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F1A Lord Thomson of Fleet Trophy


Donated by Lord Thomson of Fleet in 1989

Current statusWCUP F1A

Box: yes

Condition: good


Current holder (2015) is Roland Koglot (Slovenia)

Previous holders

2014: Jama Danier (Canada)
2013: Mikhail Kosonozhkin (Russia)
2012: Mikhail Kosonozhkin (Russia)
2011: Mikhail Kosonozhkin (Russia)
2010: Sergey Makarov (Russia)
2009: Per Findahl (Sweden)
2008: Per Findahl (Sweden)
2007: Roland Koglot (Slovenia)
2006: Roland Koglot (Slovenia)
2005: Per Findahl (Sweden)
2004: Per Findahl (Sweden)
2003: Per Findahl (Sweden)
2002: Jari Valo (Finland)
2001: Pieter de Boer (Netherlands)
2000: Maarten van Dijk (Netherlands)
1999: Pieter De Boer (Netherlands)
1998: Viktor Stamov (Ukraine)
1997: Vincent Croguennec (France)
1996: Victor Stamov (Ukraine)
1995: Gerhard Aringer (Austria)
1994: Allard vanWallene (Netherlands)
1993: Per Findahl (Sweden)
1992: Stefan Rumpp (Germany)
1991: Jan Vosejpka (Czechoslovakia)
1990: Juri Jablokov (USSR)
1989: Stefan Rumpp (Germany)
1988: Stefan Rumpp (Germany)
1987: Stefan Rumpp (Germany)