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Safety Expert Group

Task List 2014


The FAI is committed to achieve a significant reduction in the number and seriousness of accidents and incidents in air sports activities.


The FAI Safety Expert Group shall actively and systematically work to minimize the risk of participating in air sports by:

  • Promoting the importance of establishing good safety practices in every aspect of FAI activities
  • Facilitating the sharing of safety information between the various Air Sports Commissions, FAI Members (NACs) and OSTIV, identifying and promoting best practices
  • Identifying and analyzing inhibitors and obstacles to avoid / prevent accidents and incidents in air sports
  • Supporting and facilitating the development and implementation of effective incident and accident reporting systems
  • Actively communicating developments and trends in air sports safety to FAI Members (NACs), Air Sports Commissions and OSTIV


Niels-Christian Levin Hansen Point of Contact Denmark
James M. K. Black Member United Kingdom
Raymond Caux Member France
Jacek Kibinski Member Poland
Daniel Knecht Member Switzerland
Geoffrey W. McCarthy Member USA
Ian E. Oldaker Member Canada



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