Forms, Provisional Rules, Organizers Guides, Safety Rules, Judges Guides, etc. The AMA (USA) kindly offered to print this document.
Start of preparing the new 1975 edition of Sporting Code Section 4.

CIAM Plenary Meeting in Paris December 5/6, attended by delegates and observers from 29 nations (more than ever; 44 people).
Postal strike hampered communication just before and after the meeting.
Sporting Code Supplement (see Bureau Meeting) printed by AMA and distributed at the meeting.
For free flight power (F1C) engine run reduced from 10 to 7 seconds, effective 010176.
Revised rules for Space models will be included in Sporting Code Section 4 as Section 4d.
Provisional Control Line Combat rules (class F2D) declared “official”. The same applies to the provisional RC Thermal and Slope Soaring rules (class F3B). Both effective per January 1st, 1975.
New RC Aerobatics flight pattern program adopted and approved. A provisional manoeuvre schedule for future use approved for testing.
Starting at this 1975 Plenary Meeting the election of officers will be executed n two stages. At 16.00 hrs on the first meeting day the delegates will assemble for the nominations. The elections will take place the second day under the related agenda item.
Elections: all Officers and Subcommittee Chairmen were re-elected (see 1973). In RC the working groups are transformed into separate Subcommittees. C. Olsen remains in charge of RC Aerobatics and General Items; J. Sederholm (FIN) was elected chairman of the Pylon Race S/C, Dan Pruss (USA) of the RC Soaring S/C. It appeared that also for RC Helicopters a S/C is desired. Werner Groth (GER) will chair this S/C.

First so-called AerOlympics, combination of World Championships Free Flight Indoor (F1D) and C/L and RC Scale (F4B/C) and International Contests for RC Soaring (F3B) and RC Pylon race (F2D). This big event was organized in the USA, at Lakehurst Naval Air Station from 1-6 July.


1975: T. Aarts, P. Freebrey, J. Clemens1975: T. Aarts, P. Freebrey, O. SaffekCIAM Bureau Meeting April 3/4 in Paris
Provisional rules for RC Helicopters will be presented at next Plenary Meeting.
Referring to the decision at the 1971 Plenary Meeting concerning the change of status of provisional rules to official rules and the upgrading of the latter to World Championship status, the Bureau considered review for reaffirmation or modification in order to make these rules more clear.

CIAM Plenary Meeting in Paris (December 4/5), attended by delegates and observers from 27 countries (53 people).
Control Line Combat approved as World Championships Class.
The new text re the requirements for the eligibility of rules for world championships (see 1975 Bureau Meeting above) was approved.
Provisional rules for new category Electric Powered Models approved.
Maximum noise level for RC Aerobatics fixed at 84dB(A) at 10 meters.
Provisional rules for Stand-off Scale approved.
During the elections a very particular occurrence took place.
Sandy Pimenoff nominated for another term as President was, according to FAI rules, not allowed to accept this nomination because a Committee President was allowed to stay only five consecutive years in office. This was a recent decision of the FAI General Conference. However the meeting wanted Sandy to stay and solved the problem as follows: All other nominees for president withdrew their nomination. Sandy was elected First Vice-president and with the absence of a real president the 1st V-P came in charge for leading the CIAM during 1976.
L. Bovo (ITA) and E. Krill (AUT) were elected 2nd and 3rd V-P respectively (for the first time a 3rd V-P entered office in CIAM). P. Allnutt (CAN) was elected Chairman of the Free Flight S/C i.l.o. Bovo; John Burkam (USA) was elected chairman of the RC Helicopter S/C replacing Werner Groth; and John Clemens (USA) was elected chairman of the Education & Information S/C.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 1/2 in Paris
Regarding CASI decisions concerning the four-year rule freeze for Sporting Codes and the exceptions
allowed for safety items and clarifications, the Bureau scrutinized the decisions taken at the December 1975 Plenary meeting and laid down which of these decisions are not acceptable and have to wait for the next issue of our Sporting Code, that is the 1979 edition.

CIAM Plenary Meeting in Paris (December 2/3) attended by delegates and observers from 27 countries.
With reference to the 1975 CIAM President election it was reported that the General Conference had decided that there will no longer be any limit regarding the term of office of a Committee President.
Elections: Sandy Pimenoff again elected president unanimously. Krill changed position to 1st V-P; O. Saffek was elected 2nd V-P and J. Clemens (USA) was elected 3rd V-P. Pierre Chaussebourg (FRA) was elected French-speaking Secretary i.l.o. J. Ganier.
Mutations with the S/C Chairmen were: C/L :L. Jackson (USA) i.l.o. P. Freebrey; RC Soaring G. Dallimer (GBR) i.l.o. D. Pruss; RC Pylon Race S. Sattler (USA) i..l.o. J. Sederholm.
Due to he increasing number of World Championships and the difficulty to find organizers a proposal had been submitted to change the 2-year cycle into a 3-year cycle. The proposal has been defeated, but the idea for setting up a long-term planning (as far as possible) was accepted.
For control line, working groups were set up for preparing a jury-guide for teamrace and preparing a rewrite of the combat rules.
The sub-subcommittee for RC helicopters had prepared a provisional set of contest rules, which were approved for trial use.
A complexity bonus for RC scale models has been introduced in order to compensate for lower flight scores due to the complexity of the prototype.

For the first time the Combat class was included in the Control Line World Championships this year, but only as an international contest, not yet World Championships.


CIAM Bureau Meeting March 25 in Paris
A new voting procedure has been developed in order to cope with the problem that not all delegates are interested in each aeromodelling discipline. From now on there will be four voting possibilities: for, against, abstain and non-voting. The latter possibility is for those delegates who have no interest in the item to be voted on. Absolute majority will be based on the total votes of for + against + abstain. This procedure has to be approved by the FAI Statutes Committee.

CIAM Plenary Meeting December 1/2 in Paris, attended by delegates and observers from 29 countries.
A new edition of Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling/Spacemodelling has been planned to be issued per January 1st, 1979.
Within the RC Subcommittee a new working group was created for Electric Flight (F3E, later renumbered to F5). Peter Blommaart (BEL) appointed chairman of this working group. Another working group was created for RC Frequencies, with Axel Tigerstedt (FIN) as chairman, in order to prepare the FAI/CIAM views for the World Radio Frequency Conference, which will be held in 1979. Harmonization of RC frequencies for aeromodelling worldwide is considered to be very important
Maximum weight for RC-scale models increased to 6 kg.
Dan Pruss (USA) was elected chairman of the RC Soaring working group.
The only mutation in the Bureau was that 2nd V-P Saffek had been replaced by Y. Sirotkin (USSR).

First World Championships for RC Soaring (F3B) in South Africa.


1978: L. Jackson, S. Pimenoff, J. Worth, T. Aarts1978: L. Jackson, S. Pimenoff, J. Worth, T. AartsCIAM Bureau Meeting March 30 in Paris
The president will attend a meeting of the FAI Statutes Committee to resolve the problem of absolute majority voting (ref. March 1977 Bureau Meeting). The 1978 Control Line World Championships in England included the first official World Championships for class F2D Combat.
CIAM Meeting November 30 - December 1 in Paris, 30 countries represented, total attendance 71 people.
The FAI Statutes Committee had approved the voting procedure as proposed in the March 1977 Bureau Meeting.
All subcommittees were ordered to go into the noise problems created by the models belonging to their respective disciplines.
The description of the task of jury, timekeepers and circle marshal for combat will be included in the combat jury guide.
Provisional Stand-off scale rules were upgraded to official rules, effective per January 1st, 1983.
50 Copies of the second issue of the Sporting Code Supplement compiled and printed by AMA/USA distributed at the meeting.
Mutations in the Bureau were: 1st V-P J. Clemens (was 3rd V-P); 3rd V-P Y. Sirotkin (was 2nd
V-P). Pierre Chaussebourg (FRA) was elected Assistant Secretary. Mutations in the S/C Chairmen were: I. Kaynes (GBR) replaces Allnutt for the Free Flight S/C; H. DeBolt replaces Sattler for the RC Pylon Race Working Group and D. Chapman (USA) replaces J. Burkam for the RC Helicopter W.G.


CIAM Bureau Meeting March 30 in Paris
The Bureau approved Entry Requirements for World Championships.

CIAM Plenary Meeting November 29/30 in Paris. 29 Countries, 68 people in attendance.
The universal rules for electro models, prepared by the subcommittee, were approved and will be effective per January 1st 1983. From that date it will be possible to organize World and Continental Championships for this category.

1979 ciam history1979 ciam historyNew world records were added to the records list. For C/L teamrace a world record can be set for 100 and 200 laps provided the record flight takes place during an official World or Continental Championship.
Records can now also be set for RC electric models in duration, height, speed and distance.
Mutations in the Bureau were: 1st V-P O. Saffek (i.l.o. Clemens), 2nd V-P L. Bovo (i.l.o Saffek), 3rd V-P P. Freebrey (i.l.o Sirotkin).
Mutations with the S/C Chairmen were: H. Kuhn for Space models replaces Saffek, M. Dilly for Ed/Info replaces Clemens. A new S/C was formed for noise; chairman Nenin.

Years 1980-1989

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 18 in Paris. Following a discussion on judging problems at the 1979 RC-Aerobatic World Championships, the Bureau ruled that two judges are not to be considered for international contests for the next two years (reason: too great national bias in scores).

CIAM Plenary Meeting December 1/2 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 31 countries (78 people).
For all classes proxy flying is from now on no longer allowed.
The revised provisional rules for helicopters were approved and upgraded to official status. Starting 1985 it will be possible to organize World Championships for RC Helicopters.
Mutations in the Bureau were: 1st V-P L. Bovo, 2nd V-P P. Freebrey (was 3rd.), 3rd V-P O. Saffek (was 1st).
Mutations with S/C Chairmen: Scale D. Thumpston GBR (replaces H. Ziegler), Noise T. Paulsen NOR (replaces Nenin), Helicopters F. DeProft BEL (replaces Chapman), Pylon Race D. Day GBR (replaces DeBolt).


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 24 in Paris
The overall RC working group chairman has been asked to develop a proposal for reorganizing the RC subcommittee work for the various RC disciplines.

1981: J. Grigg, D. Pruss1981: J. Grigg, D. PrussCIAM Plenary Meeting December 3/4 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 31 countries (82 people).
The function of Overall RC Subcommittee Chairman became extinct. From now on each RC class subcommittee will operate separately and have its own responsibility.
In general the maximum weight of contest models had been changed from 5 kg with fuel into 5 kg without fuel. The maximum weight for RC helicopters had been raised from 5 kg to 6 kg without fuel. The maximum weight for single engine control line scale models had also been raised to 6 kg.
The 4-stroke engine is becoming popular because it produces less noise, but also less power. Therefore the maximum swept volume for these engines in class F3A has been set at 20 cm3. For scale models the max. swept volume of 4-stroke engines has been set to 15 cm3 for single engine models and a total of 30 cm3 for multi-engine models.
Setting a general noise limit for aeromodels could not be established. Each subcommittee was charged to propose noise limits for their own particular classes.
Following the reports on this year’s Free Flight and RC Aerobatics World Championships the Bureau noted the necessity to take greater responsibility when reviewing plans for these events, particularly concerning sites and organization.
For long duration records the help of an assistant pilot for a certain part of the flight will be allowed.
There were no mutations among the Bureau members. For the S/C Chairmen C. Olsen stepped down as Overall RC S/C chairman and Don Lindley (USA) became chairman of the Noise S/C i.l.o. T. Paulsen. R. Chidgey (USA) will chair the RC Aerobatics S/C.


1982: W. Kölliker, E. Krill, G. Gerard, R. Beck1982: W. Kölliker, E. Krill, G. Gerard, R. BeckCIAM Bureau Meeting April 16 in Paris
According to new FAI rules the organizer of world championships cannot locally issue a provisional Sporting License to an individual competitor who does not present to the organizer in advance of official flying a Sporting License issued by his National Aero Club.
The Bureau discussed and approved for Plenary Meeting consideration that in addition to the Alphonse Pénaud Diplome a program of FAI recognition for other aeromodelling achievements be established.

CIAM Plenary Meeting December 2/3 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 29 countries (78 people).
Approved for inclusion in the Sporting Code rules for payment/reimbursement of travel expenses of invited officials for World and Continental Championships.
New issue of Sporting Code Section 4 planned for 1984.
There were no mutations in the composition of the Bureau. Only one subcommittee changed the chairman: G. Burford (AUS) was elected chairman of the Pylon Race S/C i.l.o. D. Day.
Awards: The Alphonse Penaud Diploma Richard Weber, USA.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 11 in Paris
Preparations were started for the 1984 edition of the Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodels/Space models.
It was noted by the president that the number of subcommittees (11) seemed to be out of proportion in relation to the work performed. It was agreed that any S/C, which did not report in time for the Bureau Meeting, should be considered to be out of action for the balance of the year and the Plenary Meeting to decide whether the S/C would be reactivated for the following year. Rules were also set for the reporting of S/C activities to Bureau and Technical Secretary prior to Bureau and Plenary Meetings.
The Bureau noted concern for future World Championship schedules if and when new World Championships are approved. The Bureau advised that the current number (7, i.e. 3 Aeromodelling each year and one Spacemodelling every other year) not be increased.

1983: R. Herzog, R. Decker, G. Michiels, W. Groth1983: R. Herzog, R. Decker, G. Michiels, W. GrothCIAM Plenary Meeting December 1/2 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 31 countries (92 people).
The classes RC-Helicopters and RC-Pylon Race now meet the requirements for upgrading to World Championship status. Canada has offered to organize the first RC-Helicopter W. Ch. in 1985. This increases the number of world championships to nine. Proposal for realistic W/Ch. schedule still requested!
It was reported by the Director General that in future presidents of FAI Committees (such as CIAM) are automatically invited to CASI meetings.
So-called normalizing of scores for RC-aerobatics approved. This decision is important to reduce the difference in judging standards when more than one set of judges is used.
Awards: Alphonse Penaud Diploma E. Krill (AUT).
Mutations in the bureau: W. Groth (GER) was elected 1st Vice-President i.l.o. L. Bovo. The only change with the S/C chairmen was that D. Day replaces G. Burford as RC-Pylon Race S/C Chairman.

A judge’s course for RC aerobatics was to be held in September in Genk, Belgium.


1984: Control Line Subcommittee1984: Control Line SubcommitteeCIAM Bureau Meeting April 12/13 in Paris
Noting the need to accommodate three new world championships (F3C RC-helicopters, F3D RC Pylon Race and in the very near future F3E (F5) Electric) the Bureau approved a two-year cycle for recommendation by the plenary meeting as follows: 1st year F1A, B, C, F3A, F3B, F3C, F3D and Space. Second year: F2A, B, C, D, F4B, C, F1D, F3E. The latter after obtaining World Championships status.
The Bureau decided positive on a proposal to interchange the dates of Bureau Meeting and Plenary Meeting. This means that starting in 1986 the Bureau Meeting will be held at the end of the year (late November/early December) and the Plenary Meeting in the spring, late March/early April. This schedule will better correspond with the main contest season in the northern hemisphere. The Plenary Meeting 1984 has the final decision on this proposal.
First Continental (European) Championship for RC-Helicopters organized in The Netherlands.
The first (limited) number of copies of the 1984 edition of the Sporting Code was distributed at the meeting.
The text of this edition has been stored in the computer of the AMA. This will considerably facilitate inserting future amendments.

CIAM Plenary Meeting December 6/7 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 28 countries (91 people).
The Plenary Meeting had approved the date change as proposed by the Bureau unanimously. As a consequence there will be no Plenary Meeting in 1985, but only two Bureau Meetings.
1984 Control Line Subcommittee1984 Control Line Subcommittee
World Championships schedule: discussion and voting on proposals from the Bureau (see 1984 Bureau meeting), Switzerland and Italy resulted in approval of the Bureau proposal, i.e. retaining the 2-year cycle, in accordance with the listing in the Bureau Minutes. In this respect the desirability was discussed of combining RC world championships in the future whenever possible.

Awards: The Alphonse Penaud diploma Werner Koelliker (SUI).
Mutations in the Bureau: 1st V-P O. Saffek (was 3rd V-P); 2nd V-P W. Groth (was 1st V-P); 3rd V-P P. Freebrey. The only change with the Subcommittee Chairmen was that R. Brown (USA) was elected i.l.o. D. Day for RC-Pylon Race.


CIAM Bureau Meeting April 25/26 in Paris
RC Electric Motor Gliders (F3E) has obtained world championship status. RC Electric aerobatics and Pylon Racing do not yet have W. Ch. status.

No Plenary Meeting due to changed meeting schedule for 1985/86.

First World Championship for RC-Helicopters organized in Canada. There were 37 participants from 17 countries.
First World Championship for RC-Pylon Race organized in the U.S.A., attended by 18 competitors from 6 countries.

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 5/6 in Paris
As a consequence of the new schedule of Bureau and Plenary Meetings the Bureau set up a time schedule for presenting offers for organizing World Championships and what (detail) information is be presented at what meeting.
A draft guideline for calculating entry fees has been approved by the Bureau. It will be presented to the Plenary Meeting for final approval and inclusion in the Organizers Guide.
Because it becomes still more difficult to enforce the Builder of the Model Rule proposals can be expected for complete or partial canceling of this rule.
The AMA has been requested to prepare an updated version of the Sporting Code Supplement for the April 1986 Plenary Meeting.


1986: Scale Subcommittee1986: Scale SubcommitteeCIAM Plenary Meeting April 24/25 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 29 countries (71 people).
In a letter to the CIAM the FAI President stated that CIAM participation in youth programs is desired; the term “Junior” needs to be defined by 1987.
The 1985 FAI General Conference approved more freedom for technical committees to establish or change rules.
Class F1E, Free Flight Slope Soaring obtained Continental Championship Status (not W.Ch. status).
First World Championship for Electric Motor Gliders, Class F3E (later recoded to F5B), organized by Belgium.
The “Builder of the Model” rule no longer applicable for classes F3A and F3C, RC-Aerobatics and RC-Helicopters respectively.
Mutations in the Bureau: Vice-Presidents changed position viz. 1st V-P P. Freebrey, 2nd V-P O. Saffek and 3rd V-P W. Groth.
There was only one change for the S/C Chairmen: RC-Soaring S/C J. Grigg, USA replaces D. Pruss who is seriously ill.
Awards: Alphonse Penaud Diploma J. Kalina (CZE)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 4/5 in Paris
As a result of scores evaluation of the 1986 Scale World Championships the Bureau suspended one of the judges who had shown extreme national bias for two years from judging any events on the FAI/CIAM Contest Calendar (1987-1988).
The Bureau approved a previous proposal to invite model press representatives to the next Plenary Meeting.
Because of irregularities in receiving some proposals for the forthcoming Plenary Meeting agenda, the Bureau decided that proposals for the agenda of the Plenary Meeting have to be received by the FAI office no later than 15 November with at the same time sending a copy to the CIAM President.


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 2/3 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 30 countries, of which three by proxy, totaling 76 people.
“Builder of the Model” rule declared no longer applicable for class F3A RC Aerobatics, F3B RC Soaring and F3D, RC-Pylon Race.
Broader specification limits are needed for RC Scale models. Approved were the increase of the maximum weight to 7 kg, the maximum surface area to 250 dm2 and no limit at all for motive power.
Restructuring of the Noise Subcommittee. The noise problem is becoming so important that all subcommittees involved in flying with models equipped with internal combustion engines should be active in developing noise reducing measures. The chairmen of these S/C should form the new Noise subcommittee.
Introduction of the international class for Large Scale Models. This class will not be eligible for World or Continental Championships.
The Free Flight Subcommittee will organize the first World Cup competition.
Awards: Alphonse Penaud Diploma A. Meczner (HUN)
New CIAM awards proposed by the USSR have been adopted viz. Aeromodelling Gold Medal for outstanding merits in organizational activities and the Antonov Diploma for technical innovations. In this respect the requirements for the Alphonse Penaud Diploma have been modified to now being applicable to sporting achievements only.
Mutations of Officers: All Bureau Members and Subcommittee Chairmen were re-elected.
The Plenary Meeting approved a statement to the FAI that the CIAM fully supports the significant changes in procedural and financial operations considered by the FAI President.

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 3/4 in Paris
The new Noise Subcommittee (composed of the S/C chairmen with combustion engine power activities) met for the first time at this Bureau Meeting. The Bureau expressed its strong desire in promoting the overall need for noise reduction in order to encourage greater public acceptance of aeromodelling activity in general. The Bureau also emphasized that performance need not to suffer from noise reduction as shown by the F3A rules, which resulted in higher performance with less noise over the past years.
The FAI Presidents proposals (see 1987 Plenary Meeting) were discussed at length with the Director General with among others the possibility of future fund raising by sponsoring of events.
The Bureau approved the printing of the new 1989 edition of the Sporting Code and outlined the procedure for checking the draft by Bureau members and S/C chairmen.
The French edition of the Sporting Code will not be printed but be available in photocopy form on request.


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 21/22 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 33 countries, of which one by proxy (91 people).
At the end of the first day (April 21) all subcommittee chairmen met to discuss:
Safety: the Education/Information S/C chairman will make general set of safety recommendations applicable to all categories to be included in the next issue of the Sporting Code.
Noise: all S/C concerned are requested by the Bureau to develop in time for the next Bureau meeting either specific proposals for noise reduction or a plan of action to deal with the noise reduction problem. In case a S/C fails the Bureau intends to pursue some specific course of noise reduction effort.
On April 22nd FAI President Mr. Peter Lloyd addressed the meeting explaining the intended changes in he FAI organization, and stressed the need for positive thinking regarding new ideas and proposals. One of the new ideas was the introduction of sponsorship for World Championships so that they can be organized without loss.
The meeting unanimously approved the plans outlined by the FAI President.
The CIAM President reported the idea for so-called World Air Games, somewhat related to the Olympics in being scheduled at four year intervals. The first of these games is scheduled for 1991 in France.
Preparations were started for the 1989 issue of the Sporting Code Section 4.
Free flight slope soaring (Class F1E gliders with automatic steering) obtained World Championship status.

The “Builder of the Model” rule will no longer be applicable to the Free Flight classes (F1A thru F1J).
Poland will organize the first Free Flight World Championships for juniors.
The Free Flight S/C chairman reported a very successful first World Cup competition in 1987. The Bureau recommended that the appropriate subcommittees consider World Cup events for other categories.
Officer mutations: Bureau no change; S/C Chairmen: R. Ruijsink (NED) elected chairman of the Electric Flight S/C i.l.o. P. Blommaart, no other changes.
Awards: Alphonse Penaud Diploma H. Prettner (AUT)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 1/2 in Paris
Copies of the new 1989 edition of Sporting Code Section 4 were distributed at the meeting. Printing in the USA saved considerable cost.
It was reported that the first World Air Games had been scheduled for 1991 in France. CIAM will look what aeromodelling/spacemodelling classes are suitable for participation in the Games


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 30/31 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 34 countries (107 people!) of which two by proxy.
Due to lack of proposals from the noise-related subcommittees (except the F3A S/C) a general noise-limiting rule has been approved as a Bureau proposal, e.g. for all power classes 96 dB(A) at 3 meters. The S/C still have the possibility to come with specific and acceptable noise limits before the December 1989 Bureau Meeting.
The 1989 Sporting Code Section 4 is again subject to a rule freeze until 1993, except for safety items and clarifications.
The increasing power of RC soaring winch motors has been limited by introducing compulsory limiting electric specifications for battery and winch motor.
Officer mutations: Bureau no changes; Subcommittee Chairmen: for RC Soaring R. Girsberger (SWI) replaces J. Grigg and for Education/Information A. Schoeder (USA) replaces M. Dilly.
Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal P. Freebrey (GBR)
Antonov Diploma N. Astley Cooper (GBR)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma J. Richmond (USA)
For the second time a combined World Championships for F3A (RC Aerobatics, F3C (RC Helicopters) and F3D (RC Pylon Race), a so-called “AerOlympics II”, will be organized in the U.S.A. this year.
First World Championship for Class F1E (Gliders with automatic steering) organized by Poland.

CIAM Bureau Meeting November 30 - December 1 in Paris

Years 1990-1999

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 5/6 in Paris. Present were representatives and observers from 34 countries (108 people) of which one by proxy.

1990: RC Soaring Subcommittee1990: RC Soaring SubcommitteeFollowing reorganization of the FAI Statutes and By-laws all Sport Aviation Committees, from now on called “Commissions” are now recognized as completely responsible for their own activities. This means that CIAM decisions are no longer subject to CASI, Council and General Conference approval.
Commission Presidents are now also FAI Council members.
Following the above CIAM will also have its own budget, available from the sanction fees for Aeromodelling World, Continental and Open International contests placed on the FAI Sporting Calendar.
Publication of the first CIAM Newsletter, called “CIAM FLYER”. The Ed/Info S/C chairman Art Schroeder at his own cost has produced this newsletter. For future issues some kind of financing has to be sought, probably a portion of future FAI/CIAM event sanction fees. See 1992.
Bureau no change; S/C Chairmen: RC Helicopters H. Hagen (USA) elected i.l.o. F. DeProft.
Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Howard Kuhn (USA)
Antonov Diploma: A. Andrukov (USSR)

CIAM Bureau Meeting November 29/30 in Paris
It was reported that the previous plans for the World Air Games (France 1991) have been deferred until 1995 (in Greece). A long discussion has been devoted to entry fees for championships, which often appear to be unreasonably high. The Bureau emphasizes the need for organizers to make offers of reasonable cost. Unless approved otherwise the Bureau fixes the maximum entry fee (= basic entry fee, food and lodging) of CHF 900 for a 7-day event.


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 21/22 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 30 countries (100 people).
1991: Bureau with R. Ruijsink1991: Bureau with R. RuijsinkIntroduction of two new provisional classes in Free flight, viz class F1K Models with CO2 engines and class F1L EZB, later renamed Indoor Beginners.
Austria will organize another combined RC-World Championship (AerOlympics) in classes F3A Aerobatics, F3C Helicopters and F3D Pylon race.
It was reported that the FAI has approved a new publication for the general public concerning the FAI and sport aviation. This publication will be called “Air Sports International”. The Bureau noted the desire to provide aeromodelling material for this PR-effort.

Officer mutations: Bureau no change; S/C Chairmen: RC-Electrics E. Giezendanner (SUI) elected i.l.o R. Ruijsink

Awards: None because nominations were either submitted too late or incorrectly signed by official(s) of the nominating NAC.

CIAM Bureau Meeting November 21/22 in Paris
Establishing of the Aeromodelling Fund. Ref. 1990. The Bureau proposed for the next Plenary Meeting that a sanction fee of CHF 40,- has to be paid for each contest entered on the FAI Contest Calendar.
It was expected that for 1993 approx. CHF 3000 would be available. The fund is intended to finance the following: CIAM Newsletter CIAM FLYER, prices for World Cup contests, postage for PR-work.
The FAI General Conference established a Working Group “FAI 2000”. Major aspects to be dealt with: more influence of the Commissions and Committees and more international recognition of the FAI.
A new issue of the Sporting Code Section 4 will appear in January 1993.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 26/27 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 30 countries (97 people) of which two by proxy.

1992: John Worth leaving CIAM1992: John Worth leaving CIAMThe second issue of the CIAM Flyer, produced by John Konstantakatos from Greece was distributed at the meeting. The Aeromodelling Federation of Greece offered financial assistance in producing this newsletter.
Otakar Saffek was nominated to be member of the FAI World Air Games Commission for aeromodelling.
The “Builder of the Model” rule cancelled for all Control Line classes F2A, B, C, D.
Provisional class F3J rules (RC Thermal Duration Gliders) upgraded to “official”.
The new translation of provisional class F3I rules (Aerotow Gliders) was approved.
Noise limits for RC Scale models established and approved (96 dB(A) at 3 m).
Officer mutations: 1st Vice-president P. Freebrey had to resign. In his place P. Chaussebourg has been elected 1st V-P, at the same time keeping the function of Assistant French Speaking Secretary. W. Groth and O Saffek changed position, now being 2nd and 3rd V-P respectively.
John Worth, Secretary since 1973 had to retire. The President thanked him for his hard work for the CIAM during 19 years and said that he was owed a lot of gratitude as he departed his official office.
The President awarded John with the FAI Air Sports Medal and the associated Diploma.
Chris Greenwood (AUS) has been elected the new Secretary.
The only mutation with the S/C Chairmen was the replacement of A. Schroeder by M. Dilly as chairman of the Info/Ed subcommittee.

Apart from the award given to John Worth, the following marks of honor were given:
Aeromodelling Gold Medal P. Chaussebourg (FRA)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma P. Lagan (NZL)
Antonov Diploma G. Benedek (HUN)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 3/4 in Paris

In November a CIAM delegation consisting of the President, the Technical Secretary and the F3C and F5 S/C Chairmen visited Japan on invitation by the Japan Aeronautic Association in order to review the organization of Japanese contests and possible sites for organizing future world championships in Japan.
The F3A RC aerobatics S/C reported that the AMA had produced an F3A Judging video, which was shown at the meeting. It was noted that the video complied with the F3A Judges Guide and consequently accepted as official.
The editor of Air Sports International for filling the 3 pages reserved for aeromodelling items requested contributions.
The organizer gave a detailed report on the organization of the World Air Games in Greece. Saffek, CIAM Liaison Officer, reported lack of co-operation.
Extensive discussion on noise limiting measures for class F1C, Free Flight power models.
5000 Copies of the 1993 edition of the Sporting Code Section 4 will be printed in the USA.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 25/26 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 34 countries (92 people) of which one by proxy.

1993: Free Flight Subcommittee1993: Free Flight SubcommitteeThe President reported from the General Conference that aeromodelling is the biggest activity in the FAI with world wide nearly 300.000 registered sportsmen.
The 1993 CIAM newsletter “CIAM Flyer” has again been produced by John Konstantakatos from Greece.
The Greece Aeromodelling Federation and donations have paid the cost, with the shortfall coming from CIAM sanction fees. The proceeds of the 1993 sanction fees are estimated at approx. 3300 US$.
The new 1993 Sporting Code Section 4 is available from the FAI office at a cost of 10 US$ each.
Noise limits and noise limiting measurements for the four control line classes were approved.
There will be another combined RC classes world championship (F3A, F3C and F3D) in Austria. It appeared that the F3C site was 32 km away from the site of the other two classes, which does not comply with the idea of having a multi-class championship at the same venue.
Mutations: Bureau none; S/C Chairmen: T. Bartovsky (CZE) elected chairman of the RC Soaring S/C i.l.o. R. Girsberger.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal K. Plocins (LAT)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma G. Naruke (JPN)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 2/3 in Paris
World Air Games (called “Icariada” by the organizers) in Greece. A change of ministers in the Greek government caused delay in the preparations. The Greek NAC did not allow members of the Greek Aeromodelling Federation to participate as officials in various aeromodelling events at the W.A.G.
In a fax the FAI 1st Vice-president accused the CIAM of attempting to sabotage the World Air Games. The CIAM President stated that this accusation was entirely false and rejected it. CIAM has always supported the concept of the W.A.G. but it has the obligation to ensure the events would be successful and would not resile from that position.
The International Jet Model Committee asked for recognition of Large Scale RC Jet Models as a separate class in F4. A working group was appointed to study this request. The Scale S/C chairman stated that the jet models could easily be operated within the existing F4C rules with some adoption to the flight program.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 24/25 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 33 countries (103 people).

In the proceeding Bureau meeting was told that the Greek Government had withdrawn all support for the World Air Games resulting in cancellation of the event. Now replacements had to be sought for the CIAM events scheduled for the Icariada.
CIAM Flyer No. 4 was distributed at the meeting and appeared to be another excellent issue.
Mr. John Konstantakatos, who was responsible for the second thru fourth issues of the CIAM Newsletter, announced that he was unable to continue as Editor. The president thanked him for an excellent job done. Jack Sile offered to take over the work, which was accepted by the meeting.
Provisional rules for organizing World Cup contests for Control Line (to start with classes F2A and F2C were approved.
Substantial changes in the specifications for F3A RC aerobatics models approved. (Max. overall span 2 m; maximum overall length 2 m; maximum total weight 5 kg. No limitations in piston engine power.

Mutations: There were no changes in either the composition of the Bureau, or that of the Subcommittee Chairmen.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal O. Saffek (CZE)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma R. Peers (GBR)

First World Championship for F5D, combined with F5B, in Australia.

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 1/2 in Paris
In order to comply with the French law, he CIAM was required to set up a budget for each year. To cover the still increasing cost of everything. The Sanction Fees, which fill the CIAM Fund, were reviewed and will be as follows, starting in 1996:
World Championships CHF 300; Continental Championships CHF 200 and Open Internationals CHF 100. This would increase the yearly income to approx. CHF. 12000.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 23/24 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 31 countries (103 people).

New bidders for the World Air Games came up after the cancellation of the Greek event, viz. Turkey and South Africa. The CIAM President has been appointed CIAM Liaison Officer to the WAG Coordinating Committee. The WAG are now scheduled for 1997.
Class RC Thermal Soaring (F3J) obtained World Championship Status.

Mutations: All Bureau members were renominated unopposed and were re-appointed.
All S/C Chairmen were re-appointed with exception of the Scale S/C Chairman. Mr. Dennis Thumpston who retired due to illness. N. Jensen (NOR) was nominated unopposed and appointed. Mr. Thumpston died in June of this year.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Vernon Hunt (GBR)
Antonov Diploma Bros. Rob and Bert Metkemeijer (NED)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Bror Eimar (SWE)

As a result of the visit to Japan by CIAM officers, Japan will organize the 1995 F3A (RC Aerobatics) and F3C (RC Helicopters) World Championships in Kasaoka near Osaka.

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 7/8 in Paris
Due to a general strike in France the Bureau Meeting had to be postponed and took place on 11/12 January 1996.

The World Air Games will now be held in Turkey in 1997. Test competitions will be held in 1996 at he same time and places as the official games.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 28/29 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 32 countries (101 people).
At the preceding Bureau Meeting it was reported that the income of the Aeromodelling Fund for 1996 has been estimated at CHF 13000. Expenditure has been extended and the budget for 1996 shows the following items: CIAM Flyer 4000; Airsports Medals 200; World Cup Medals 1000; Presidents Travel Expenses 3500; Bureau Travel Expenses 3000; Technical Secretary Expenses (e.g. postage, etc.) 400; Sundries 600 (all amounts in CHF).
It was decided that the following classes will have the 1997 World Championships at the first World Air games, to be held in Turkey: RC Soaring (3 tasks) F3B and RC Helicopters F3C. Continental Championships at the W.A.G. will be for Free Flight Juniors F1A, F1B and F1J and for Space models.
As a result of gross national bias three control line aerobatic judges who acted in the 1994 C/L W.Ch and 1994 C/L E.C were banned from judging at the 1998 and 2000 C/L W.Ch. Nomination of these judges for the judges list by their NAC’s will not be accepted for this period.
Mutations: Bureau - A. Ree (HUN) was elected 3rd Vice-president i.l.o O. Saffek. S/C Chairmen: Space Models - O. Saffek elected i.l.o H. Kuhn and Ed/Info M. Colling (GBR) elected i.l.o M. Dilly.
Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Pawel Wlodarczyk (POL)
Tupolev Medal Peter Halman (GBR)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Boris Krasnorutsky (RUS)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 5/6 in Paris
World Air Games: The President reported on the test games held this year. Problems were identified as being a shortage of officials who speak English, inadequate equipment for F3B and not enough available RC-frequencies. The organizers will invite international experts to assist where needed. The organizers presented the program for the aeromodelling and spacemodelling events.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 20/21 in Paris, attended by representatives and observers from 37 countries of which two by proxy (106 people).
The 1997 edition of Sporting Code Section 4 has been distributed in loose leaf A4 format to all NAC’s and to CIAM Bureau members and S/C Chairmen. The Code had not been printed in bulk, but it could be reproduced by the NAC’s as required in any format they wish. The Code can also be downloaded from the FAI Internet Web page. Text will also be available on CD-ROM. The Code contains a new Section 4e, which contains the Provisional Rules. Only Guides and Forms remain in the Sporting Code Supplement. The French version is also available.
CIAM Budget: Anticipated income for 1998 amounts to CHF 14000.
During a number of years the Technical Secretary in co-operation with Europe Airsports, made a survey of RC Frequencies for aeromodelling in the European Union member states as well as worldwide among FAI member countries. Mr. Graham Lynn who is the CIAM member of the Europe Airsports Aeromodelling Working Group gave a presentation of the results and action to be taken to obtain official allocation of frequencies for aeromodelling by the Conférence Européenne des Postes et Télécommunication (CEPT) at a meeting of all CEPT delegates in April next. The 35-MHz band appeared the most in use in Europe and is requested for use for aeromodels exclusively as a matter of safety. The meeting supported this action.

Mutations: Bureau - None; S/C Chairmen: Space Models - S. Pelagic elected i.l.o O. Saffek.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Huang Yongliang (CHN).
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Vladimir Handlik (CZE)
Antonov Diploma Stefan Gasparin (CZE)

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 4/5 in Paris.
The President reported on the World Air Games. In general these were successful although there were shortcomings and lack of experience in all aspects of the Games. It was noted that good relationship with the media is necessary to obtain media coverage such as happened with parachuting. Other Commissions should try to do so in future.

In 1998 the first World Championship for Class F3J (RC Thermal Duration Gliders) will be held.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 26/27 in Paris, attended by ? representatives from ? countries.

A Working group headed by the Technical Secretary has during the past three years been working on a rewrite of Part 7 of Sporting Code Section 4c, Records, in order to upgrade the rules in agreement with the technical developments in the past two decades. The final proposal has, with minor modifications, been accepted by the Bureau and has been put on the Agenda for the Plenary Meeting. It was approved, effective January 1st, 2001.
Provisional Rules for a new Class F1N Indoor Hand launched Glider proposed by the Free Flight S/C were approved.

First F3J World Championship in the Great Britain.

It was approved as a local rule until 2001 that because of the great number of judges required for F3A RC Aerobatic World Championships an extra increase of CHF 150 may be asked over the present maximum allowed entry fee.
Approved was an Organizers Guide for contests in Category F5 RC Electric Powered Flight.

Mutations: Bureau: all Bureau members were re-elected except the Technical Secretary Tony Aarts, who after more than 24 years in office had been replaced by Bob Underwood (USA).
S/C Chairmen: No change.

Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Ian Kaynes (GBR)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Eugeny Verbitskiy (UKR)
Antonov Diploma Jack North (GBR)

CIAM Bureau Meeting November 26/27 in Paris. This was the last CIAM Meeting in Paris. FAI
Headquarters have moved to Lausanne in Switzerland per 1 January 1999.


CIAM Plenary Meeting on March 18/19 in Lausanne, attended by 109 representatives from 35 countries.

999: Tony Aarts leaving CIAM1999: Tony Aarts leaving CIAMThe World Air Games 2001, to be held in Spain, were announced. The effort is to obtain more attention for aeromodelling from the press. Liaisons with the organization will be Sandy Pimenoff and Guy Revel (also appointed as CIAM media consultant). They will propose new classes to the Plenary Meeting. Discussion whether the World Air Games competitions get the World or Continental Championships status or not.
For the second time there was a proposal to introduce 96 dB (A) as maximum noise emission for all classes with internal combustion engines. Every involved category had it’s own arguments to get on with this subject. Agreement: proposals to present in the next Bureau Meeting.
Introduction of the new provisional class F3K: R/C hand launch gliders.
For promotional efforts the Paul Ehling Diploma was introduced.
E-mail comes more and more into fashion for communication between each other.
Awards: Aeromodelling Gold Medal Tony Aarts (NED)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Hideyo Enomoto (JPN)
Mutations: Bureau: Secretary C. Greenwood replaced by L. Gialanella. S/C Chairmen: No change.

CIAM Bureau Meeting December 2/3 in Lausanne.

Years 1950-1959

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


FAI General Conference in Stockholm, May 29 - June 2.
CIAM Bureau consists of Mr. A.F. Houlberg, President, G. Derantz, Vice-president, J. van Hattum, Secretary.
Introduction of three official FAI International Aeromodelling Classes, viz. Nordic A-2 Glider, Wakefield rubber power and internal combustion engine power 2,5 cc. These classes also obtained World Championship Status.


CIAM Meeting in Brussels, June 5/6, attended by: A.F. Houlberg, GBR, President, G. Derantz, SWE, Vice-president, J. van Hattum, NED, Secretary, A. Degen, SWI, J. Guillemard, FRA, A. Helleman, BEL, A. Roussel, BEL.
Decision for the introduction of a separate Sporting Code for Aeromodelling (later on known as Sporting Code Section 4). Will be issued in 1955. See also 1954.
First separated World Championships for F1A, F1B and F1C.
Elected Officers: A.F. Houlberg, GBR, President, G. Derantz, SWE, Vice-president, J. Guillemard, FRA, Secretary, A.Roussel, BEL, Assistant Secretary.

CIAM Meeting in The Hague, December 8 1951, attended by A.F. Houlberg, President, A. Roussel, A. Degen, H.J Meier, GER, and J. van Hattum, NED.


CIAM Meeting in Madrid, 1st week of May, concurrent with the FAI General Conference.
Attendance General Conference 26 member countries, CIAM only 6 countries.
This very low attendance for CIAM indicated that the majority of NAC’s do not give sufficient consideration to the importance of the model movement in the general aeronautical picture.
Therefore: CIAM asks official FAI support for World Championships, and introduction of FAI certificates for World Championship winners.
It has been noted that for the first time in history of FAI it would appear that the model movement is receiving attention and recognition, which it deserves.
This is a milestone in the development of international model aviation.

CIAM Meeting in Paris, December 6/7
Best attended meeting so far with representatives from France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Yugoslavia.
Discussion on the growing number of World Records. They intend to become (too?) numerous!!
Important specification changes for gliders and Wakefield models approved, viz.: maximum launching towline length for gliders reduced to 50 meters; maximum rubber weight for Wakefield models reduced to 80 grams; maximum flight time per flight reduced to 3 minutes; number of flights per contest five.

Following the decision on World Championship status for the three free flight classes there is reason to assume that in 1952 the first World Championships for Gliders, Wakefield and Power models were held.
Gliders Nordic A-2 in Graz, Austria, 13-17 August; Wakefield in Norköping, Sweden, 10-14 July; Power in Dübendorf, Switzerland, 13-14 September.

Radio Control in Contest Calendar for 1953!


FAI General Conference in The Hague, Netherlands May 14-21. Also CIMR meeting.

CIMR Meeting in Frankfurt, November 28/29, attended by A.F. Houlberg, President, J. Guillemard, 1st Secr., A. Roussel, 2nd Secr., H.J. Meier GER, Zdenko YOU, J. van Hattum, NED, Jedelsky AUT, Araiza Goni SPA, P. Weishaupt DEN, G. Derantz SWE and A. Degen SWI.
Minimum fuselage cross-section for models cancelled.
FAI Teamrace specifications fixed.
Draft rules for radio control models to be set up. Experience still considered insufficient for setting up binding rules.
List of World Records for model aircraft reviewed, simplified and reduced from 116 records to 30!!
Introduction of separate Sporting Code for Aeromodels: FAI Sporting Code Section 4.

First mentioning of FAI Aeromodelling World Championships (Free Flight Rubber, Power and Glider, Control Line Speed) in FAI Contest Calendar.


CIAM Meeting in December, attended by 12 people, representing 11 NAC’s.
The new separate Sporting Code for Aeromodelling (FAI Sporting Code Section 4) is now ready for distribution and will be in effect per 1 January 1955. No changes are allowed during the first two years after this date.

FAI World Championship for gliders (then called Nordic A-2 type) in Odense, Denmark.


CIAM Meeting December 3/4 in Paris
Many changes proposed for Sporting Code Aeromodelling, among others that the maximum power for all power classes (at that moment only free flight and control line) to be 2,5 cc only. Effective January 1st, 1957.
(How does this cope with the freeze decided in 1954?) and that rubber weight for Wakefield models be reduced from 80, to 50 grams. Also that the power loading for free flight power models to be increased from 200 to 400 g/cc. These decisions caused many protests by contest flyers in these classes. Date of effectivity was intended to be January 1st, 1957. The General Conference decided for a delay of becoming effective until January 1st, 1958.
First combined Glider (A-2), Rubber (Wakefield) and Power World Championships organized by the German A.C. and American AMA at French Air Force base Mainz/Finthen near Wiesbaden in Germany. 23 countries were attending, high performances.
This was an incidental case. The combination of classes has been subject of discussion between 1955 and 1958 with several proposals being executed as a trial. The final decision has been taken in November 1958 and became an official rule in 1960. See under 1958.
Teamrace rules to be finalized.

German sources report the existence of a Subcommittee for Radio Control. This S/C met in Frankfurt
on 26/27 February. Three categories of RC-models were defined:
• RC-models without any restriction on the RC-equipment
• RC-power models with rudder control only
• RC-power models with multiple RC-functions.


CIAM Meeting in Paris June 20-22. Representatives of 15 NAC have attended the meeting.
Rise of ground (ROG) in contests for free flight models cancelled.
Control Line Combat considered a class not to be supported by FAI!
Elected officers: A. Houlberg, President; H.J. Meier, Vice-president; J. Guillemard, Secretary; A. Roussel, Ass. Secretary.
Compromise decision on free flight power models power loading: increase to 300 g/cc i.l.o. 400 g/cc.
Maximum weight Wakefield rubber motor remains as originally decided 50 grams. Effective January 1st, 1958.

CIAM Meeting in Paris, November 16/17
The RC-Subcommittee has to establish contest rules for radio control models. Members of this subcommittee are A. Degen, A. Roussel and H.J. Meier.
Provisional decision, being a compromise in grouping of World Championships (see 1955 and 1957).


CIAM Meeting in Paris, November 16/17
The CIAM Meeting was very well attended with representatives from Austria, Belgium, Czech-Slovakia, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and USSR, 18 persons in total. It was for the first time that a delegate from the USSR attended a CIAM meeting.
It was decided that per class World Championships would now be held every other year. Teams will consist of 3 pilots (was 4) and a Team Manager.
Elected officers were: A. Houlberg GBR, President; H.J. Meier GER, Vice-president, Albert Roussel, BEL, Secretary, in lieu of J. Guillemard who had to resign for business reasons.
Final decision taken on the grouping of World Championships to become effective per January 1st, 1960.
• Group I Free Flight Glider, Rubber and Power
• Group II Control Line Speed, Teamrace and Aerobatics
• Group III Radio Control (Aerobatics only at that time)
These World Championships will now be held every two years. Much commotion in England regarding the Wakefield Cup that had been connected to the rubber powered model world championships class, but according to the original rules had to be flown every year.
It was officially stated that following the above there are now 7 FAI Aeromodelling World Championships viz.:
• Free Flight: (1) Glider; (2) Rubber; (3) Power.
• Control Line: (4) Speed; (5) Aerobatics; (6) Teamrace.
• Radio Control: (7) Aerobatics.

Hungary asks for attention for Indoor (microfilm) models. International contest in 1959 in Hungary will try out the provisional rules.


CIAM Meeting in Liege, November 28-30, attended by 12 countries represented by 24 people.
The draft rules or Radio Control were extensively reviewed and finalized.
Mr. Houlberg, after 11 years in office, resigned as CIAM President, Mr. Albert Roussel, BEL was elected President, Mr. H.J. Meier, GER, re-elected Vice-president, Mr. Z. Husicka, CS, was elected Secretary.


CIAM Bureau Meeting, April 11, Hirzenhain, Germany

CIAM Meeting in Paris, October 24/25
Attended by representatives from BEL, CS, FIN, GBR, GER, HUN, ITA, NED, NZL, POL, SPA, SWE, SWI, USA and USSR.
(Re-)Elected Officers: A. Roussel, President; H-J Meier, Vice-president; M. Bienvenu, Secretary
Idea rose for organizing Aeromodelling Olympics every 4 years. A subcommittee has been appointed to study this item (H.J. Nicholls, GBR, Chairman, R. Beck, HUN, H-J Meier, GER, G. Barthel, ITA and ??? from the USSR).

Years 1936-1949

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim

Before World War II

Aeromodelling taken care of in FAI General Conference by delegates most of whom had little or no knowledge of aeromodelling.

In the pre-WW-II years several important international contests were held under FAI-rules. Among them the yearly Wakefield Trophy contest. This trophy was donated by Sir Charles Wakefield in 1927 and intended for rubber-powered aeromodels. The pre-WW-II Wakefield contests were held every year until 1939.
In 1937 the first international contests for model-gliders were held both in Austria, organized by ISTUS, the later OSTIV (a scientific organization for full size gliding).
Another important contest was the King Peter Cup, donated by King Peter II of Yugoslavia. It was intended to be held every year, alternately for gliders and rubber-powered models. First contest in 1938 in Ljubljana (Yugoslavia) for rubber-powered models and in 1939 for gliders in England from 19-24 July; 8 countries with 76 models participating.


In the June issue of both “Aeromodeller” and “Model Aeroplane Constructor” has been reported that the FAI has established rules for International Records for Model Aircraft.

After World War II


FAI General Conference in London, September 10-12
Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden put Aeromodelling items on the Agenda.
All items on Free Flight.
Mention of specific Model Commission, “Commission pour les Modèles Réduits d’Avions” (CMRA). No mention of Chairman or other Officers. This Model Commission, with a few exceptions, did not consist of practical aeromodellers.
With reference to the last pre-war FAI General Conference in 1939 the British aeromodellers were complaining about the rules for timing duration record flights approved at that conference. This rule says “timekeepers should move to follow the model during its flight by all means of location available to them and also make use of optical instruments”.
This impractical rule could be adopted because most countries belonging to the FAI have not, in the past, gone to the trouble of sending an aeromodeller to attend the Model Commission meeting, but left this in the hands of one of the representatives for full size aircraft. No practical aeromodellers, except a very few, have up to now served in the commission. The delegates have to be educated in what is actually required and should be clearly informed of what the difference is between the conditions required for models as compared to those for full size aircraft.


Meeting of FAI Models Commission in Geneva (September 16-19)
Model specifications revised:
Smax = 150 dm2; W/Smin = 12 g/dm2; W/Smax = 50 g/dm2; Wmax = 5 kg; min. fuselage cross-section S/100 cm2 (glider), S/80 cm2 (rubber and power).
Definition of surface area (projection, fuselage area included).
Indoor models considered of little use for aeromodelling, so no separate class. Also no separate mentioning of Control Line.
Mr. Alex F. Houlberg (GBR) elected president of Aeromodelling Committee.
FAI A, B, and C Certificates introduced.
Introduction of FAI Aeromodelling Contest Calendar.
Model contest rules included in FAI Sporting Code extensively revised, effective January 1st 1948 (see above).
French name for Aeromodelling Committee: CIMR, Commission Internationale des Modèles Réduites;
in English: CIAM, Commission for International Aeromodelling.
In the beginning CIAM Meetings have always been attended by the FAI Director General. In the early years it was Mr. Gillman. Meetings were mostly both French and English spoken and the D.G., in particular Mr. Gillman was a great help by translating English into French and vice-versa. Some delegates, who could speak German as well, were often translating English into German for German-only speaking delegates (e.g. Austria).
From around the beginning of the seventies all discussions took place in English only.

First after WW-II International contest for gliders and power models in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, June 21-23, with 11 countries participating.


FAI General Conference in Paris, September
For aeromodelling new record classes were introduced viz. Tailless Gliders, Control Line (speed with models powered by piston motors and by reaction motors), and Indoor Models.


FAI Conference in Cleveland, USA, September 2-8
Aeromodelling Committee met under presidency of Alex Houlberg with representatives from France, USA, Netherlands, Monaco and Turkey.
Circular Flight (Control Line) speed rules. Max. flying height 5 m, speed pylon and yoke for putting in wrist of steering hand.
General rules for conduct of international contests. C/L Aerobatics to be regulated.

CIAM Officers: A.F. Houlberg, GBR, President, G. Derantz, SWE, Vice-president, F. Cartier, FRA,
Secretary and J. van Hattum, NED, Assistant Secretary.

World Championships

The first World Championships in a certain class took place in the following years:

  • 1951: F1A, F1B, F1C
  • 1960: F2A, F2B, F2C, F3A
  • 1961: F1D
  • 1970: F4B, F4C
  • 1972: S-classes
  • 1977: F3B
  • 1978: F2D
  • 1985: F3C, F3D
  • 1986: F3E (now: F5B)
  • 1989: F1E
  • 1994: F5D
  • 1998: F3J
  • 2010: F6A (WAG)
  • 2010: F6B (WAG)
  • 2010: F6D (WAG)
  • 2011: F3K
  • 2012: F3F
  • 2013: F3N
  • 2013: F3P
  • ...: F3M
  • ...: F4H

History of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission


The History of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission began 1936 when the FAI established Rules for Model Aircraft. Here you can find the complete history of the CIAM, meetings and decisions of the FAI beginning with 1936 and ending today.

The abbreviation CIAM stands for "Commission Internationale d'Aéromodelisme" (French) later renamed to "Commission Internationale Aeromodelling" (English) because the first language in the FAI has changed from French to English.

Tony Aarts and Peter Keim are the authors of this History of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission. Please note that there are links, pictures and legends available in this online edition which are not part of the original edition. The plain text is the original edition.

CIAM_Plenary_Meeting_1964CIAM Plenary Meeting 1964

Years 2000-2009

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 23/24 in Lausanne, attended by 97 representatives from 33 countries.

A working group will be engaged in the revision of the Sporting Code.
The new system of implementation of new rules (every four year) and technical meetings every two years (when there is a World Championships) was introduced.
For RC Helicopter the new set up of the rules was accepted.
In contradiction with the year before one man tow for F3J has been reversed.
The acting third Vice President will be CIAM treasurer as decided in the 1999 December Bureau Meeting.
The last printed version of the CIAM Flyer was distributed.
For the first time the Agenda was distributed electronically. The annexes came by post.
Mutations: Bureau: no changes. S/C Chairmen: After 20 years in office RC Aerobatics S/C chairman Ron Chidgey (USA) was replaced by Bob Skinner (RSA). S/C Education/Information: Paul Rietbergen (NED) elected i.l.o.Mike Colling (GBR).

Aeromodelling Gold Medal Radoslav Cizek (CZE)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Marian Kazirod (POL)
Frank Ehling Diploma John Konstantakatos (GRE)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 30 and December 1 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 22/23 in Lausanne, attended by 66 representatives from 28 countries.

Earlier it appeared not possible to come to an arrangement with the organizers of the World Air Games. That is why there will not be a participation of aeromodellers. As the European Championships for Control Line and Scale should be a part of the World Air Games, new organizers were needed. CIAM was pleased that Spain could host Control Line and Poland Scale.
New provisional rules for artistic aerobatic competition for airplanes and helicopter were approved.
The Sporting Code is on the FAI Internet website.
The Secretary General argued against international competitions, flown according to FAI/CIAM rules and not on the International Calendar; they should not be permitted. A task force of Bureau members and s/c chairmen should prepare a solution.
It was announced the former CIAM President Henry J. Nicholls passed away in the age of 91.
Mutations: Bureau: 2nd Vice-President - Dave Brown (USA) elected i.l.o. Werner Groth (GER). (Werner Groth did not attend the meeting due to severe illness, and died March 31st.) S/C Chairmen: Info/Education - Paul Rietbergen (NED) stepped down and has been replaced by Dave Brown (USA).

Aeromodelling Gold Medal Helmut Ziegler (SUI)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Andras Ree (HUN)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Zivan Josipovic (YUG)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Radojica Kanatic (YUG)
Antonov Diploma Zoran Katanic (YUG).

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 29/30 1 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 21/22 in Lausanne, attended by 93 representatives from 29 countries.

Announcement for the World Air Games 2005 with only international competition for aeromodelling. Plans were presented for artistic aerobatic competition for RC Aerobatic and RC Helicopter.
In contradiction with the year before the ban of the stake into the ground for F3J has been reversed.
Introduction of the new provisional class F1P, which will replace F1J in World and Continental Championships for juniors.
Introduction of the new provisional class F2F: diesel profile racing model aircraft.

The CIAM Flyer is on the Internet.
No changes for Bureau members or S/C chairmen.
Aeromodelling Gold Medal Srdjan Pelagic (YUG)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Kazuyuki Sensui (JPN)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Michal Zitnan (SLO)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Robert White (USA)
Antonov Diploma Miodrag Cipcic (YUG)
Frank Ehling Diploma Aleksandar Stojanovic (YUG)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 29/30 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 14/15 in Lausanne, attended by 78 representatives from 33 countries.

According to the new way of working with only Technical Meetings for those S/C’s with in that year a World Championships, the partition for time for Technical Meetings and the Plenary Meeting moved to the advantage of the latter.
For World Air Games competition the following classes are described: F6A and F6C “Artistic aerobatics” (RC Aerobatic and RC Helicopter), F6B “Acro Musicals” (indoor RC Aerobatic) and F6D “Hand Throw Gliders” (modified F3K rules).

Mrs. Jo Halman, UK, has been introduced as assistant of the secretary.
The name “aeromodel” has been replaced by “model aircraft”.
A proposal for introduction of RC Balloons (class F3L) within CIAM as Aerostats was accepted.
Introduction of the new provisional class F3A/L: large model aerobatics.
Introduction of the new provisional class F4A: free flight engine powered flying scale model aircraft.
No changes for Bureau members or S/C chairmen.

Aeromodelling Gold Medal Frank Zaic (USA)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma not awarded; votes were equal
Antonov Diploma Helmut Quabeck (GER)
Frank Ehling Diploma Gyorgy Pinkert (HUN)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 28/29 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 12/13 in Lausanne, attended by 89 representatives from 33 countries.

As part of a larger international action, also FAI announced to have adopted the WADA rules against the use of doping.
It was announced that the FAI Board had decided to cancel the 2005 World Air Games. Nevertheless the rules of the new classed were distributed. There was an initiative to organize a yearly competition for these classes as FAI World Masters.
For another year no changes for Bureau members or S/C chairmen.
Introduction of the new provisional class F3N: free style RC Helicopters.

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Tomas Bartovsky (CZE)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Michael Kroeger (GER)
Antonov Diploma Vladimir Cipcic (SCG)
Frank Ehling Diploma Andras Sosztarich (HUN)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Manabu Hashimoto (JPN)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 3/4 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 18/19 in Lausanne, attended by 91 representatives from 34 countries.

2005 CIAM HistoryMutations: Bureau: Bob Brown (USA) 1st Vice-President i.l.o. Pierre Chaussebourg, Gerhard Woebbeking (GER) 2nd Vice-President i.l.o. Dave Brown, Mrs. Jo Halman (GBR) technical secretary i.l.o. Bob Underwood and Pierre Chaussebourg assistant secretary i.l.o. Jo Halman. S/C chairmen: no changes.
Besides FAI also CIAM has a new logo.
The subcommittee “Information & Education” has been renamed into “Education”.
A new subcommittee for Aerostats has been introduced.
Introduction of the new provisional class F7A: Hot Air Balloons.
Introduction of the new provisional class F1Q: Electric Free Flight.
Introduction of the new provisional class F3P: Indoor Aerobatic Power Model Aircraft.
For RC Helicopter the new set up of the rules was accepted.
Because of less than four entering countries, the F4B European Championship 2005 was cancelled.

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Lauri Barr (GBR)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Robert White (USA)
Antonov Diploma Goran Olsson (SWE)
Frank Ehling Diploma Stuart Lodge (GBR)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Antonio Mazzaracchio (ITA)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 2/3 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 24/25 in Lausanne, attended by 97 representatives from 33 countries.

2006: L. Gialanella and CIAM President S. Pimenoff2006: L. Gialanella and CIAM President S. PimenoffThe four year period of no rule change will be reduced to two years in step with the World Championship cycle. The procedure to give a class the World Championship status will be easier, although the Bureau gets the responsibility not adding more Championships to the schedule.

Special rule for autonomous flight records are added. For improving safety the Bureau added a number of rule changes for F3D Pylon race to the agenda.

Mutations: Bureau: Massimo Semoli (ITA) Secretary i.l.o. Luca Gialanella, Hartmut Siegmann (GER) Assistant Secretary i.l.o. Pierre Chaussebourg. S/C chairmen: no changes.

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Matti Jyllila (FIN)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Christophe Paysant le Roux (FRA)
Antonov Diploma Bernard Hunt (GBR)
Frank Ehling Diploma Andrija Ducak (SCG)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Christopher Callow (AUS)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Hiroki Ito (JPN)
CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 1/2 in Muncie, USA


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 23/24 in Lausanne, attended by 96 representatives from 33 countries.

2007: One of several votings during CIAM Plenary Meeting2007: One of several votings during CIAM Plenary MeetingA renewed set of rules for F3D Pylon racing has been adopted in principle; slight changes will be presented to the December Bureau Meeting and later on to the 2008 Plenary Meeting. For class F5B Lipo batteries will become the only possible energy source. Payments (all in Euros) may now be made by credit card. The F4B and F4C European Championships (Ukraine) had to be cancelled because of lack of competitors.

Mutations: Bureau: Bob Skinner (RSA) 2nd vice President i.l.o. Gerhard Woebbeking, Gerhard Woebbeking (GER) 3rd Vice President i.l.o. Andras Ree. S/C chairmen: Marcel Prevotat (France) appointed by the Bureau as chairman for RC Lighter than Air.2007: RC Soaring Subcommittee2007: RC Soaring Subcommittee

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Antonis Papadopoulos (Greece)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Pavel Fencl (Czech Republic)
Antonov Diploma Daniel Petcu (Romania)
Frank Ehling Diploma Otto Hints (Romania)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma no nomination
Andrei Tupolev Medal Popa Aurel (Romania)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 30th and December 1st 2007 in Lausanne.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 23/24 in Lausanne, attended by 110 representatives from 37 countries.

2008: Bureau2008: BureauThe new F6 working group for Airsports Promotion had his first technical meeting.
The decision was made to establish an education scholarship for juniors with an amount of 2000 euros per year.
Autonomous flight is not recognised as model aircraft anymore.
The official class F3K got the World Champion status and the provisional class F3P the official status.
New provisional classes: F2G: electric powered control line speed model aircraft; large scale model aircraft and F4H RC scale; S6A/P: streamer target time duration.2008 Sandy Pimenoff presentation2008: Sandy Pimenoff presentation
This was the Plenary Meeting at which Sandy Pimenoff ended his 40 year long career as CIAM President. During a party the FAI President and many others thanked Sandy for the very long period of serving the CIAM and FAI. During the same party also Control Line chairman Laird Jackson ended his career of 32 years.
Bob Skinner (RSA) President i.l.o. Sandy Pimenoff, Gerhard Woebbeking (GER) 2nd Vice President i.l.o. Bob Skinner, Andras Ree 3rd Vice President i.l.o. Gerhard Woebbeking.
2008: Sandy Pimenoff and Doc Jackson 2008: Sandy Pimenoff and Doc Jackson Awards:
FAI Gold Aeromodelling Medal Narve Jensen (Norway)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Marian Popescu (Romania)
Antonov Diploma Paul Beard (United Kingdom)
Frank Ehling Diploma Ottar Stensboel (Norway)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Sergey Makarov (Russia)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Per Findahl (Sweden)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 5th and 6th in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 27/28 in Lausanne, attended by 83 representatives from 37 countries.
During the Bureau Meeting before the Plenary Meeting the Bureau held a Strategy Workshop which was facilitated by TSE Consulting.
2009: RC Helicopter Subcommittee chaired by H. Hagen2009: RC Helicopter Subcommittee chaired by H. HagenThere was a presentation from the media firm Flying Aces, official partner from the FAI.
The agenda was followed by two addendums and one from the Bureau during the Plenary Meeting.
The FAI introduced a set of rules for the FAI Anti-Doping programme.
The provisional classes F1P and F3F and F3M got the official status.
New provisional class: F1R: indoor micro35 model aircraft.
The F4B category (seniors and juniors) has been deleted from the list with recognized World Championships.
The F2 European Championships were held without the classes F2A and F2C.
Mutations: S/C chairmen: F3 RC Aerobatics: Michael Ramel (GER) i.l.o Bob Skinner, F3D RC Pylonrace: Rob Metkemeijer (NED) i.l.o.Bob Brown.
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Peter Halman (Great Britain)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Luis Parramon (Spain)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Ivan Treger (Slovakia)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Sandy Pimenoff (Finland)
Special Diploma Award Maynard Hill (USA)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 3rd, 4th, and 5gth in Lausanne.

2009: Special Award to M. Hill presented by S. Pimenoff to D. Brown2009: Special Award to M. Hill presented by S. Pimenoff to D. Brown

Years 2010-2017

Author: Peter Keim


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 16/17 in Lausanne, attended by 82 representatives from 35 countries.
The new Secretary General Stephane Desprez attended a part of the meeting.
There were no changes in Bureau positions.
The voting system changed to a simple majority without abstentions.
Impounding of spread spectrum transmitters is cancelled. Information from the model aircraft to the transmitter is only permitted for the safe operation.

New World Championship class: F3F Radio controlled slope soaring gliders. Note: because of the drawbacks of the large number of World Championship classes, the Bureau is mandated to come next year with a proposal.
Class F3N Radio controlled Helicopters has been changed from provisional to official class.

The World Air Games raking and selection system was introduced in the Sporting Code.

Former Technical Secretary Ron Moulton died.

Alphonse Penaud Diploma: Luciano Compostella (Italy)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma: Pascal Surugue & George Surugue (France)
Frank Ehling Diploma: Keitaro Matsusaka (Japan)
Andrei Tupolev Medal: Sergey Makarov (Russia)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Jiri Havel (Czech Republic)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 3/4 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 15/16 in Lausanne, attended by 75 representatives from 34 countries.

The new FAI President John Grubbstrom attended the meeting partly.

The FAI office moved to the Maison du Sport International in Lausanne.

Since December 2010 a serious situation arose by the withdrawal of CIAM Secretary by the Italian Aeroclub. The preparation of the Plenary Meeting had a lot of problems. Solution: Massimo Semoli became member of the country of his residence Switzerland and was elected unanimously.

The first scholarship was awarded to Oliver Witt (GBR).

The on-line check of FAI Sporting Licenses is in test phase.
Reducing of the number of World Championships or classes is an ongoing process by the Bureau.

Classes, which get the World Championship status: F3N and F3P.
New provisional classes: F3R (Pylon race with limited technology), F3S (aerobatic jets), F5C (simple F5B instead of electric helikopters), F5J (electric duration) and F6E (aerobatic regatta).

Gerhard Woebbeking (GER) first vice President i.l.o. Dave Brown, Antonis Papadopoulos (GRE) second vice President i.l.o. Gerhard Woebbeking, S/C chairmen: RC Helicopter: Dag Eckoff (NOR) i.l.o Horace Hagen.

Alphonse Penaud Diploma: Tetsuo Onda (Japan)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma: Vincent Labrouve & Georges Lentin (France)
Antonov Diploma: Leszek Szwed (Poland)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Dr. Laird Jackson (USA)

The first F3K World Championship was held in Sweden.

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 2/3 2011 in Lausanne.


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 20/21 in Lausanne, attended by 62 representatives from 33 countries.

The new FAI Secretary General Jean-Marc Badan and FAI President John Grubbstrom attended the Plenary Meeting partly.

This year space modeling exists 50 years. Part of the Plenary Meeting was a presentation of the Space Modelling 50th Anniversary Awards to nine organizations and eleven individuals.

There will be no World Air Games in 2013; no bidding process for 2015 has been started till now.

New provisional classes:
F4J (team scale), F5K (indoor racing) and S2/P (precision fragile payload).

New classes with World Championship status:
F3M (large aerobatic) and F4H (stand off scale; from provisional to official to WC-status).

Antonis Papadopoulos (GRE) President i.l.o. Bob Skinner (RSA),
President of Honour Bob Skinner,
Kevin Dodd (AUS) second vice President i.l.o. Antonis Papadopoulos.

Alphonse Penaud Diploma: Antonio Mazzaracchio (Italy)
Frank Ehling Diploma: Tetsuo Hattori (Japan)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Andra Ree (Hungary)

CIAM Scholarship:
Johannes Seren (Germany)

The first F3F World Championship was held in Germany.

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 7/8 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting April 19/20 in Lausanne, attended by 63 registered (including Bureau members) and an unknown number unregistered representatives from 41 countries.

From the FAI Senior Sports Manager Rob Hughes conducted the meeting.

There was an introduction of the work of FAME, the company which develops, market and produces innovated sports events. A memorandum of understanding was signed.

In the General Conference it was announced that also aeromodelling will be incorporated in the FAI Anti-Doping system.

It was announced that the on-line check of FAI Sporting Licenses will be almost ready.

For the first time an open forum was held. The subject was “Reducing number of Championships?”. A lot of related arguments and ideas were expressed. In the meeting itself a proposal for a moratorium for at least four years no new classes with Championship status was approved. Other proposals were referred to the Bureau.

Also for the first time a system of electronic voting was tested. It works much easier and faster than voting slips.

A new provisional Pylon racing class F3T (Semi Scale Pylon Racing Model Aircraft of Controlled Technology) was introduced.


Alphonse Penaud Diploma: Sandor KALMAR (Hungary)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma: Antony MOTT (Australia)
Antonov Diploma: Michael RAMEL (Germany)
Frank Ehling Diploma: Nikola CVJETICANIN (Serbia)
Andrei Tupolev Medal: Vladimir CIPCIC (Serbia)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Jo HALMAN (United Kingdom)

CIAM Scholarship:
Loic BURBAUD (France)

The first F3N and F3P World Championships were both held in Germany.

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 6/7 in Lausanne.


2014 Meeting2014 CIAM Plenary MeetingCIAM Plenary Meeting April 11/12 in Lausanne, attended by 80 registered (including Bureau members) and an unknown number unregistered representatives from 38 countries.

For the second time an Open Forum Session was held. Subject: Technology RC systems in relation with the Sporting Code. Manufacturers were invited of whom Jeti and Weatronic accepted the invitation. An interesting discussion found place.

There was a proposal for the introduction of a subcommittee for UAS (UAV) operations. The Bureau will set up a working group to be ready for the next Bureau Meeting.

As a result of the 2013 Open Forum some proposals were accepted for the change from provisional to official rule, the eligibility for World and Continental Championships and maintaining of the WC and CC status.

A pack of proposals for FAI Juries was accepted.

In spite of the rule change from last year for noise reduction for the F2C class, this change was overruled by an accepted new Bureau proposal.

New provisional class:
F4K: Radio Controlled Flying Scale Model Helicopters.

2014 3 Jo Halman2014 CIAM Annual Meeting: Jo HalmanMutations:
Bruno Delor (FRA) first vice President i.l.o. Gerhard Wöbbeking,
Narve Jensen (NOR) second vice President i.l.o. Kevin Dodd,
Kevin Dodd (AUS) Technical Secretary i.l.o. Jo Halman,
Peter Halman (GBR) Control Line i.l.o. Bengt-Olof Samuelsson,
Graham Kennedy (GBR) Scale i.l.o. Narve Jensen,
Johannes Eissing (GER) RC Aerostats i.l.o. Marcel Prevotat.

Former CIAM Technical Secretary for 24 years and co-author of this publication Tony Aarts passed away.

Alphonse Penaud Diploma: Christopher CALLOW (Australia)
Antonov Diploma: Milan JELINEK (Slovakia)
Frank Ehling Diploma: Bogdan WIERZBA (Poland)
Andrei Tupolev Medal: Emil BROBERG (Sweden)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Pierre PIGNOT (France)

CIAM Scholarship:               
Oskar FINDAHL (Sweden)

The first F4H World Championship was held in France.

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 5/6 in Lausanne.


 CIAM History 2015Internal Bureau discussion; from left to right: Kevin Dodd, Massimo Semoli, Antonis Papadopoulos, Bruno Delor and Narve JensenCIAM Plenary Meeting April 24/25 in Lausanne, attended by 67 registered (including Bureau members) and an unknown number unregistered representatives from 35 countries. There were three proxies.

The UAV Working Group had made an extensive report about this subject. It was also the subject for the Open Forum of this year. The situation is that a lot of things have to be discussed by all stakeholders and laid down into rules. The Working Group presented exemples for a kind of competition and has been asked to go forward for some time as an Organizing Committee.

The 2015 World Air Games will be held in December in Dubai. For aeromodelling the classes F2D, F3N, F3P and F3T will compete.

There was a demonstration by IT-manager Visa-Matti Leinikki of the FAI Sporting License Database.

All subcommittee chairmen stayed in their positions.

A lot of proposals were dealing with fees for championships. Most of them were referred back to the Bureau.

All classes under F6 Airsports Promotion were deleted.

A proposal for introduction of a RC category for women was withdrawn.

New provisional class: F1S (simple free flight electric).

Alphonse Penaud Diploma: Alain Roux (France)
Antonov Diploma: Miodrag Pelagic (Slovakia)
Frank Ehling Diploma: Tatsuo Yamashina (Japan)
Andrei Tupolev Medal: Carl Dodge (USA)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Bengt-Olof Samuelsson (Sweden)

CIAM Scholarship:               
Bernhard Flixeder (Austria)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 3/4 in Dubai.


2016 CIAM historyDiscussions in the new established subcommittee for FPV RacingCIAM Plenary Meeting April 8/9 in Lausanne, attended by 64 registered (including Bureau members) representatives from 37 countries. There were four proxies.
Subjects for the two Open Forums were Live Scoring Systems and Drones Activities Development.

A member of the Ukrainian delegation demonstrated the online system they developed and Bernhard Schaden demonstrated the live scoring system that was developed particularly for the aerobatic aeromodelling competitions.

Johan Ehlers (South Africa) RC Scale i.l.o Graham Kennedy,
Joze Cuden (Slovakia) Space Models i.l.o. Srdjan Pelagic
and Per Findall (Sweden) Education i.l.o. Gerhard Wöbbeking.

For “FPV Racing and Similar Activities” Bruno Delor (France) was appointed as chairman of the new established subcommittee.

New provisional class: F3U (FPV Racing).

The class F5J got the status of official class. The moratorium will not applied to this class because of its high popularity.

Alphonse Penaud Diploma: Ivan TREGER (Slovakia)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma: Ondrej HACKER (Czech Republic)
Andrei Tupolev Medal: Igor BURGER (Slovakia)
Frank Ehling Diploma: National Association of Rocketry (USA)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Dag ECKHOFF (Norway)
CIAM Scholarship: Konrad ZUROWSKI (Poland)
The FAI Air Sport Medal was awarded to Ralph Decker for his contributions to F3B.

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 2/3 in Lausanne.


CIAM-history-2017RC Soaring Technical Meeting

CIAM Plenary Meeting April 28/29 in Lausanne, attended by 83 registered (including Bureau members) representatives from 35 countries. There were six proxies.
On the eve of the previous day of the Plenary Meeting there was a meeting scheduled about Drones Regulations.
This year the subject for the Open forum was “Future Format of CIAM events”. For the introduction of this subject the President presented a Power Point presentation.

Peter Uhlig (Germany) RC Aerobatics i.l.o. Michael Ramel, Stefan Wolf (Germany) RC Helicopters i.l.o. Dag Eckhoff.

There were no new provisional classes.

The first World Championship for F3U will be organized in Q4 2017 or Q1 2018.

Alphonse Penaud Diploma: Daniel Vartolomei (Romania)
Frank Ehling Diploma: Shoji Yamada (Japan)
Andrei Tupolev Medal: Paul Eisner (United Kingdom)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal: Bob Brown (USA)
CIAM Scholarship: Taron Malkhasyan (USA)

In the same period the FAI organized a meeting with organizers of Drone Race competitions.

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 7/8 in Lausanne.